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An interesting afternoon…

…or maybe not. I’m also suspecting that my phone has gotten allergic to food pictures as I am sure I took a picture of both my lunch (straight from the freezer looking sooper yum) and my amazing dinner (frozen taco pie, though reheated in the microwave). Neither is anywhere to be seen.

Well, after work yesterday I went for a date with my optician, last time I was there got a good scolding for ignoring their summons for way too long. Thus, when the text arrived on my phone last week, telling me it was time for a check-up, I promptly made an appointment so that he could tell me that I gotten even blinder yet again. This time, it has changed to so little that there’s no point of fixing new lenses and I love my frames so aint changing.

Then it was vacay prep time, the poor buggers that are my friends on Facebook are getting the countdown (now 2 sleeps to vacay) and I’m guessing pretty tired of it. Still when visiting people with children bring chocolate and those children will love you long, long time!

If that wasn’t enough, after my Wednesday glass of wine (no picture evidence available, so can’t hold me to partaking alcohol on a weeknight) I had to put my thinking cap on to help the younger generation with a school project…mmm, that went fab, I mean the difference between the analysis and the discussion?!?!? Anyone?

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Good morning world

I received an e-mail the other day informing me that my blog fee had been charged to my credit card, apparently after last years considerations on wether to keep the blog or not I took future choices out my hands, and then promptly forgot about it.

And then promptly forgot about the blog as well it appears.

I have the same excuse as always: life has been crazy this spring.

And the excuse is as crazy as always because the past has thought me that when life is the craziest that’s when I should blog, it is a fantastic outlet. As long as it doesn’t become an outlet for me whining.

So over the past couple of days, since I received that e-mail, I’ve been thinking about blogging again. Then this morning, I woke up and lay in bed with my phone, as one do, and are checking my Facebook, as one do first thing in the morning. Oh, Lord can’t let anything happening in the world pass you by.

A friend of mine had shared a video about a guy who lost a friend and started thinking about is life. He then wrote a bucket list and went on to start working on it (

I don’t have a plan to quit my life and go of doing crazy things, already done that, it just made me miss my lists (for those that are new, there’s quite a few of them on here), so here I am, sitting on my balcony, writing a blog post instead of getting ready for work (don’t worry, I still have plenty time).



So it’s time for a list I guess…

  1. Do my best to blog at least once everyday this week (will download the app to my phone).
  2. Go through my already existing lists and see which ones to archive and wich one’s to pick back up.
  3. Start the running back up, been real lousy on that part (and boy do I have many good excuses).
  4. Slow my life down a bit, no one can go full speed ahead for ever, and one needs to stop and smell the flowers.

I know it’s not seven, however, let’s not push it now when I’m finally back!

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One lunchdate for another

Today I was supposed to have a PPT (pea-soup (fish soup for me), pancake Thursday) date with a former colleague. Unfortunately she had to cancel, fortunately one of my current colleagues (with the same name as the previous collegue so that made it easier to not get confused) needed a lunch date so we ventured out instead.

Nothing wrong with a Tuna Sub:


Since I woke up this morning with a free coffee notification, courtesy of Mrs Pink (who happen to have the same first name as the two above mentioned collegues…hehehe) I did fancy coffee after lunch. Free always taste better, doesn’t it?


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Being a grown-up hurts

Ok, so yesterday I was bragging about my new grown-up shoes…img-20171212-wa00031623757992.jpg

Today I had to take them off when I arrived at work since my feet hurt so much (not sorry bout the socks mummy dearest, they kind of match)…img-20171212-wa00041600973291.jpg

Since I’m aaaaaall alone in the office today I figured running around with summer shoes can be a tad bit acceptable. Not sure how I’m going to make it home though, and at least I can wear comfy shoes (if they are comfy still with the pain I’m in) for the evenings activities, new phone and IKEA.

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To blog or not to blog

As you might have noticed, the posts have become more and more rare here on the blog. It’s a mix of my being back working a “normal” job and having work done on the apartment as well as trying to have a life.

The plan on the blog is running out, and I’m now trying to decide if I’m going to keep this up or not. If I keep it I guess I have to make a real effort to post more regularly.

For a while, I used to blog to trigger myself in living my life a bit different, or more. Now however I keep busy and are doing stuff and new stuff anyhow.

There’s eight days left before I’m back to the free version of WordPress, then I can’t post any pictures anymore as I’m out of space…what’s the point of a blog without pictures?

Any input my loyal readers?

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Happy free coffee Monday

Hi there world. It’s Monday again and after a weekend that went up and down like a rolloercoaster, free coffee is that shit!

Saturday saw fancy Hockey (fancy as in fancy seats with food and drinks) where Malmö won, whoop, whoop.

I also won some money on the lottery, not much at all, winning is fine anyhow. Then I found out that a pretty decent person passed away. One of those people that is more of an aquaintance than a friend, that everytime you met asked you the right questions to make you feel seen and interesting. Sad.
Sunday saw my lacy ass not doing much at all. One need days like that as well, at least me, as many weekends as I possibly can. I also tried to stay up for the Oscars, however I’m getting old as I didn’t even managed to stay awake until the famous people started to walk the red carpet.

So to this Happy free coffee Monday. One would think that after such a chill weeken I would wake well rested. Not. At. All! That’s when the free coffee is so fantastic, it gives you a little bit of a kick-start, so that you can go to work and pretend that you are working.

Peace out ma peeps!

(and, yes this post is an attempt at getting back into the blogging, I miss it, it’s just that I haven’t had the energy for it, and I want that energy back, so lets see if I can post at least once a day for this week).

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The blog is on Facebook

Moving with the times and in an attempt to be hip and cool, the blog now has its very own Facebook page…wow!

Check it out here (by clicking on the word here that is).