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The festival is in town

Once a year the Malmö festival is on, I usually stay away from it. However, as one of my lovely friends pointed out: a woman gotta eat.

So I figured we would go to the square where all the food stalls and pick one, eat dinner and then head back to my couch…yeah right.

This year they have tasting portions so we started with Korean food.

Then we headed for Peruvian, unfortunately it tasted as bad as it looks.

While eating the Peruvian food we sat next to a lady eating Mexican which looked fantabolus so we headed there…

Then we kind of figured it was time for dessert, or maybe not! My favorite sandwich place, Scandwich, had their own stall and their carrot sandwich was to die for!

I then passed on dessert. Perfect way of spending an eve with someone you haven’t seen for a while and need to catch up with. Food and talk, let’s do it again soon.

Now I’m finally back on my couch after a long day…

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Like the rest of my colleagues I left the office early today to make it home in time for the game. We all think that Italy is gonna win, still everyone wants to watch it.
I stopped by the post-office to pick up a couple of packaged, to my surprise it turned out to be three rather than two packages, fun!


Two of them I obviously ordered, the next book circle book and a couple of others.


And a lamp I ordered using my Eurobonus points that where about to expire.


The third one was another book sent by one of my friends over in Denmark, much appreciated and I’m looking forward to reading it. Good friends I have!


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Viva la girls

So two of my girls ditched me for Barcelona this year, Lady D and Mini me Jr. However they were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedule to meet up with me and make me light green of envy with their stories. I guess the wine made me feel better and the fact that it’s real hard to not have fun with them, I miss them already and will work real hard to afford a trip down in a very near future.





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A housewarming with class

For those that have been around this blog for a while, you might have figured out that My Favorite Latte Mum is a bit more grown-up than me, and I will say that her and her hubby proved it by moving to a house. This past Saturday they had a housewarming in the said house and of course I attended the same.
The invite stated a starting time of 11am and since they moved to the far far location of middle of nowhere it meant an early start and some out of budget purchasing.


For the first time in a long while I also went on one of the local busses, I couldn’t help myself I just had to take a picture.


Far far away does require more than one bus and at the second change the buss I was on was a little bit late and the bus I was getting on was a couple of minutes early thus I got to spend half an hour at this place;


The long trip was totally worth it, when I arrived at far far away there was cold beer and homemade langos waiting for me.



I pretty much spent the whole day eating, drinking and enjoying the company of my fav latte mum and a sweet lady that kept speaking finish all the time.


I ended up being back home around 10pm after a swell day. Not to sure I will visit the place of far far away to often, luckily enough latte mum still have to pass by Malmö on her way home from work so I’m hoping for some quality time for the two of us still.

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Happy poo year!

New years eve this year was celebrated as it should, with a quiet (and brought in ready-made) dinner at home, nice wine, good company and early to bed. Well at least this year I managed to stay awake past midnight, something I failed completely last year.

The menu this year was a Lobster soup starter (and trust me it tasted better than it looks) with a lovely glass of white wine and bread.

wpid-shot_1388518162092.jpg wpid-shot_1388517807805.jpg wpid-shot_1388518182896.jpgMain course was meat and potatoes with a salad and yum, yum red wine;

wpid-shot_1388521885948.jpg wpid-shot_1388521549785.jpgAnd then the required trip down to the park at midnight to check out the fireworks and open that bottle of bubbly;

wpid-DSC_0153.jpg wpid-DSC_0152.jpg wpid-DSC_0157.jpgHappy 2014 peeps!

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What happened to Friday?

I was a fairly good girl on Thursday and came home in a fairly good time, which was good since I had work Friday morning. Still, I might have been a tad tired because I forgot half of my lunch at home (pasta in white sauce with meatballs without the meatballs aren’t that great) so you wont get a picture of it. Still I had so much fun at work that it was real hard to drag myself out of there to go to class.

Then I was supposed to go straight home from class and chill, since me and Miss T had plans for Saturday night, which you who follow my twitter might have noticed. It was just that after a long hard week, finished of by a genus discussion on the Friday afternoon my body and soul was craving a nice glass of red wine. That glass might have ended up being two, and then I might have tagged along to one of my classmates afterworks. But then I was really going home to my couch and do nothing.Wine

I was on my couch doing nothing, I had my sweatpants on and was knitting when someone might have talked me into leaving that couch and changing out of those sweatpants. It might have happened that I biked over to one of my classmates place to do even more socializing, that might have happened.

At least, when those classmates went out to some place I went home! That happened for real!

(think I should watch that speech of mine now, so I can write how great I did, send it of and hit bed, long day at work tomorrow)

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Being at work aint always that bad!