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#14 2018 How a Sunday AM should be

Close to mothers there’s the café where me and the old neighbour meet for lunch and as it turned out they also do Sunday breakfast.

IMG_20180114_121723.jpgIMG_20180114_121703.jpgI see a new Sunday tradition while visiting mother dearest coming up, as it was price worthy as well. Food always taste better when someone else cooks it, don’t you agree?


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#13 2018 Happy birthday Miss Niece II

Today was the birthday of my youngest niece, the little thing isn’t that little anymore as she turned seven. So after a very chill day on mothers couch we went to my sisters for dinner, dessert and presents.


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#12 2018 A chillaxing Friday

Waking up eluded me also this morning so it was straight into an intense work shift at the home office as today was only a half-day with the afternoon off. I had to make sure to get as much done as possible while sitting in on an almost two-hour process overview meeting.

IMG_20180112_103608.jpgAfter being able to turn the computer off, I hit a quick shower (at this point I was hoping that I would also be washing of the residues of a run, with the sleep habits…didn’t happen) before taking the elevator downstairs to meet up with the old neighbour. When I say old neighbour, it’s not that she’s old, it’s more that we where neighbours back in the days from when I was five until I was 17.

She work not that far from where mother lives so we have started to meet up for lunch every now and then when I’m working from Gotham City. Always nice when your lunch comes with a view.

IMG_20180112_113904.jpgAfter nice food and nice chat, it was time for the main event. The whole reason that I got on a train to Gotham on Thursday night instead of Friday…the yearly birthday-movie-date-with-the-niece. It’s real fun to surprise her at school for some me and her time at the movies. She was super happy and excited with problems sitting still on the tram into town.

IMG_20180112_132302.jpgA part of the movie tradition (I want to belive that the alone time with me is more important than this part, not too sure though) is the any snack you want shopping. We totally go all in on this. I think the adorable part is that both the girls always insist that the left-overs are brought home to the sister that didn’t have their birthday. So left-over snacks is now a tradition with my nieces.

Can you identify all the different snacks?

One could think that this post would end with me dropping of my niece with her parents (oh, by the way, we saw The Story of Ferdinand, and I totally recommend it!), instead I went home and changed into my running clothes. So I finally got my Thursday run done.

Feeling mighty pleased with myself.


And then was my day done?

No, then it was dinner time, and as you should when you are in Gotham, we ate shrimps and I celebrated my run with a glass of wine (well, might be on my third one by now).

IMG_20180112_185952.jpgAnd then I spent the rest of the night on the couch doing nothing…nah just kidding.

Then I had a planning date with one of my old NZ buddies. She’s taking a trip over to Europe in May, two weeks of us two travelling around so we needed to sort out the dates and stuff like that.

If you want to help, any good ideas on what to do or see in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prag or Vienna are more than welcome 🙂

And now, I will spend the rest of the evening (kind of not that much left of it) on the couch with Candy crush soda. I think I deserved it.



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Family time

So my grandmother’s little brother past away a while back, a few days short of his 93(!) birthday, today it was time for his funeral. I can’t say I knew him, I still wanted to join my grandmother though if nothing else I could take the chance to meet the family.

The funeral took place on one of all the beautiful islands outside of Göteborg, in the beautiful Torps church.

After the service I had the opportunity to sit down with my dad’s cousins and their children to hear their memories of their grandfather.

It’s nice to forget about the outside world for a bit, eat good food and home-baked cake while listening to people reminiscent about the good old times.

Now, sitting in the car towards Göteborg, I feel quite relaxed and ready to meet the world. I also might have gone a bit nuts with the camera.

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I made it!

I was worried about the weekend, it’s one thing to go to work and keep busy during the week, come weekend distractions are harder to find…usually. As I mentioned in the last post, Friday eve was spent with sis and the nieces.


Come Saturday I managed to sleep a bit late as I tried to stay up for the Olympic opening cermony. Then I had somewhere I had to be at 11, and because I’m worth it I spoilt myself with Cortardo and muffin.


You know when you have an arrend to run and you do that, it’s just that you end up with other things as well (like a couple of hoodies, new purse, some t-shirts and comfy sweatpants) with the excuse that you are worth it? Well, I aint saving any money on this quitting smoking thing.

While being busy, Miss Legal invited me over for coffee so I headed over there for a lovely chat, fruit from the fruit garden and some more cheering on for being a good girl and quitting the cancer sticks.

After all that it was easy to head home, get some dinner and snacks and then just hang on the couch for the rest of the evening. Not staying up too late I then woke up before my alarm (yes, I set the alarm on the weekend too) with an abundane of energy, then what do one do? One runs – and then rewards oneself with a Frapino.

Run 20160807


Then one goes to IKEA for lunch with the fam, while also getting their input on the kitchen that I’m planning to get within a real short time.


They then dropped me off not far from my fav grocery store, that I then walked out of with loads of things, not that many groceries though. And too lazy to take pictures of my new mixer for my morning smoothies and the things like that.

All the running, walking and family time wore me out, just as needed and I survived the weekend. Still no alcohol in the picture, not sure when I will feel ready to start with that poison again. For now, I will go without to ensure that the cravings for cancersticks will stay away.

Onwards to week two. If I can manage one, I can manage two, right?


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After rain comes sunshine 

I kind of figured that it couldn’t get much worse than it did on Thursday and this far I’ve been right. It doesn’t hurt when the day starts with cuddly nieces and Oscar Zia (didn’t get to cuddle with him though) at the now yearly visit to swedish state TV summer break morning program for kids…

When the live TV recording was over, I had to head to work while the rest of the family kept enjoying having the day off. That meant having to pretend to be a grown-up for a bit, eat food (that looks fantastic, however it was waaaay to salty)  with the colleague and then leave again…


It was Friday, the sun was shining and family was in town so I did go for a fairly not too late Friday in the office so I could meet up with the sister and girls in the park for a bit. She then ditched the kids with their dad so we could have a slow walk back to mother-in-laws place. It’s always nice with sister-time.

Then classical Friday food here in Sweden, Tex Mex!


The girls finished watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory, big sacrifice for me to watch it with them, before they headed to bed and grown-up TV came on – British Crime, some of the best things about summer TV, that and all the old crappy movies they show.

Wow, that was such a better day than Thursday, and know what? I don’t think I cried a single time…

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Because I love crying at work

Today has been the worst day since I quit smoking, I was just not able to quit crying all morning, and I don’t think the fact it is my grandfathers birthday helps either, since I can’t celebrate him in person. I try to keep the spirit up, this morning by trying a new type of coffee while walking to work. Something they call coldbrew, which is coffee brewed with cold water over night. Tasted ok-ish.


I did try for the “walk around the block” thing, didn’t really help other than the fact that it was nice to go outside- A couple of my colleagues did their best of cheering me up during quite a heavy lunch with coffee dessert.

Didn’t help that I much, the tears wouldn’t stop and at two I gave up and headed home. I’m quite grateful right now that I have flexible working hours that enables me to sneak home so I could go for a run just like that. A benefit not to be underestimated.


After the run, I did feel a little better and after working from the couch for a bit I then headed out for a date night with the sister. Fantastic!

Starting with early dinner at Pinchos before some therapy shopping (I know I said I would cut down on that kind of shopping, I think that quitting smoking allows for an exception) and then onwards to the movies. Suicide Squad – the perfect distraction.

My sister has now left me, I have turned of the TV (an hour before planned bedtime, as per an attempt to cleaner living) and I’m updating the blog waiting for the craving to pass. Once that has happened, I can hang some laundry and cuddle down in bed with a book…hoping that day five will be a better day because today really sucks.

Even though there was no crying while hanging with the sister, it’s right there waiting to get started again. I’m completely bloated, it feels like my tummy’s gonna explode of all the gases – instead they sneak out at will (so you probably don’t wanna hang out with me right now), my throat hurt. Basically, I generally feel like shit!

Quit smoking they say, you will feel better.

Quit smoking they say, you will save money.

Yeah, right!!!!