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It might be the weather 

Another morning when I woke up before the alarm, not as early as yesterday but early enough to consider going for a run.

I think the effects of quitting smoking is diminishing as I opted for staying in bed. It’s nice to just lie in bed and catch up on what’s been going on during the night.

Still, I have to go work. Why not go past the coffee place while I’m walking? No reason why not…mmmm cappuccino.

I don’t really feel that my hair is glimmer or glistening red in the sun either. I didn’t manage to get any good pictures of it though so I might ask one of my colleagues when we are out for lunch.

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Silly me, I thought it would be red

After my chill morning I took a slow walk to work with my left over coffee. Can’t say that the day was filled with fun and joy and when it was time for lunch my poor hormonal, nicotine monster of a booty had burger cravings out of this world. Lucky me my colleagues where willing to oblige me and I got to enjoy a yum yum Surf Shack burger for lunch. img_20160824_121928.jpg

The afternoon continued the same way the day started so I was happy about getting out of work at such time that I could pick up my bike – no longer with a flat tyre, yey.dsc_0146.jpg

Today was to be a day of rest from working out, I mean, the booty is happy with all the running and exercise still it need time off as well.

I wasn’t able to stay at home so I went to the ever so nice Åhlens with their fab opening hours and large selection of things I want but do not need. It’s a good distraction and today I manged to get out of there with only things I needed when I went in, that is a big feat. Then on my way back home, I managed another fantastic feat when I entered the nice little grocery store for a salad dinner and came out of there with salad and beer sticks, only!!!dsc_0151.jpg

With no working out or running, I still felt restless so I figured it was time for the fall fur even if summer is back visiting. And because my hair has grown so much since the last bleach that it’s starting to look bad and I’m so just sick of the bleach. It burns and itches so time for a break.

Here are some before, during and after pictures (and I know I need to practise my selfie skills, I hope you forgive me).20160824_215010.jpgdsc_0156.jpgdsc_0162.jpg

This is what the box looks like, so I kind of thought that the dye would give me a tad bit more towards the reddish side…I guess I was wrong. Or maybe it will shine, shimmer and glisten in red when I walk out in the sun tomorrow, I will check and revert.


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Experiencing new stuff

This Tuesday morning saw me up earlier than normal me time, still not as early as this work have made me over the past few months.

As one of my colleagues where picking me up for an off site visit I made coffee and brekky to go go.


The office is in an area of Malmö that not many people visit too often unless they work there, at least that’s what I believe. There is an amazing view:


And interesting lunch places:


This place was just so random with a strange mix of people, as I understood it there isn’t that many places to choose from if you wanna go out and eat so everyone ends up there.

When you start early, you can leave early so you have time to drop of the bike at the place where a flat tire magically goes non-flat. Should be sorted tomorrow. Not that long ago, a flat tire would’ve been devastating for my day now I just walk. Love the new office.

Dead tired after a long day I longed after my couch. However, I signed up for a Runacademy event sponsored by one of my favourite addictions so I felt the need to go anyhow for more than one reason.

Firstly I signed up with Runacademy for this fall, to keep the running going, so I wanted to try it out. It was fun, though, but fun. It pushed me a little and it was fun to try something new. The time below includes warm up, intervals, standing still while listening to someone giving instructions as well as a bit of running so I’m quite pleased.


Secondly, it was sponsored by Vitamin Well, so I walked out of there with free stuff. In the middle, when all I wanted was to go home I just reminded myself that if I didn’t finish I wouldn’t get the free stuff. Love this shit! (and no, they are still not paying me to say this…)


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It is Monday after all

I have to start with, 500hrs, whoop whoop! Yes, my life revolves around the fact that I quit smoking right now…


I was a good girl and brought leftovers with me to work, Fake fried chicken (it has to be eaten after all the work it took me to sort it out). The past few weeks, I’ve been out eating lunch almost every day, you can follow the lunch chronicles on Insta if interested, and not only does it cost money it gets boring.


My colleagues are starting to return from vacation, so the office isn’t as empty anymore. And with the collegues returning another nice moment of the day is returning as well, Fika. This day my colleague brought some Fika to celebrate his birthday, of course no excuse is really needed.


Then it was time for my now traditional visit to the gym, still with the normal schedule there is time for me to head home from work and I figured I would bike to the office. The bike gods didn’t agree. I think one call it a flat tire…very flat. Walking it is.


And of course, since it is Monday after all and a tradition needs to be upheld:


Ps: any of my fellow wordpressers, do you know if I can set a default size on my photos so I don’t have to sit and resize them all?

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A Sunday not on the couch

Usually I spend my weekends home doing absolutely nothing, now when I’ve had a few of them in a row the urge of doing nothing was less. So when one of my friends asked me if I wanted to check out the potential competition for next Sunday I was on – starting with a coffee stop of course.


The competition looked good, people was selling the same shitty stuff that I’m planning to sell. The things you don’t bring back home if you don’t get them sold, you either sell them or throw them.


Enjoying a little bit of sun, coffee and the company of a smoker (damn it still smells good) made me tired and hungry so home I went for left-over lunch and some old classic Farmville 2.


For the people who have been following the blog over the years, no, it’s not the same farm as back then. I think I’m on my third or fourth one by now as when they get to big they wont load.

I didn’t manage to stay on the couch playing games since my overload of energy generated by a need to smoke, kicked me off it again. First to release a book (read all about it here) and then for a run that didn’t really go as plan. I set out for my 6.4k run, however with the last few runs in the park I’ve been lowering my runspeed – on shorter runs though.

This Sunday the sun was burning and I went out to fast in the start, so when I started to feel like throwing up I slowed down a bit, and then when my head started to spin I turned my Runkeeper off and slowly walked the rest of the bit home. No fun, but I learned my lesson.


I did real well with rehydrating myself with one of my favourite overpriced addictions, Vitamin Well (Vitamin Well, pls contact me privately for bank account no where you can deposit the sponsor money), I just love this stuff. I guess it’s flavoured water with a nice price tag, still yum!

My anger with myself for not completing the full 6.4 (if you start something you are supposed to finish it) was diminished by the dinner that was served when I got back. Mr Grumpy II lit up the BBQ and served a feast. Perfect ending to the weekend.


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Let the books go free

Turns out that I have a fellow book nerd at work. I found out when she started talking about releasing books, and of course I had to know all about it.

As it happens there is a site called BookCrossing, where you register books before releasing them into the wild. After explaining this to me she gave me a little starter kit so I could get going.

I released my first book today and are really looking forward to see what happens to it (the tag below explains that you have found a released book and that you can go to the webpage to registrer it).


I also ordered my own kit from the site, so I can release 25 more books 🙂 Will try to do it on my travels so I manage to get some spread on them.

Anyone else on BookCrossing? Anyone got a fun travel story for one of their books?

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Last day of week 3

Tomorrow week 4 starts, when I’ve gotten through that I’ve been smoke free for a month. For some reason managing a month is like a magic goal for me, not sure why.

It’s also going to be an interesting week as it’s PMS time. A week of the month that’s usually rough to get through and now I need to do it without my beloved nicotine.

If I can manage this week, I can manage the rest of my life, no problem!

So, all I need to do is put my head down and work through it!

Monday: work + yoga
Tuesday: work + test run for the race on saturday
Wednesday: work + activity in the evening with a nonsmoking friend
Thursday: work + no evening plan! need to sort this out **update**favourite Latte Mum wanted to meet up, Thursday worked for her**
Friday: day off work, just because I can + Body Balance
Saturday: 10k race
Sunday: hopefully a flea market

I can do this!