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The one thing that I find most disturbing right now, and make me want to head into politics!

I have changed the rules of this challenge a tad, I know that I said I would do one week of only posting disturbing things, this based on the list of disturbing books I found. What I have realized since then is that disturbing is changeable and totally depending on frame of mind and interests. I mean, I’m totally in to series like Criminal Minds where I more often than not sit and try to figure out how on earth anyone can come up with such disturbing stuff (guess the worst part is that some of it is based on true events!).

However, what is unfolding in Sweden and all over Europe is to me even more disturbing and that is the winds of racism and hate. As the years have passed by I have noticed it more and more, I do get that part of it is related to the way of the finances, if people can’t find jobs etc it is easy to blame those immigrants that come and steal our jobs and women; understanding it doesn’t mean you have to accept it!

Last week something dubbed SDGate pretty much exploded here in Sweden, of course I was on vacation and out of the country as always when something interesting happens at home, and it seriously disturb me! Thus, this will steal the disturbing challenge for November, sorry all of you that expected something completely different.

So what is SDgate? Well, a long, long time ago a party was created here in good old Sweden, I should point out that we are talking about a political party and not a party party even though one could think so. This party was based on the mantra of “Keeping Sweden Swedish” and as I understand it their main thing is to want to kick all non-swedes out of the country (I haven’t actually looked into their definition of Swedish, pretty sure that none of them would really qualify though) and they managed to make it into our government based on these ideas. That I find disturbing!

I got of track there for a moment, I was talking about SDgate. Last week one of our biggest evening papers published a film, recorded by one of the people in this party, and they had been partying, do not belive they were super sober. In video they are firstly messing around with a pretty decent comedians, kindly informing him that this is their Sweden not his! I am amazed that he managed to keep as calm as he did. When they didn’t get the reaction from him that they probably wanted they instead went after an extremely drunk guy that didn’t really know what he was doing, 3 against 1. Remember that this is still being recorded.

A young girl steps in at this point, telling them off, what do they do? They call her a whore!! Remember, these are people who are a part of the people who have something to say on how we are running our country! Disturbing or what?

One would think that the whole thing could end here, as they are walking away and point out that no one is following them since they are scared of them. Here I would say that any normal person that accidentally had a bit of a freak out on too much alcohol, would go home or to the next bar or something, but no, not these guys. They go find some iron pipes so that they can go after the drunk guy again! The one too drunk to know what he was doing! They are still defending themselves, according to themselves…when they admit to remembering anything related to this evening – they all seem to suffer from amnesia in relation to it.

It all sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you if anyone in the party you voted for behaved like this, take a step back and think about what is going on? I sure hope that some people have, unfortunately it seems like these guys followers are still taking their side. The film, recorded by one of their own, must be part of a big conspiracy to make the party, Sverige Demokraterna (Swedish Democrats – allow me to laugh, someone must have missed the class in school regarding democracy) suffer and make them look bad!

This guys, are to me extremely disturbing and I am seriously considering finding me a party of my own to join so I can actively work against this. I can sit here on my couch and write my blog bitching about how I can not accept this behavior in my country, or I can do something about it. As it seem that I will be having some free time on my hands I feel like I want to do something about it!

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I have a problem

One of my November challenges are based on “Disturbing”, and I have thought plenty on the topic. Googleing the definition of the word;

disturbing present participle of dis·turb (Verb)
Interfere with the normal arrangement or functioning of.
Destroy the sleep or relaxation of.

It’s the word normal that bugs me a little bit, my normality is different from others, good and bad. So how do I decide what is disturbing, I mean I already know that destroying someones sleep is disturbing, just not the kind of disturbing I meant.

My second Google search was for images based on the word disturbing…oh dear! The definitions are just so many and so different, I set myself up for a though one this time.

What do you find disturbing?

disturbingpresent participle of dis·turb (Verb)

  1. Interfere with the normal arrangement or functioning of.
  2. Destroy the sleep or relaxation of.
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So I have found a project for November! One of my most popular posts has been the one about disturbing books, and to be serious what I did was to link to a post of top ten disturbing books that I added to my books to read list. Thus in November, I will have one week posting only about disturbing things – looking forward to seeing you then!