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2013 where did you go?

Since the new year has begun it’s time to look back at the one that we just left behind, not sure there is much point to it really since when I wrote my 7 things to do for 2013 I had no idea that only 16 days later my dad would leave us. You can not plan for a year that starts out that way, it’s impossible because you become a different person while trying to deal with the loss. However, let’s have a look and see if I managed anything of the things I wanted for the year.

1. Have one project/challenge per month, no more, no less. Wow, did I even have projects and challenges this year? I can’t even remember, I guess I have to sit down and read my own blog to figure that one out…

2. Try and do something new each week. It started out well I think, in the beginning of the year I really tried to find new things, then I went travelling and I kind of figured that all I did was new, almost, and lost track of this. Then I came home and got into the unemployment groove where you really can’t be bothered doing anything, just changing out of your PJs’ is a big task. Amongst things to note though was a visit to the Mosque in Malmö;



3. Travel to one of the two continents that I haven’t been to. Travel I did, just not to anywhere new really, when the chock subsided a bit in February I made a very last-minute decision to leave, run away one might call it, to a place that I feel very comfortable with – the big down-under. I have my girls down there, the ones that I met back in the days when I live in New Zealand, and at that point in time all I needed was some good old comfort and my girls were right there for my, love you girls for it! I had a blast!

wpid-shot_1365317761169.jpg wpid-shot_1365494952114.jpg wpid-shot_1365055812135.jpg wpid-shot_1365039377762.jpg

4. Write at least one chapter on my book each month! Allow me to laugh, don’t know what I was thinking! Enough said for this one!

5. Finally get around to getting myself a driver’s license! I started, and I got quite far, then studying full-time and working part-time got in the way (oh dear, I have loads of excuses, don’t I?). Lets see what I can manage in 2014…time will tell.

6. This year I will put my self on a budget and follow it! I don’t understand why this is so hard! It’s gonna be on the list of 2014 as well, one day I will manage it (even though I might as well just admit to already blowing the Jan 2014 budget, more about that later).

7. Complete the Gothenburg Classic! Much to my own anger and disappointment, I didn’t manage it, I failed on the swimming. I’m not the one to give up though, so already signed up for the 2014 one. I will keep doing it every year until I completed it. I don’t care how many years it will take me!!

Da sexy chick!

I did manage a few things during 2013 though;

  • I found myself a new job, and got my contract extended from the first four months
  • I started studying again and made a whole bunch of new friends
  • I manage to survive on more than half of the income I had last year
  • I got accepted to the perfect education for me and will start that in 2014
  • I met my goal weight, and are finally happy with it (only took me like three years to get it back)
  • I have been happier than I thought I would be, and despite all, I will not think back on 2013 as the worst year in my life, there have been worse!

And if I would sit down and read through all the posts I made during 2013, I will see that I managed so much more. Hope your 2013 was satisfactory!

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Passion for Mat

This weeks new adventure just happened to fall in my lap! I was sitting at home thinking about what I could do this week, and just took a quick look on my Facebook and saw a posting from one of the Gothenburg cafe’s that they would be represented at the food fair this weekend. The fair is a yearly event, I’m just not usually home at this specific time, so I haven’t attended before – perfect timing if you ask me.Eriksbergs Hallen med ram

The food fair is called Passion for Mat (mat being the Swedish word for food, so Passion for Food), and is being held in Eriksbergs Hallen in Gotham City. Apparently it used to be held in the center of town at the exhibition halls there, I can understand that they wanted to move it as this is a smaller more intimate location that is better suited for food.

First we planned to do it this Sunday, however both me and mum needed to get out of the house this afternoon and when we realized that we could have almost three hours with the food, we decided to go. And almost three hours was enough, here is a selection of what we saw and tried;

Oysters1. Oysters

Clams2. MusslesBeer that tasted very well together with Salmon sausageBeerCheeseCheesApple, rose pepper and Chili Jelly, looked better than it tastedMarmeladeSaucesSaucesAnd what would food be without wine?Wines

If you happen to be in the area I recommend you to stop by and enjoy all the lovely tasters of different types of food that they offer, also if you go there during the day there are chefs putting their skills on display.

After an afternoon like that, rest and couch time was the only way to go! Hope you enjoyed your Friday afternoon!

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The road to Eurovision

This weekend my sister drove down from Gotham city together with her oldest daughter for some girly time. We joined three of her friends are their daughters (well, one of them only has one kid, he’s a boy, he stayed home (might also have had something to do with his age)). The big event was the rehearsal for this weeks semi final in the Swedish selection for the Eurovision song contest.

I know that some people who drop by and read this blog are from far-away countries and you might not have a clue what the Eurovision is, to make a long story short; Europe is competing in music, each country send one song, we vote and by the end there is a winner. Last year this winner was Sweden, this year it won’t be!

Any how, back to the day! We started with the perfect lunch when you are of for a big event, just the girls. Yes, you guessed it!Lunch

Once lunch was completed we made our way into the arena where the show was to take place. During all my years I have never been to an actual Melodifestival show, only seen them on TV. I think I was as excited about the whole thing as my five-year old niece!

1. The ArenaThe Stage2. The stageView from our awesome seats3. The hostsHosts making fun of Sweden4. La CamillaLa Camilla looking cool5. FireFire in the hall!6. high fiveTwo little girls wanting to high-five the heart breaker7. The girl favThe girl favorite – loads of screaming8. AlcazarThis is how close we were to Alcazar

After the show, me, sister and adorable little niece went for dinner at TGI Fridays, where the nice waiter gave all three of us a balloon each.BalloonMe and my sister had a very grown-up glass of wine, me with some real yummy Baby Back Ribs, one thing is for sure; you never leave TGI’s hungry. We did however leave with a sign from the beast!WineDinnerBill

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An eve for single people at the Malmö Opera

Did you know that the night smiles three times; once for those who knows nothing, once for those who knows too little and once for those who knows too much!Tickets

Tonight I attended the Malmö Opera for a musical based on Ingmar Bergman’s “Smiles of a Summer Night“, not only did I watch the show,  I also spent time talking to other single people. I think it was a great initiative, where they had pre-show mingle on the balcony with an introduction to the play. Then of course there was mid-show mingle and after-show mingle as well.Drink ticket

I did meet some interesting people and had some interesting conversations, unfortunately none of them really caught my fancy, not that easy with the limited amount of time I guess. People have a tendency to emphasise on all the good stuff, and maybe over stating the good a little bit too much, and my bull-shit-o-meter is a tad bit sensitive.

I will go again if they organize a similar evening though, and next time I might bring a friend. I was a bit surprised as to how many people came in two’s tonight. For me, going to a singles evening to meet new people would be easier achieved when by yourself since then you are forced to talk to people you don’t know, that’s just me though.

When it came to the play, I found it ok, nothing amazingly mind-blowing when it came to music or scenery. The story in it self is interesting and got my brain working overtime, I now wished that I finished the course I started on Ingmar Bergman last summer so I could write on essay on this one. The man’s ownership over women, both wife and mistress, when the mistress isn’t allowed to have more than one man…a subject that never goes out of fashion, does it?

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Vietnamese Dragon Fruit

We found this fruit at the grocery store today, I have never tried it before so why not try it. It looked really cool on the outside, and it does look pretty cool when opening it up as well. The taste, however, left something to be desired. Honestly it tasted like a watered out kiwi fruit.

Dragon Cool

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This is something that was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger, and I figured I might as well try it out. It’s a small box of goodies that are quite good for people like me, that aren’t really that in to shopping for beauty products. You sign up and then get one box sent to you every month (this has been put on hold for February since this is definitely consumerism) with small samples of beauty stuff. Since you don’t know what you are going to get, it’s quite exciting when you open it up and it feels very luxurious.The boxThis month I received a lemon butter cuticle cream, something that suits me as I love fixing my nails up and making them look pretty. A dry conditioner, which also suits me since I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my hair. Then there were three items for the eyes, an eye pencil, a cream pigment and makeup remover wipes. I don’t use makeup that much, and I very rarely purchase any kind of item to make my eyes look pretty (am very sure that both the mascara and eye shadows that I have, expired a long time ago) however there are times that I do make myself look prettier than usual and these items will come in handy. Actually I might use them already tomorrow as I feel like dressing up and hitting town! So all you boys in Copenhagen (that most definitely are reading this blog and this specific post) beware tomorrow there will be trouble abound!Products

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My first month on a budget has come to an end

BudgetAnd it didn’t go that great to be honest, it didn’t go too bad either, it’s just that I did go into red. The good thing is that I know why I went into red! Firstly there was a visit to IKEA that I hadn’t planned for, and as I have found two more items that I would like to purchase I have added them to this months budget (and to the birthday wish list, so I might be a bit up on that budget item end of Feb).

Then there was the food, in my budget for January I only counted the food that I purchase in the grocery store, big mistake. Me and my friends go out and eat quite a bit, so that have to be included as well and has been moving forward.

Looking at the items that I put in the category “Other” is pretty funny though, as they pretty much almostOther match the negative balance, they total to 2456,75.  Looking at the items in there I have to say they are pretty valid things, like the visit to the doctors and penicillin that I had to buy due to it. There is also a post for a single evening at the Malmö Opera that I’m going to in a bit, the pedicure with my sisters and IKEA of course.

It’s funny that the amount of “other” match the balance so well, since I know that I have gone way over in some categories and way below in others. Those items have been adjusted for this month, and since I’m not to over-consume, I really should be able to hold my budget, or what say you?