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Student vs Comfort

Draft no 3 in my December challenge of getting them all either published or moved to the trash. This one is related to my student budget experiment earlier this year, I don’t know why it didn’t make it to the blog (it might be because I am admitting to cheating)!

It’s soon time for a long weekend in the summer-house together with the family. Due to different reasons the tickets haven’t been booked and paid for before I started on a student budget so they now have to be included, not so smart. I am assuming that as a student you will pick the cheapest alternative, in this case the bus, I managed to find a ticket that was half of what the train costs. However the bus takes more than twice as long as the train, and I don’t want to waste 14hrs of my 4-day weekend on a bus, so I will cheat. I will use the bus price for my spend (742sek) but still take the train. That is one of the benefits on living on a student budget but not really – it will still put a strain on my spend for the rest of the month.

On another note, this student budget thing is doing wonders for my coffee intake, now when I have to pay for each and every cup of coffee that I drink, I’m starting to opt for hot water rather than a cup of coffee.

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7 things that I will do this week!

Draft number two to make it from the drafts to the actual blog is another 7 things. I wrote this list in April, on the 21st to be more exact, however I think can be applicable for the coming week. I will admit to have changed the times in point 1 and 4 – this due to changed circumstances now compared to April!

Lets try a new format this week, instead of doing 7 things in total for the week, I will split my day into 7 parts.

  1. Get up without snoozing at 8:00 Monday to Friday.
  2. Go for a run, bike ride or do some yoga every morning.
  3. Make a smoothie or have good morning snacks on hand.
  4. Be at work at 10am and work until 3pm.
  5. Do something after work, not going straight home and no alcohol.
  6. Eat dinner, either home-made or in a restaurant/take-away.
  7. Go to bed no later than midnight.

For you that wonder, one of my December challenges is to clear out all the drafts that have piled up since I started the blog.

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7 things to make someone else happy

This is one of the drafts that have been sitting around since the 29th of November 2011, so it is about time that I post it I guess. I had only managed the first five points, which is probably why it never made it on to the blog. How hard can it really be to think out seven things to make people happy?

  1. Give them a hug.
  2. Smile at people you meet on the street.
  3. Bring nice coffee to your co-workers (we all know how the coffee in the machines most offices have, taste).
  4. Leave your friends and co-workers nice messages in places where they will randomly find them at a later time.
  5. If you have friends or family with children, offer to babysit so they can have an evening to themselves.
  6. Buy random presents to your friends when you know they are a bit down (Da Teacher bought me really nice chocolate earlier this week, awesome pick-me-up!).
  7. Let people talk and listen to them, even if you are not the slightest bit interested in what they are saying or have heard it all before. Most important, no judgement!

You have any other good ideas? Thinking that we have a future project here!

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A project for December

Since we are now more than half way through November I have started to think about December, to be exact I think of it every time I see all the drafts here on the blog. Currently there are 37 seven of them, and for December I will either have deleted or completed them, the count for the new year should be 0.

There are also some drafts in my head, the finish of the student project is one, there is at least one Fish n’ Fish post to be written, the rest of my trip to the US and my weekend in Hamburg.

I think that there will have to be no other challenges or projects, I mean there is christmas and stuff as well!