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It might be the weather 

Another morning when I woke up before the alarm, not as early as yesterday but early enough to consider going for a run.

I think the effects of quitting smoking is diminishing as I opted for staying in bed. It’s nice to just lie in bed and catch up on what’s been going on during the night.

Still, I have to go work. Why not go past the coffee place while I’m walking? No reason why not…mmmm cappuccino.

I don’t really feel that my hair is glimmer or glistening red in the sun either. I didn’t manage to get any good pictures of it though so I might ask one of my colleagues when we are out for lunch.

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I will promise you one thing!

Since I was made redundant, several people have expressed their fear of a repeat from the last time I was in between jobs, and the time before that and I just want to say – don’t worry! Firstly, I have until end of March to find a new job at this point, and trust me I am looking as I do not plan to be unemployed again. Secondly I’m not that addicted to home-made cappuccino anymore.

Now I’m getting ahead of myself I think, for you that haven’t been around that long, here is a re-cap;

In July 2010 I resigned from my job and decided I needed some time off, I also decided that I was going to blog about it and started the blog “My life as unemployed”. All you have to do is to read the first post to get the gist of the whole thing, all through September and October, then November came and I started working again. In 2011 I started this blog and in the beginning you can find some of the same, not sure it is as bad as the first one – or maybe yes.

Reading it now, I can understand why people were so frustrated with me, it is hysterical and boring but still addictive, you are just wanting to read that next post because maybe, just maybe, that one will contain something of substance.

So I will promise you this – no matter what happens, I will not post three times a day talking about my homemade cappuccino. However my favorite latte mum is back in that category so I might go for a walk or two with her.

And now, just for old times sake, here is a picture of one of my homemade cappuccino;

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A milestone – Starbucks has arrived!

Someone left home a bit earlier than usual today, why? See, yesterday on my way home I noticed that the new Starbucks at the central station finally had opened, and I just had to try it, just to see if it’s the same now I can have it every day.


For you non-swedes this might be a bit hard to understand, especially you guys that live in countries with Starbucks on every corner, until last year (I think it was) there were no Starbucks in Sweden. My closest one was at the Copenhagen airport and only for special occasions.

So this morning I left home earlier than usual to pay 49 Swedish pesetas for a cup of cappuccino. Is it worth the 24 more than the 7-11 coffee? Not to sure about that! I don’t think I will be getting up extra early often, it will have to remain q special occasion kind of coffee.

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For the love of coffee!


The Monday morning can’t get much better than when you get to enjoy it with a home made cappuccino done on hand ground fair trade beans.

Here I want to take the opportunity to thank my favourite Latte Mum for my birthday present. It will do wonders for my arm work-out!


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Last day in Gotham City


I don’t know if it’s just good timing or if the weather really is better here. For the second day in a row, I’m sitting outside in the sun, seeing a blue sky and not wearing a jacket.

It’s soon time to head up and pack and get moving for the train. Until then I will enjoy the view, the weather and one of the books from Friday’s raid at the book fair.

Life is good!

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Another morning on the train…


A good morning on the train, yes my body is hurting a bit but as the geek has been saying since the pain started; it is good pain.

I’m a bit late into work today, due to a quick visit to the doc just to make sure that the eardrum has grown back together after this Friday adventure, it had.

Now I’m about to eat my brekkie 🙂

Think we have a good day ahead of us…

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Home again

Have returned home after a not as relaxing as expected weekend at my parents summer-house. But still, it has been a nice weekend, and I managed to get some shopping done for my apartment (and maybe a couple of shoes).

There have been two things that I’ve wanted for a long time now, and both have made it into my home tonight. My mother found one of them, and gifted it to me, a tea box for tea bags. I am very happy about it, since it has glass in the top so you can see the contents without opening the box. Now all I need to do is to find the perfect spot for it in my kitchen.

The other item is a key cabinet. Until now, all the keys that I own have been hanging on the towel hooks in the kitchen, but today finally, when out shopping with sister and mum, I found the perfect one, and it has already made it up on the wall in my vestibule.

And not to forget, when out shopping in Sweden you always have to sit down for a classic swedish fika. Today was a big one I didn’t settle for one but two cakes and of course a cappuccino as well.

Now I’m sitting with a cup of chamomile tea trying to wind down a bit so I can hit the sack and sleep, the alarm is set for 6 am tomorrow since I am starting the day with a yoga class something I will be doing every morning this week.

For you who know me and know that I am not a morning person, no I was not drunk when I agreed, no I was not drunk when I signed up for it and yes, the coffee maker has been set for the morning so that the smell of fresh brewed coffee can assist in dragging me out of bed.

And with that mentioned I also want to make a clarification, I do have a coffee maker with a timer on it that can be programmed to start at any time, there was not anyone but me in the apartment last week, I have not met a new man who is now making me coffee in the mornings. Trust me, when I do, I will tell you, I can not keep a thing like that a secret.