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Run, run, ran

The clock finally turned race o’clock and I headed over to the starting point with all the other little lemmings in the same outfit. 

The start was full of fireworks and over excited people cheering you on, telling you have fantabolus you are just for showing up.

At the time I didn’t feel too fantabolus, I started to watch the three musketeers on the telly while waiting so I was more in the mood of finishing that.

When you start running though, it all feels better and the setting was perfect, not to hot or cold, a small breeze that kicked in when you felt too hot and loads of lights. They did a very good job at setting up alternative light sources in the parts of the race that otherwise would’ve been to dark.

The conditions and the people around me made me run fast, and I was real worried that I wouldn’t manage the whole race, I did and reached the goal after an hour and 12 minutes, a new personal best. 

I guess the promise of the first beer since last of July was the best incentive ever.

The only disappointment with the evening was the medal, how can they hand out medals without a string? Now I can’t hang it with the rest of my medals, such a waste.

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Waiting for tonight 

I stayed up late last night to sleep late today, thus I woke up 8:20 – fantastic. My race this eve starts at 10PM, so a long day that includes hydrating properly, and of course it happens to be what feels like one of the hottest days of the year.

Eating properly, both breakfast and pasta lunch, need those carbs (I think it’s carbs anyhow) to manage the race!

I’ve spent most of the day packing up stuff for tomorrow’s flee market as well as throwing things out. How about some canned food that expired in 2013? I can’t believe how much stuff I have just sitting around, the worst being the clothes with the price tag still there. Something needs to be done!

With the weather being so nice had to get some fresh air and my daily dose of Mango Frapino, while checking out when they are setting up for tonight. 

It’s a very slow day, kind of like waiting for Santa. I’ve gotten so much done and still there’s five hours before I start 😦

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Experiencing new stuff

This Tuesday morning saw me up earlier than normal me time, still not as early as this work have made me over the past few months.

As one of my colleagues where picking me up for an off site visit I made coffee and brekky to go go.


The office is in an area of Malmö that not many people visit too often unless they work there, at least that’s what I believe. There is an amazing view:


And interesting lunch places:


This place was just so random with a strange mix of people, as I understood it there isn’t that many places to choose from if you wanna go out and eat so everyone ends up there.

When you start early, you can leave early so you have time to drop of the bike at the place where a flat tire magically goes non-flat. Should be sorted tomorrow. Not that long ago, a flat tire would’ve been devastating for my day now I just walk. Love the new office.

Dead tired after a long day I longed after my couch. However, I signed up for a Runacademy event sponsored by one of my favourite addictions so I felt the need to go anyhow for more than one reason.

Firstly I signed up with Runacademy for this fall, to keep the running going, so I wanted to try it out. It was fun, though, but fun. It pushed me a little and it was fun to try something new. The time below includes warm up, intervals, standing still while listening to someone giving instructions as well as a bit of running so I’m quite pleased.


Secondly, it was sponsored by Vitamin Well, so I walked out of there with free stuff. In the middle, when all I wanted was to go home I just reminded myself that if I didn’t finish I wouldn’t get the free stuff. Love this shit! (and no, they are still not paying me to say this…)


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It is Monday after all

I have to start with, 500hrs, whoop whoop! Yes, my life revolves around the fact that I quit smoking right now…


I was a good girl and brought leftovers with me to work, Fake fried chicken (it has to be eaten after all the work it took me to sort it out). The past few weeks, I’ve been out eating lunch almost every day, you can follow the lunch chronicles on Insta if interested, and not only does it cost money it gets boring.


My colleagues are starting to return from vacation, so the office isn’t as empty anymore. And with the collegues returning another nice moment of the day is returning as well, Fika. This day my colleague brought some Fika to celebrate his birthday, of course no excuse is really needed.


Then it was time for my now traditional visit to the gym, still with the normal schedule there is time for me to head home from work and I figured I would bike to the office. The bike gods didn’t agree. I think one call it a flat tire…very flat. Walking it is.


And of course, since it is Monday after all and a tradition needs to be upheld:


Ps: any of my fellow wordpressers, do you know if I can set a default size on my photos so I don’t have to sit and resize them all?

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My Monday tradition 

With new office came quit smoking and a new gym membership. The gym is just around the corner from work, and only five minutes from home, so no excuses.

The past couple of weeks the summer schedule has been on and that ment 17:00 pilates class and then sushi dinner picked up on my way home.

Now with the summer schedule gone so is my Monday 17:00 class which is a bit of a bummer as it worked out so fab. Instead there’s a 18:50 yoga class.

I did go yesterday,the timing is a bit off, too late to stay at work and not enough time really to do anything in-between work and workout. I think I will survive this conundrum, maybe, it’s a though one. At least the sushi place is still open when I head home.

And the yoga was fantastic – exactly what the booty needed. 

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Five years of biking Tjejvättern

It started like a crazy idea back in 2012 that I somehow managed to get my mother and aunty to join in on.


In 2013 me and my sister used it to collect money for research into the weird disease my dad managed to get, my mother, aunty and her friend also joined.

2013 ligger på bloggen

When 2014 arrived, me and my mother decided to bike once again, however we also decided it was to be the last time. Problem was that we crossed the finish line and saw a special five-year medal. We also realized that we where more than half way there.


Thus we went again in 2015. None of us wanted to do it, none of us were in the mood which might explain our best time to date.2015

Then 2016 arrived and my body hated me, still there was no doubt that I was gonna finish the damn thing, it was the fifth year and that five-year medal loomed ahead. It was horrible, very part of my body ached in a way it never had before. Still, I made it and my sister with family was at the finish line to cheer us on.dsc_0428.jpg

We went for dinner, where I had myself a yum beer. And trust me, that hamburger tasted much better than it looked.

Then we went back to the summer-house, and as we arrived I received a second medal from my nieces;dsc_0434.jpg

This bike is now on the key for my bike and I really hope I can manage to not lose it as it is a fantastic memory of the fifth and hopefully final race. I now my mother wants to do it again next year, and it’s only five more times to that ten-year medal. And to be honest, the body doesn’t hurt that bad anymore…we’ll see…


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Yesterday mother dearest and I took the bus into the city to collect number tags.



We then dragged the bikes over to the brother-in-law so he could give them some love and care.
This morning my mother got her bike out.


We walked over to the boat stop.


And there I waved her and my sister off. Two weeks from now it’s time for our fifth 100k bike race. Today we where gonna do a 50k warm-up one. Instead I’m mostly sleeping on the couch with a sore throat, headache and a very, very annoying cough.


Totally feeling sorry for myself, and quite disappointed as I wanted to head out and feel the wind in my hair as well.