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Bye, bye 2014!

We are reaching the end of what has been the year of 2014, can’t say it will go down as one of the best years ever! Still, it deserves a look back so today I checked out my Sevens list for 2014, probably something I should’ve done during the year to make sure I stuck to it. I’ll have to admit that I have completely forgotten about it. I haven’t even been doing that many Sevens list this year, maybe that should go on my Seven list for 2015, of course I have to make one! Firstly though, lets check out the 2014 one;

  1. Stick to my budget – hahaha, allow myself to laugh! I suck at sticking to the budget, however I haven’t gone into debt and I have managed to get some money into the savings account, and spending it again. You don’t manage four trips out of the country and too much wine (not according to my cousin) to even think about, by sticking to the budget.
  2. Be a good student – it started out good, I got a B on my first exam of the year, after that it all went downhill and this fall has been a disaster. Oh well, right back at it and try to make 2015 better (starting to get the feeling that my 2015 list will be as boring as the 2014 one).
  3. Be happy with my situation – most of the time this have actually worked. I’m quite proud of myself for how I’m dealing with the change in my life, being a full-time student and part-time worker. I’m also surrounded by good people who help me out, making my life easier.
  4. Start writing letters again – can I just use the to busy excuse here? No, there haven’t been many letters, or postcards from my trips either to be honest (oh, how I failed my seven list this year, it’s almost sad).
  5. Complete the Gotham Classic – I didn’t even try, I did bike the 100k bike race and ran a couple of 10k races instead. Not the same I know, but what the heck! I got medals and won a three course dinner!wpid-shot_1410767165218.jpg
  6. Get into a workout habit that contains at least one workout session a week – I promise, I’m on the floor laughing my ass of at the 2013 Carolina that thought that this and the things above would happen. Should probably put being realistic on the 2015 list, don’t you agree?
  7. Make a proper go at the Swedish Goddess affordable meals – well, in one sense I have been cooking affordable meals all year as my food budget is tight, I just haven’t been blogging that much about it. The blog as been a bit neglected this year, it gets boring blogging about going to work, going to school, going home and crash on the couch.

Even if I failed big time on the seven list, it’s not like the year has been dreadful, I’ve been travelling to Thailand (again), Poland (for the first time), Greece (for the first time) and the big Americas where I attended my first American wedding. I did complete the races, I spent amazing times with my family and friends, new and old! I’ve been to several hockey games, love them, including the final of the junior world cup. I went to the Gotham book fair, another favourite thing of mine, and got a nice little book club started with nice people who share my interest. I have eaten so much yum food both home-cooked and away-cooked, with company and without company. Looking back at the blog, and the posts for 2014 I realise that I have a pretty awesome life!

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One of my biggest problems is holding on to my money, I am very much a spender in that way. The problem with being a spender that goes down in income, is that there is less to spend than before, surprisingly enough! Since I also started of the year by blowing my budget totally with a trip to Thailand (no regrets!) I am now in a situation where I don’t really have an option – I just have to stick to budget!

In order to stick to budget, you have to make a budget, and since today is payday I made one last night. It’s a though one for me, not too though as a budget has to be realistic otherwise it will never work.

BudgetI have been kind to myself, my Fish n’ Chip sessions are included as a monthly expense, as well as the book club, two expenses I very well would be able to live with out, but hey, what is life if you don’t live a little. I just had to scale down on the budget for groceries a bit, that on the other hand give me a challenge when it comes to cooking good food with variation, and I never back off from a challenge so it should work out well. As you can see above there is a Leisure post as well, that includes a couple of birthdays (one of them happens to be mine), I don’t think that my friends and family should have to suffer the lack of my company because I felt the need of going to Thailand, right?

Technically I shouldn’t need that much more money, as my life is pretty much just eat, sleep, work and study. What I really need to keep up with is my home-cooked food, as lunches and dinners out are way too expensive, historically it’s been one of my biggest expenditures. I have done good this week, the first week, and as you all regulars in here know I’m always good in the beginning, compare more like a sprinter than a marathon runner, and then I slack of. This time I need to remember to pace myself as I’m still in week 1 of 156 weeks in total…I would call that a marathon if nothing else.

So the goal of the budget is that the little bars should remain green until next payday when it all starts over again. Wish me luck!


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Well, hello 2014

So, we have been hanging out for a couple of days now and I’m digging you, we have seen Sweden done good in the ice-hockey, we had a few hours at work together, the weather has been ok – or maybe not, and anything can happen. 2013 didn’t do to good in the beginning so if you need some ideas, don’t look that way for help (I belive 2012 did a better job). With your predecessors I’ve had kind of an idea on what we were to do together, and I figured it’s only fair of me to let you know what I expect of our time together, so here goes;

7 things for 2014

  1. Stick to my budget (don’t understand why it’s so damn hard). I also have to add that this will only happen after January, since I really totally blown my budget for the first month of this year, how? you ask! Well, I will go visit my bestest friend (the pool that is) on the planet;Reading my book
  2. Be a good student! I was a good student in the beginning of the last semester, then as the months passed I saw a decline in my efforts and motivation. By being accepted to a full-fledged degree starting on the 20th of January, made me work on my attitude towards studying. Until now I have felt like I’m doing it for other people, like the employers that don’t want to hire me because I don’t have a degree, or to make my mum happy because I know it would. Now, I need to remind myself that I’m doing this for me, because I want to, because I have chosen to do so.
  3. Be happy with my situation! This partially connects with the above, being a full-time student and only work part-time has forced me to make changes to my lifestyle. I can’t do all of the things that I used to, mostly due to the lack of funds. Instead of walking around missing how it was before I will work on being happy with how I have it now. I also hope that my friends can help me a bit with this, remembering that my situation has changed and my choices for after-school activities are a bit more limited than before.
  4. Start writing letters again. I started a letter writing challenge in the end of 2012, and it was fun to receive the letters back, thus I want to get started on this again, I do have a few letters still unanswered that I probably should answer as well. Better late than never. And hey, if you want to be my pen pal just drop me a line.Letter No 11 (2)
  5. Complete the Gotham Classic! This was something that me and my brother in-law started 2013, he completed it, I didn’t! I didn’t manage to deal with my fear of water and couldn’t complete the swimming. I’m not the one to give up, I have been thought that you always keep trying and do not give up until you managed what you set your mind to. Thus I have signed up again this year, biking 50k, swimming 1k and running 10k. Hopefully this will be the year that I do it!
  6. Get into a workout habit that contains at least one workout session a week. This is not a weight loss exercise or anything like that, I just want to do some kind of exercise every week. It can be a long walk, biking tour, a run or some swimming nothing hardcore at all, just do be generally healthy.
  7. Make a proper go at the Swedish Goddess affordable meals. Since I vowed to stick on budget, eating cheap and yummy food is on top of the list. I also have to avoid eating lunch out, so I need to have food that I can bring to work or school, all in the spirit of saving money. If you are interested to see what I have been up to before, you can find it here.Stired