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Day seven, eight, nine and ten – the return of the workaholic?

Wow, all of a sudden I was back to working full-time at work. It went pretty much over night as one of my colleagues needed a time out (come back soon, I miss you!) and I figured why not. I also realize that it’s been almost three years since I’ve been working full-time for real, since I was made redundant from my last job. Even though I was supposed to work six more months after they made me redundant, it wasn’t proper full-time as I didn’t have enough to do, was working from home and had more focus on other things than a company that made me redundant.

It feels good, and strange! I also started to miss working half-time pretty much straight away, so it was good that my first week back was a short week.

Thursday was a day home, for me only, and the best neighbour in the world that I went for lunch with. Here in Malmö we have one awesome bagel place called Bagel Street Café (I’m sure there are more, however only one that I found) that I don’t get to frequent as much as I would like to. My favourite is, surprise surprise, their sushi bagel. Mr Lion wanted to be in a picture as well.DSC_0841 DSC_0842The best neighbour in the world might have been less best when she lured me into The Body Shop and I accidentally celebrating working full-time with a new body lotion, green tea – awesome!DSC_0840After passing by the grocery store where the worlds best neighbor bought me a lollipop, I headed home for a quiet night on the couch.DSC_0844For some reason that didn’t happen and around midnight when my data returned on my phone, I found myself in Denmark. Oops!

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Day six and the best part of staying in a hotel

Nothing beats a good hotel breakfast and the hotel we stayed the night at, had a real nice one, including make your own waffles. Since someone might have been a tad bit hung over after last nights festivities the breakfast was pure heaven.DSC_0835 DSC_0832 DSC_0833 DSC_0834My eyes might have been a little bit hungrier than my tummy, even so I managed to finish almost all of it.

After breakfast, me and mother headed back to the summer-house and crashed on a couch each, me because I was just too exhausted from the festivities, who would know that going to a party for someone turning 80 can be so tiresome. My mother because she had some kind of bug, and had been a trooper for being out and about when she probably should’ve stayed home in bed.

I pretty much stayed on that couch until it was time to go home, something I was not in the mood for at all, I would’ve prefered to stay for one more day. I kind of slept most of the time, combined with some coffee ensure that I didn’t completely passed out.

One of the benefits of the crazy train-hopping that I’ve been doing lately is that they have a frequent traveller club and I have collected so many points that I’ve gone up one level. You know what that mean? No? Can’t guess? I’ll tell you, I get free coffee even when I’m not travelling first class (no mini brownies though).DSC_0836I made it home, all the way home. My stop is usually the last stop for the train so they kick me of I’m still sitting there when everyone else have gone of, nice to know that there’s no risk of waking up some place far away a few hours later.

And PS: When you sleep most of the day away, you don’t really notice that you are not connected to the rest of the world

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Family festivities on the fifth day of no data on my phone

Saturday brought WiFi back, as me and mother had decided to stay on the same hotel as my aunties and their families. So around lunch time we headed to civilization for a lovely lunch with my second oldest aunt, her boyfriend and my cousin. I enjoyed a lovely goat cheese salad with a cold glass of white wine, if you are ever in the neighbourhood of Jönköping I can recommend a meal at Restaurant Bryggan.DSC_0779 DSC_0780 DSC_0777Once the whole family had arrived (there are some parts of it, wont mention names (they live in Stockholm and might be my godmother) have a tendency to be late, sometimes very late, sometimes less late) we jumped into a couple of taxis that would transport us to the party. I can’t say that we spend that much time with this side of the family so there was no way to know what we could expect. I was very happy that Cousin M (the dude from the train) was there, knowing that there is at least one more crazy person around is comforting. But then, how bad can it be when there is a live band, long tables and a buffet?

DSC_0785 DSC_0787DSC_0794Not only was there a smörgåsbord of food for the main course, there was also one for the dessert, a good party indeed!DSC_0802 DSC_0804Awesome party indeed, it was fun to catch up with second cousins you didn’t even know existed, as well as hanging out with the part of the family that I see more often. I can admit that there are more photos from the party, I just wont share them, and I might admit that there can have been an after party in town…no pictures from there though.

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The big test, aka day 4, aka train time, aka family weekend

Up to this Friday I have been moving about in the big(!) city of Malmö and living life without data on the phone has been easy. This weekend brought a train ride towards the countryside with it, and time for the biggest test of them all! The summer house have no internet connection any more, that went to heaven (or so) together with daddy, so now you have to bring your own. Thus, there was with trepidation that I sat down on the train together with my lunch this Friday mid-day.DSC_0770

DSC_0771And since I was a tad bit late in the booking of my train tickets for this trip, the outbound ride was a first class session that not only come with free coffee, they also have mini brownies!DSC_0772The train ride went surprisingly smooth for being me and jumping on the commuter train that take me from the fast train to the small village closest to the summer-house, there was a good surprise waiting for me.DSC_0774My second oldest cousin was on the train as well. He decided to arrive on location a day early for some male grooming and if I know him correctly, an opportunity to make new friends. So I could put my book away and have a lovely chat with him rather than sit and be grumpy over my lack of connection and inability to post pointless statuses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Surprises like that are always nice, I had a similar one a few years back with the older sister if this cousin. That time we were both travelling home to Gotham to attend our Grandmothers funeral, this time the reason was a bit more festive as that Grandmothers babybrother was celebrating his 80th birthday. Life works in wonderus ways sometimes.

I jumped of the train a stop or so before my cousin, he only got to wave to his aunt through the window of the train as she was waiting to pick me up and he continued to the city for a night in town (I have heard he had a good time). The evening without WiFi went smoothly as I have a couple of games on my tablet that doesn’t require you to be online all the time, so it almost felt like I was in civilization, and then of course I had the wonderful company of my mother.

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Not so much no data, no worries at quiz night (#3)

When you start the morning with coffee in the kitchen in a home that contains wi-fi, then bike to work which is in an office that has wi-fi and then bike back home, having no data on your phone is not issue. The only problem this lovely Thursday was the short moment on the corner. However, with a view like this and good company, a short while without being connected to the rest of the world just seems suitable.

DSC_0765And as Thursday nights are quiz nights, my usual phone detox night anyhow; no cellphones allowed during the quiz! Day three without data on my phone passed pretty painless. What was painful though was the correct answer I gave this weeks quiz team (I pretty much have a new one every week) that they changed…we were so close and it has been a while since winning. Might have to find a better team! Or get myself smarter…

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Off-line #2

Day two without data on my phone went surprisingly smooth, the bus from my Favorite Latte Mum’s place had free Wi-Fi and from the bus stop to the office it was a short bike ride, where data wasn’t needed really. Arriving in the office I just hooked my phone up to the office Wi-Fi and the day was sorted. Leaving the office I just had to revert back to good old texting rather than free messenger services, and with free unlimited texting that’s no issue.

The trauma kicked in when I got home to turn on my PC and remembered the text I received from my mother while on my way  home from Gotham, my power cord was still there. The PC was dead! I will get my power cord back on Friday, as long as mother dearest remember to bring it, and Friday is tomorrow. The timing is pretty off though as it’s pay day here in Sweden (for some of us at least) tomorrow and I need to go through my budget and transfer money from the account I get my money into, to the account where I keep my spending money. Of course I haven’t been smart enough to save my budget in the cloud, so I can sort that until I receive my power cord. Problem being that this will happen at the summer-house and guess what, we don’t have any Wi-Fi there.

It’s going to be an interesting weekend, I’ll tell you that! But I can do it, I will not pay my cell phone provider any more money for data, I still think they are trying to rip me off.

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Connectivity problems #1

Sitting in the office on a pretty normal Tuesday, I suddenly receive a text message from my cellphone provider. They claim that I have used all my data for this month, and if I want to continue to surf the web I need to pay money to get more.wpid-wp-1429695953498.jpeg

As I changed my plan not that long ago, when I got my new phone, it also came with more data than I had before. I thought it was silly because I never really managed to use all the data then. I can’t say that I’ve changed my surfing behavior that much (i.e. still addicted to social media, but not more addicted to social media) so I find it strange that I reached my limit. Thus, I refuse to spend money on more data. Instead I see this as a challenge, with ten days to go of the month I can survive, or can I?

It started already the same afternoon, when I were to head out on the countryside and realized that I didn’t know which bus I was supposed to be on. I had memorized the time it was due to leave however not the number, so I just had to call my Favorite Latte Mum and ask, in comparison with data I have unlimited free calls on my phone.

I’m also happy that I have an android phone as it still come with good old FM radio, so I could listen to music without any of the apps. During my very short relationship with an IPhone I was pretty shocked to realize that they do not have FM radio.wpid-img_20150421_161504.jpg

There was also free wi-fi on the bus. How hard can life be without data on your phone? Well, I survived the first day.