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The calendar addiction

I am one of those that have to admit to being addicted to her calendar, the benefit of that is that when something ends up there it usually happens (except for when too tired like yesterday). At the moment I have two monthly dates booked, one is fairly new, the other one though is hitting its three year anniversary right about now.

The date is with the amazing person that took over my job at the previous company I worked at. I had the pleasure of spending a month handing my tasks over and we kind of hit it off, so now, three years later we still meet each other for lunch pretty much once a month.

Of course sometimes it gets rescheduled , so it has been the case that there’s only a couple of weeks between dates and there have been the months, especially during vacation times, that it was cancelled completely, still, we are going strong.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, because today was date day of course! Thus come lunch time I jumped up on my bike and with the wind in my back I flew to an absolutely fantastic Syrian restaurant. If you ever pass through Malmö I can definitely recommend Ayam Dimashq, and it will totally get another visit from me!

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Slowing down…

Yesterday two of my colleagues from foreign offices came for a visit and that meant dinner after work with team, oh what a chore. I wanted them to get to try something new so I brought them to Pinchos, who can resist tiny food ordered through an app?


Their Sangria is pretty fab as well.

Then there was that thing we call football! Sweden isn’t in the cup anymore, that doesn’t stop me from cheering for Croatia when my English colleague is sitting next to me being sad. Horrible me. She got even by making me in to an English fan though…


It got in kind of late so thank heaven for 7/11 this morning as I couldn’t be bothered programming my coffee and stuff last night when I came home a bit after midnight.

For some reason I had a silly idea that I would go running this morning, that didn’t happen so lets see if I can make it happen tonight.

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#14 2018 How a Sunday AM should be

Close to mothers there’s the café where me and the old neighbour meet for lunch and as it turned out they also do Sunday breakfast.

IMG_20180114_121723.jpgIMG_20180114_121703.jpgI see a new Sunday tradition while visiting mother dearest coming up, as it was price worthy as well. Food always taste better when someone else cooks it, don’t you agree?


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Food, food and more food

One of the first things that goes when the mood goes is my appetite, thus a day like today makes me see the light…

I had my monthly date with my replacement who’s an awesome person, (and not saying this because I know she reads the blog at times, I really wish that I could’ve worked together with her rather than she replacing me and she’s becoming a good friend as well…) and we hit a place called Rosegarden which is all you can eat for a fair penny.

How about some sushi…

IMG_20180104_113538.jpgSome soup with boil your own noodles and put what you want in it (beware of the chili, it’s chili-like)…


Any why not top it off with some other yum stuff…

IMG_20180104_115917.jpgAnd oh my god, they have an ice cream machine…next time I might just go there only for the ice cream!!

IMG_20180104_121202.jpgAnd that was only my lunch.

After that I went back to work, and hear this, actually worked. It’s been a bit slow for me for a while, which doesn’t suit my personality what so ever so it’s nice that it’s starting to pick back up. Good for my mood and all that jazz…

Then I lured Mr Grumpy II out of hiding to break my not chosen white month.

What happened is that the corner bar is closed for renovation and loads of people around me are doing the new year, new habits thing. So no after work chill, unless you lure them with comments like; “mind watching me drink a glass of wine at xxx bar”. It worked 🙂

IMG_20180104_172951.jpgI know it’s good for the Debbie Downer to not indulge in alcoholic brevages so I’m not complaining really. It’s nice to have a wind down after work though.

Then going home being to lazy to cook I ordered in some more, can you guess? Yes!! Food…

Do like my mexican, and happy that I’m with an appetite. Thinking that I let my work situation rule to much of my emotional world though. If work is good, I’m good, if work isn’t, I’m not. Think that something that needs to change.


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When the freezer for once is full…

With all the cooking done this week, and shopping, there’s absolutely no space in my freezer and still I’m not bringing lunch with me to work (this morning I even forgot the smoothie, blaming that on last night) as I managed to book not one but three lunch dates this week.

Today was with the Miss that took over my old job, we have a standing monthly lunch date to gossip about the old and new company.

This time we hit my favourite soup place, Misoteket, I think you will be able to find more than one blog post about it here on the blog.


The set-up is that you pick white or red miso base and then add in what veggies and meats that you want, super tasty.


I’ve brought more than one person in that claim they don’t like miso soup and they still love this place…just as a FYI.


Now the countdown has begun for the train north this afternoon, can’t wait. So as you might notice I’m moderately motivate for my work tasks today (combined with a tad bit of hangover…), still it’s only one and a half hour left until it’s time to leave the office so aiming for super efficiency during that time.

Peace out ma peeps.

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I’m trying…

So, one of the reasons that I want myself to do the long way home from work is so don’t I go down to the corner bar on my way home. How do I explain this…?

For me, a ten minute walk home from work is not enough to let work go and be able to be home (if that make sense) so I end up going down to the corner bar to get my distance. It’s a two edge situation as it gives me the chance to let go of work, do something else and chill. The other part is that I have a tendency do drink a beer or a glass of wine, or two. Here in Sweden it’s not an acceptable behaviour as you shouldn’t drink during the week, only get absolutely wasted during Friday and Saturday night instead. Anyhow…

Baseline is that I feel that I need a break, however, I miss having a pet and some nights I get to hang out with this lovely being;


She kind of make it ok. There’s also other human beings there that are fun interesting people who make my life more enjoyable. It’s just the Lutheran in me that make the whole situation an issue.

Well, I went home and the plan was to make this post a proper food cooking one, so I’ve been taking step by step pictures of my cooking. Thus, even though it started with a confession of my bad habits it’s now going to turn into a Salmon dinner cooking show.

The ingredients;

IMG_20171213_204601.jpgCut up the Salmon and surround it with yummy stuff;


That goes into the Owen while you cook the condiments, in this case, raw rice;

20 minutes it’s all done!

And now I would put it into nice lunch boxes if I had any left, I don’t know where they all gone…well maybe since I’m having troubles finding place in the freezer I guess most of them are in there.


Ok, at least I have one…and I put it on my wish list for Christmas so if I’m lucky Santa will bring me some more.



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The 2016 chicken incident

Ok, so when you pass out at 11pm on a Friday, you wake up early on the Saturday, I know this. Why did it have to be at 5 am though!?!?! What do one do with that kind of time on their hands? I usually sleep away half the day. Well you do nothing, drink some coffee, put some stuff online for sale (using the app Shpock, no action there yet though. Not sure if it’s the app or the stuff I sell (like this pretty dress), will have to get back to you on that).


Being home not doing much make me want to smoke, so I went for a run. The best way of killing the urge to smoke! And I’m running faster and faster, fun.


After running, I made lunch. Another meal from my magical food delivery the other day, Tuna salad. Life is so much easier when someone has written up the recipe for you and packed all the ingredients in a box. I mean, Tuna salad aint hard you just need to have the stuff for it at home.


Right now, with the upcoming renovation of my apartment, most of my time is spent throwing things out or putting them away for sale. Hopefully I will get myself a flea market table for next Sunday, will find out on Wednesday if that’s happening. So that was my Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden it was dinner time.

I figured I would test this Fake Fried Chicken from my food box. I took all the ingredients out and did the prep.


In the middle of it all I realized that I was missing some stuff that I was supposed to go get earlier so I biked off to the store and got them. Came back home, turned the oven back on and went to open the chicken.

Oh the smell! It was bad. Still I figured that the smell was due to the vacuum packaging. It wouldn’t go away though and after a while I had to give up and realize that the chicken was bad, real bad. I threw it out, and after a little bit of freezer searching I had to give up and sit down and just feel sorry for myself because the world ends when the chicken is bad.

It ended up with me turning the oven back off, going back to the store and getting more chicken, hoping that this chicken dish was worth it.

Old and new chicken:


Finally I got home, with edible chicken, so I could turn the oven back on and get on with the cooking. Finally I got my fake fried chicken with home-made Coleslaw. And the coleslaw was freaking amazing! The chicken not so much, or, there’s a reason why fried food is so good, and you can’t really get that taste any other way.


I got my dinner, the provider of the magic food basket received a letter of complaint with a receipt for additional chicken and all is good in the world again.

How was your Saturday night?