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New things

I want to start out with mentioning that not only did I bring coffee from home today, I was also at work at 8:30, so no oversleeping (if you dont count the flagged 6am run, hope the best neighbour on the planet can forgive me).

Walking to work this sunny morning also gave me the positive thought of the day.

However the best part of the day was doing something I never done before, go-carting.

It was organized by the mentor program that I’m involved in so it also meant I could feel young again hanging out with my 14 year old mentee.

If you live in Sweden I highly recommend that you give it a try as it’s real interesting and fun while doing a good deed. You can find more info on http://www.mentor.se, or send me a message and I’ll tell you all about it.

Peace out ma peeps, see you tomorrow!

Life In General · Mentor


Last summer I realized that I have too much spare time, so I signed up for a mentoring program where kids between 13 and 18 are matched with a grown-up (me, hahahha) just to have another grown-up than the family to hang with.

After signing up and attending a course, I was finally matched with an adorable 14-year-old a couple a weeks ago, with a super awesome mum I must say. Anyhow, we had a date this afternoon, so with this mornings debacle I still had to leave work a tad bit earlier than I would like to, hey it was worth it.

Even though I had the car, we ended up walking trough rain to find some proper fika, we did find it tough.


It was a nice chat, we are still both a bit shy and nervous, pretty sure it will get better.

I did have plans for a white month, lets just pretend today was the 28th since when I got back from work, date, grocery shopping, returning the car, I could just kill one of these:


So, because I’m an adult, I enjoyed some before going home trying out a new recipe. Turned out to be one to die for, it’s totally gonna be a part of my repertoire. The only downside is that it’s not completely freezable. Single people like freezable recipes ICA. Damn though this was yum. Green lentil and feta cheese patties with red quinoa mix blended with yellow pepper and cucumber, tomato salad on the side.


Sounds more complicated than it is, and damn that pattie mix is yum!