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That came back quickly

I bragged yesterday about how good I’ve gotten at programming my coffee machine so I could wake up to the smell of coffee…guess who forgot last night! And guess who overslept this morning. I think we can see a pattern, big reminder to me to sort that out tonight as the instant stuff isn’t the same. As promised I still took the time for a cupper even though I was late.

Austria vs Australia

In other news I got my voting card for the coming European Union election. I have heard about it, I know it would happen, I will just have to admit that I have no clue on what’s going on and that is not good.

Since we are living in a world where the rightwing winds are strong, people are becoming more hateful and want to move back from open borders to closed ones with countries only containing the “right people”, this is more important than ever. I do not want a Sweden with closed borders containing only Swedish hateful people that think they are on top of the world with the right to look through their noses on everyone else.

So what do I know this far?

  • It’s on the 26th of May, so I will be back from my vacation.
  • We elect who to represent us in the EU Parliment for the next 5 years.
  • You need to be EU citizen to be allowed to vote.
  • I vote for the (Swedish) party I think should represent us.
  • I can vote for a specific person.
  • The party need to have at least 4% of the votes in order to have a seat at the Parliment.

Wow, now all that is left is to figure out who to vote for. I’m not sure I recovered from the Swedish election we had last fall, so this is going to be a though one. I can take the easy way out and just vote for the same party this time around…or not.

To be continued…

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A few moments of peace

With the new job came a new tradition. As some of you might know, I’m not a morning person and when you are unhappy getting out of bed is one of the hardest things to do. With this new job I have managed to change my sleeping pattern so I go to bed a bit earlier (11pm) and the alarm goes of at 7:35am. Might not be early for most, for me it’s a big win! I have also gotten better at sorting out morning coffee by programming my coffee maker rather than stoping by 7/11.

Early for me

So at 7:20 the coffee starts brewing, at 7:35 the alarm goes of and I wake up and smell the coffee. This is not super new, I think that there are several posts about that coffee maker to be found here on the blog. The new part is that I don’t pour all the coffee in the to-go mug, instead some go into a normal mug.

No matter the question

This is so that I can take a few minutes and sit on my balcony, enjoying the peace and quiet (with the random screaming child running by), just chillin before the day starts for real. I do this pretty much no matter how late or early I am, my morning meditiation session.

My view

I did get a bit distracted this morning though when I relaized that my to-go muggs are all getting old and worn, so it had me thinking where I can get new fantastic ones, if you have any good recomendations on to-go mugs, let me know. I prefer the ones that you can chuck in your purse without them spilling!

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Thank you universe 

Even though the free coffee helped my mood, I was still feeling a bit down today. I decided that a new set of nails would cheer me up (it’s not that I’m a vain person, however pretty nails do make me feel pretty) and after a bit of Google I found a place that had some spare time at 6 this eve.

It being a cash only place (I mean who the beep uses cash now a days!?!) I had to go home between work and nails to pick up the free cash out of the machine card, and found these two babies inside my door.

Not one, but two snailmails! One of them being from a friend I haven’t heard from in a couple of years. I think the universe knew I needed that today, made me smile like a silly goose.

Then I headed for the nails, where this;

Became this;

Super pleased! 

Note that this whole post is written on the phone. Whith my new nails so any strange words or spellings are their fault!

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Monday, crazy Monday

Sometimes when I plan my life, I don’t think it through properly, like this Monday. Just the fact that I got up at 06:45 to catch the train home make it crazy as my alarm usually is set for 8:00 am. Then I for some reason keep thinking that the train will arrive on time, it’s very naive of me as SJ that run the trains suck at being on time. It also doesn’t help that I managed to lose the key for my bike sometime between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Lucky me the best neighbor on the planet became my hero once again as she let me borrow her bike so I could make a quick getaway when finally arriving home needing to be at my old job (still working there two days a week during the month of May) for a few hours. From there I then made my way to a meeting including a fantastic lunch.

After the meeting I then headed over to my new job, where I was supposed to meet with one of my colleagues. If Samsung phones didn’t have the worst battery time ever I would’ve known that he had changed the time for the meeting and there was no need for me to be there at all! Thanks Samsung!

After flying around the city all day I headed home as my new Mr Grumpy said he had the tools to sort out the lock of my bike…he didn’t! Nice to know that my new friends are very bad bike thief’s!


Even if the couch and the telly would’ve been nice at this point, I had managed even some more plans. A lecture, food and movie night with Lady T. The lecture was boring, the food was good and the movie I only managed to see thirty minutes of due to bladder problems (TMI?). It was still nice to catch up with her.

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The small pleasures in life

In December I broke my precious phone and whiteout means or ways to buy a new Sony I was lost. My very good friend in cph was kind enough to let me borrow his old IPhone S4 with option to purchase.


Since then it hasn’t been easy as me and the iPhone just haven’t gotten along, today however that all changed. I could go to the phone store, extend my plan and walk out with a brand new Sony phone. It feels like coming home!


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Road trippin

The trip home is on-going, after a week in Gotham it’s going to be nice to come home, except for the fact that there was an after party in my apartment the night before I left. What’s also nice is that I don’t have to train it home as mother dearest is coming with, which mean I’m in the car, whoop! Whoop!
Before leaving Gotham I did get to go to a hockey game, they didn’t win, still liked it though!

Since my sisters mother-in-law is also in the car, I’m sitting in the back entertaining myself with reading the comments about today’s big news in Swedish politics. The reelection that wasn’t announced yet has been cancelled since our politicians finally found their senses. I’m also playing with my phone, how about a car selfie?



Or maybe some snow (finally!!!!)





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In time of need even the most dedicated android girl will go apple

Due to this girls clumsiness her phone completely died a while back. With a lack of funds the option of purchasing a new phone was out of the question and with just a very old, her very first, smartphone available her life has been tough. It appears that Facebook and Twitter are pretty much the only ones that support their old apps, nothing else have been working and due to that she has felt very cut of from the rest of the world.
Magically enough, one of her friends had an older version of iPhone to spare for a while, so now she’s on iPhone. There will be a transition period to get used to it, remember what apps that’s needed and the different layout of things. The most important thing is that the girl is back on line!1418949376380-1045440102
I also do realize how sadly addicted I’ve become to the availability of having a smartphone, however the addiction is more for me to be able to go online rather than being available to other people. That must at least be a good thing! Or maybe really sad…