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I’m happy it’s vacay time!

This morning was a depressing wake-up, yes the coffee was made and the aroma was fantastic, then I looked outside. Grey, and rain, and cold, thus a good thing that vacay is coming up so I can get some heat…and rain according to the weather prognosis.

If one should focus on the positives instead, I finally got to wear my mustard colored rain jacket. I absolutely LOVE the color mustard and the jacket, I was longing for it all last year but thought it was too expensive and then came Christmas sales; half price, whoop! whoop! It has just been too cold to wear it until now.

It was Colonel Mustard
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Time for the autumn fur

As it gets colder and darker up here in the north, I have a tendency to change my hair accordingly, especially if the dark and cold come in combination with major changes in my life (it’s surprising how often life tend to change in September or there abouts).

So starting with what I call the bimbo blond;Before

Then moving to the scary part where the dye is in the hair and you don’t have a clue how it will end;During

To the end result when I’m never happy! I had expected more red, so I’ll sleep on it and re-do tomorrow if I’m still not happy;After