Letter No 35

While we are waiting for a picture of letter no 34, here is letter no 35. This is a little something that I promised Miss Melbourne that I would send to her, now it’s on its way.

Letter for me!

So, even if I have been a tad bit bad at sending letters lately, I still receive some odd ones. This one was from my cousin sending me a thank you card for being at her daughters christening. Have to say that my cousin can be very well-behaved, as there are thank you cards sent…

Letters no 26 to 33

More postcards on the go! It’s really bad of me, but I forgot to take a picture of no 34, and it wasn’t a postcard! Maybe I can get the recipient to send me a pic when it reaches Miami.

Letter No 16 to 25

Oki, so counting postcards from a far away country might be a little bit of cheating. I am sending them with snail mail though, and I am writing them! Here they are anyhow, written, addressed and ready to go!

Another letter for me!

When I came back from my last visit in Gotham, this letter was waiting for me when I got home. It’s a response to one of the letters that I sent to a random person when I did my 30 letters back in November.I know there have been other letters received lately as well that…

Letter for me :)

This came from one of my friends, she makes these cards herself and she is very good at it. If you want to see some of the other things that she has made you can find them here, they are all for sale all you have to do is contact her for more information!