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Sankt Nikolai Pub – Revisited – Fish n’ Chips

The loyal followers of the Fish n’ Chips challenge knows that the owner of the Sankt Nikolai Pub wasn’t very happy with the review that I wrote after our last visit. He asked us back for a second try, and so yesterday we made our way back to the Sankt Nikolai for Fish n’ Chips. Remember when reading this, that the time was booked in advance with the owner so he knew that we were coming. We, this time is the same trio as the last time, me, Mr Grumpy and Da Teacher.

The good thing about booking in advance, and the owner knowing why we are there, is that we didn’t have to order, he came and asked us if we wanted the Mushy Peas etc (Mr Grumpy turned them down, seems he doesn’t like them very much). Compared to last time, we were the only one eating when we arrived at the Pub, and food was delivered relatively quickly. Another difference from last time, was that this time around we got the larger portion for 149dkk (the menu has now been updated to clearly show the difference between the two);As we received our food, it becomes clear that the 149dkk comes with Baked Beans, which Da Teacher thought went very well together with Fish n’ Chips, as well as bread, pickles and beetroot. Trust me you do not walk away from this meal hungry.

This time, we got the large plates that we saw other guests eating of the last visit, and now we know the difference; if you order the cheaper alternative, you get a smaller plate, if you order the more expensive alternative you get the larger plate, even though the sides are served on a separate plate. This time around, the chips were all from the same bag and warm, not warm enough according to Mr Grumpy where as Da Teacher had burns on her tongue from eating her first. The mushy peas were warm as well, which we all agree should be the case.

Then we have the Tartar Sauce, a requirement and something that we grade in this Challenge, the last time it was completely missing, this time it had been ordered and we received small sachets of Heinz Tartar Sauce. I wouldn’t say it is the best sauce we had, however it was present and brought up the grade from 0.All in all, the experience this time was better, and the score show the same as Sankt Nikolai (the 149dkk attempt) brought the Pub up to a second place in The Best Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen challenge. 

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Everyone deserves a second chance!

The most hits that I get on this blog are in relation to Fish and Chips, this due to the aim of finding the best Fish and Chips in Copenhagen. It is nice, I have a reason to meet up with my friends and have a nice evening over some food and a fun time grading it once we finished. It is also nice that there are Pub owners in Copenhagen that find this blog and let us now that they are serving Fish and Chips so that we can come and try it.

The Fish and Chips testing last night was due to one of those owners, unfortunately he wasn’t very happy with the review, which I can understand – we weren’t very happy with the food. He did read it though and came back with some comments and assured us that the food is better than that;

We will of course make a second attempt on the Fish and Chips at the Sankt Nikolai Pub, how can we not? Watch this space for the outcome.

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Sankt Nikolai Pub – Fish n’ Chips

Today’s outing brought us to the Sankt Nikolai Pub, which on this very blog has claimed to be a genuine English pub. How can me and my fellow fish and chippers resist such a challenge, and of course anyone that tracks down my little Fish and Chips experience and makes a comment deserves a visit.

Joining me today was the wonderful Da Teacher and Mr. Grumpy himself, the longest running fellow fish and chippers. We were running a bit late and once we were all gathered I was starving, and some of the tables around us were receiving their fish and chips as we were waiting, don’t make life easier at all. Pretty much the moment that Da Teacher sat down, I went up and ordered for us and not long after that the waiter came over to our table to tell us that there was a 20 minute wait before we could get our food. It was appreciated that he came and let us know still the wait is no fun; it’s not a good sign when the restaurant is maybe filled to a third of its capacity and the kitchen can’t deliver.

Well, we managed to entertain ourselves drinking our beer and chatting away and all of a sudden the food was in front of us – not a very impressive sight I have to say. The plate was not big enough for the food, my fish was obviously burnt and where is the tartar sauce? For a pub that claims, according to their menu, that they server UK Fish and Chips I would assume that there would be some tartar sauce available. And the plate size, the couple that was sitting at the table next to us had large square plates where the food looked so much better.

There is a big plus, from Mr. Grumpy our very own vinegar specialist, the vinegar placed on our table is the real vinegar from Sarsons, Da Teacher also enjoyed some brown sauce with her food. Yes, we still call it food, and one of the measurements that we have is the crispness of the fish, unfortunately for us today we met too crispy fish, mine where crispy to the point of burnt on one end. Da Teachers was perfect on one side and soggy on the other side.

The chips also seem to have come from different bags of chips; my plate looked like the last bit of one bag with all the tiny bits that sink to the bottom as the large yummy chips are firstly poured in to the fryer to become nice golden crispy chips. Mr. Grumpy had some of that together with more big chunks, and Da Teacher where happy with hers. Of course the little bits I had were crispy, the rest was soggy and their heat didn’t match the heat of the fish. It felt like the chips were ready 20 minutes before the fish and then kept warm while waiting for the fish to finish.

When it was time to pay for the food, confusion meets us. There are two prices on the menu and it is not clear when which of the two prices were applicable, not even the guy behind the bar seemed to know for sure as he first charged me the higher price of 149dkk and then when I asked about the lower price of 99dkk he apologized profusely and let me have the food for 99dkk.

Overall it is a nice little place in a good location, just a few minutes’ walk from the metro station; it does however not have the best Fish and Chips in Copenhagen, check here to see where they ended up in the ranking.

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Kødbyens Fiskebar – Fish n’ Chips

First Fish n’ Chip session in 2012 and the expectations were high. This time our challenge took us back to Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district and my fingers were crossed that the experience this time wouldn’t be similar to the one we had last time we paid a visit. My brave co-fishers was the forever-present Da Teacher and a newcomer to the bunch, Miss Paraguay.

When we arrived it turned out that it is a proper restaurant at the fancier way and a table reservation would have been in place, they did however manage it for us by placing us at the bar. We were given ample time to sit down before the menus were provided, the ordering was quick though since we already knew what we wanted. The wine order (yes, we had wine this time rather than beer, might have been the absence of men that did it) took a bit longer, we did leave it up to Da Teacher who, with her vast experience of wine, found us a very fresh white wine that went well with the fish, a Sevre et Maine Muscadet.

Once the Fish n’ Chips were ordered a nice looking bottle of Vinegar was put in front of us, and both me and Da Teacher immediately thought about Mr Grumpy and how he would have appreciated it, as this is usually one of the most important issues for him. None of these three ladies even tried it to my knowledge.

The food was delivered quickly and in very nice looking news paper wrapping, pouring it out on the plate was the first disappointment of the evening as the portion was extremely small. One have to remember that the dish is listed on the menu under their medium dishes, it didn’t look like it was enough to fill you up though and as we later realized, it didn’t (the writer ended her night at McDonald’s). The fish of the evening was Pollack, which was decided is not a good Fish n’ Chips fish at all, mine was too soggy as well as burnt in one end. The sauce wasn’t really a sauce, but rather a clump of semi-identifiable ingredients that would have been great on a sandwich rather than on the side of Fish n’ Chips. And as to the chips – they weren’t! Once again we meet a plate that contains fries rather than Chips, so once again there are no score for crispness, the seasoning was however excellent and they were fried to perfection.

One of Da Teacher’s favourites of the evening was the deep-fried capers that came with the fish. Something that was less appreciated was the healthy runners that passed the window of the restaurant every now and then, healthy people and deep-fried food – not the best combination, not the fault of the restaurant though.

The final score landed on a decent 27.5, and at the time of writing a third place, not too bad at the price of 100dkk (plus the wine of course). Do you want to see the rest of the list? You find it here.

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Another try at what we think might be Fish and Chix – Streckers instead Fish n’ Chips

Let me start out by saying that I am dead tired and wish I was in bed right now, but after last weeks delay by a whole day I do not dare to do it again. Da Teacher will most likely hunt me down and do evil things to me if I do, so here goes;

Todays Fellow Judges;

  • The ever-present Mr Grumpy
  • The for ever correcting Da Teacher
  • And the lovely Miss Legal

Last week when we went to The Irish Rover for Fish n’ Chips we walked by a place that looked exactly like the Fish and Chix place that we tried to visit in Kongens Nytorv but was closed. The funny part being that the square we found this place in is called Nytorv (without the Kongens before) so we figured this might be the place. Thus we took aim for todays Fish n’ Chip session, but alas it does not seem to be meant to be. This after some confusion as there is one bar called Charlies (where me and Miss Legal conducted todays warm-up session) and one bar called Charlie Scott’s (where Mr Grumpy and Da Teacher conducted their warm-up session).

The thing was as well, that I did not expect the place to not be open, our guess is that it closed due to the heavy rainfall of today (and every other day this summer), so there was no back-up plan. And yes, one can think that a world city like Copenhagen have an abundance of Fish n’ Chip serving places, this is not true. However Mr Grumpy did save the evening by remembering this place called Streckers, and there we went. It wasn’t until I came home that I realized that a place called Streckers is on the Fish n’ Chips list, give it a couple of minutes more and I realize it is not the same place as we went to today.

The food was quickly served compared to the drinks, there was a promise from the guy behind the bar that someone would come to our table and take the drink order. This did not happen until I accidentally spoke a little bit loudly about the to be or not to be regarding the table service. It seem that the waitress heard my monologue and rushed to the table to take our order. Once that was done, it didn’t take long for the drinks to arrive either.

From the staff and the menu card, we were prepared for the fact that this was to be Danish Fish n’ Chips rather than British (also called classical) Fish n’ Chips.

One example being that it is clearly stated that the sauce is Remoulade rather than Tartare sauce, for this reason the sauce has been graded as sauce. Honesty always work in the end!

The food arrive, and the first comment was “What is that green stuff?”, yes there was salad on the plate, and this is noticed before the thin little chips that very closely resembled McDonald’s fries rather than chips. The lemon that was served on the plate was deemed more likely being the left-over from someones G&T rather than a squeezable lemon that would spread some lemony taste over the fish.

There was no vinegar or ketchup served or offered with the food. We did receive salt and pepper though, very lucky indeed as I, who never puts extra salt on the food, had to salt both the fish and the chips to get some taste.

But in the long run, I should be happy, at least my batter contained some fish! Da Teacher was unlucky enough to receive a plate with a nice chunk of batter, not to bad tasting, but not much fish in it.

The food in it self scored high points today, this might be due to the disappointment of one closed place, the expectation of not being able to eat this weeks ration of F&C and then the excitement of finding a place that serves the same. This combined with the fact that we ate much later today than usually, might have contributed to the upper level scoring of something that is not really F&C. Or we have just lowered our standards since we started this mission.

It might also be that we did not deduct enough points for the blocked ladies toilets that made a trip into the mens room required. There was also the candles that Da Teacher claim being mosquito repellents, I have a cold so I can’t say, Miss Legal tought that they are more like grave candles.

Either way, we have a new second placer on both lists! The magical lists and all other information is just one click away (hint, click on the rating below).

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The Irish Rover – Fish n’ Chips

Yesterday it was finally time for Fish n’ Chips again, it’s been way to long but apparently my life came in the way. I should have made this update last night when arriving home, this unfortunately happened to be a little bit late and I was way to “tired” to feel that I could write anything that would make any sense today, so here it is with one days delay (lets just hope that I remember all the important bits);

This week the hunt for the best Fish n’ Chips that Copenhagen has to offer took us to the Irish Pub very suitably called The Irish Rover. Fellow judges this week were the always present Mr Grumpy as well as Da Teacher, the rest of the semi-regulars seemed to be busy with things like vacation and being home sick.

The one thing that happens when you hang out with a teacher, is that, well she is a teacher, spelling mistakes are quickly discovered and pointed out. I do not think that she deducted any points from the food even though the word for fries is misspelled in the Danish menu. Not to worry, for all you non-danish speakers, this Irish Pub do have their menu in english as well, and in that one the word chips is correctly spelled.

Mr Grumpy was of course late as usual, the first thing he does when he finally arrives is to walk inside (yes, these Vikings were sitting outside eating yesterday) buy a beer, come back out sit down and say;

“The beer is bloody expensive!”

After that he says hi, and urges us to order the food even if he is not hungry, since he will not purchase another beer at this bar (for you who wonder, a pint is 50 Danish money). To make him happy, which me and Da Teacher always aim to, we order the food, babble away having a nice time and then got out food. To be honest I do not remember if the food took so long that I wondered if the food would be coming soon. If I didn’t then the food didn’t take to long, if I did, then order before you are hungry enough to want your food straight away.

The fish was today served with chips (not wedges), tartar sauce (or something pretending to be) and peas (de-frosted rather than fresh), and a chunk of lemon. Since the menu didn’t contain this information, Mr Grumpy was kind enough to as, and the fish today was Haddock. He also thought that the biggest chunk of fish should be served to the man, but we all know that in the end it doesn’t matter, since he can eat what we little women do not finish.

Not sure it is a very suitable fish n’ chip fish, since it pretty much crumbled when you started to cut into it. We were lucky that it wasn’t take-away fish as that would have been impossible to eat. The batter was also a sad sight this time, a very thin layer, crunchy but to thin. It also seemed like they forgot to put one part of the fish into the fryer, since the tails had a slightly different color than the rest of the fish.

Mr Grumpy was happy though (guess that is what you call an oxymoron) when identifying vinegar on the table, points of for not being served in a bottle. Who can resist pink little plastic packages of vinegar though? There were also the Tartar sauce, I was under the impression that Tartar sauce was not supposed to be that sour but it was better than no tartare sauce at all.

The chips were not very crispy, and could have done with some more time in the fryer. Not sure this would have helped them as according to Da Teacher, the fryer needed to be changed as the chips got their color from the fryer rather than being fried. Think that she might have to elaborate on that story herself as I did not take notes when she explained how this worked.

All in all, we can determine that this is not the best fish n’ chips in Copenhagen. But it was a nice evening, probably one of the last where the meal can take place outdoors. And the service was good, especially if you compare with a few of the previous places we have been to. For you who missed out on those stories you can find them here and of course  there is The Ranking.

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Bishop Arms, no Fish and Chix, no Bishop Arms – Fish n’ Chips

There was some confusion today. The original plan was to check out the Bishop Arms but as the weather was so great, and you never know how long that will last for in Copenhagen, we decided to change the venue to Fish and Chix as this is an outdoor eating location. Or I should say, was and outdoor eating location, since when we got there it was very much closed.

As we walked over to the closest venue for some warm-up beers and to wait for the rest of the fellow judges to join us (two expected and three maybe’s that no one was expecting) we found out that the place had been closed for some time now. As this is one of the places that comes up on top of most the searches when looking for Fish n’ Chip places in Copenhagen, I will do my best to spread the word.

Well, as you can understand we went back to the original plan of Bishop Arms. And we tonight were of course me, the writer, Mr Grumpy (the only fellow judge that has attended all three sessions), Da Teacher, The Tourist and finally the return of Miss Legal.

The first thing we realized as we sat down at our table, was the free dinner available underneath it. Since the weather is absolutely amazing, you can imagine how empty a dark and gloomy pub like this would be, and one would expect the staff to have time to properly clean up the messes that previous guests make on and around the tables, but apparently not. There was a nice big chunk of chicken some bread and a chip. At least we now know that there are chips and not potato wedges available and that would be a first.

This is one of those places that you want to go to and order your food a little bit before you are actually hungry, again the place was almost empty and it still took almost 30 mins before we got our food. But once we got it, it was worth the wait. Finally! The fish n’ chips that was put in front of us actually looked like fish n’ chips should, including proper chips.

There where two pieces of fish, one big chunk and then a small kids version, with proper batter, crunchy batter. I have to admit that I forgot to check the menu for the type of fish, so we just assume that it was cod. And as mentioned the chips looked like real chips. The only problem being the crispness, they should have just thrown them in to the deep fryer together with the fish as they where a bit soft and soggy.

With the fish there where two little bowls, one containing the Tartar sauce, that was properly approved of. The other one was pea humus (according to the waitress) which was just cold mushed green peas, nothing else, strange. There was also vinegar on the table which the two brits approved of, no onelse really cares.

Unfortunately today the food was not the main focus. After the dinner found under the table the non-cleaning continued to the bathrooms. Again one would think that with so little to do, the staff would have time to clean the ladies rooms, but apparently not. It was not a fun trip, which all three women of today agreed on. Fortunately for Bishop Arms, the toilets are not a part of the grading.

The cost of  todays Fish n’ Chips were a whopping 149dkk, but at the same time, it was the best we’ve had  this far. But it would probably be better to eat them as take-away rather than eating in.

To see the full list and scoring of Fish n’ Chip places that we have visited, just click here. And if you have suggestions for places that serve Fish n’ Chips, please let me know and I will add them to the list.