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Miss T’s challenge

As you can see, Carolina is now down to one more drinking day, and we are today at the turning point of the month. What do you think, will she make it? I would say we have been doing very well so far, but lets see how it continues. I took my first day drinking on day 2, cause we had a team event that i really could not decline, nor wanted to sip water on. The second one was a mistake, i went with a colleague for her birthday to have a glass of wine or two, but ended up drinking half a glass before she had to go and i went home, what a waste!! So, with that, i have two to go and feel pretty confident it will be a success, don’t have any big parties or other events coming up so.

Yesterday Carolina came with the idea of next month stop drinking coffee… that’s even worse!! Maybe i should give her a challenge of a number of exercises a week or running events with me or something? Ideas welcome!

xxx / Miss T

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It was one of those Fridays one just needed a beer.

This Friday past, me and one of my colleagues went for a beer after work then another colleague showed up and then another two. As I have a limited opportunities this month to consume alcohol I figured I would just make the most of it. I was still on my way home in time for attending the dinner I agreed to go to that night. However due to a very sleepless week, I was just too tired (I’m so, so, so, sorry Vincent for not showing up) and went home instead. Well I did go past the grocery store in order to purchase some food and ended up with more than a kilo candy – that I’m still working on finishing of.

Now there is only one more time left for alcohol in the month of October in order for me to stick to the challenge.image

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An evening with mother dearest

When I found out that my mother was coming down for the weekend, I started to look into what fun was going on in Malmö for the weekend, and realized that Evita was playing at the Malmö Opera. Unfortunately the tickets were sold out and the only way to get your hands on a pair of them was to show up an hour before the show started and write your name on a list, so we did. To endure the exciting wait to see if the nine people who got to the list before us (two of which actually arrived after us, but sneaked ahead in the line) we sat down with a lovely glass of wine and some snacks (thus this is day no 2 of alcohol, only two to go that I’m saving for the trip to Paris that I hope will happen in a couple of weeks).

After an hour of waiting everyone in front of us waiting for tickets had gotten some, then the show started and we had to realize that even if our names were first on the dreaded list, we were not to get any tickets at all. For a few minutes we allowed ourselves to be a tad annoyed with the people who cut the line, if they wouldn’t have done that or if we had told them of it would have been us enjoying the show rather than them. However, since there is no point in dwelling in the past we decided to just go for dinner and also allow me to take a bit more advantage of my day with alcohol, kind of silly to waste a whole day on one glass of wine.

For several years, my sister lived in Malmö rather than me and when my dad would come down to visit they went for dinner to Mando a steakhouse that sell steak on a plank and keep count of how many they have sold to date. Mother and I have spoken more than once about going there to eat and see what it is all about, so this evening we did, and it was so worth it.

We choose the small version and that was plenty for small people like us! And the food was absolutely amazing, if you ever pass through Malmö I definitely recommend a visit! With the food we ordered a small bottle of red Rioja wine that was really nice to. All in all, a really lovely evening to end a really lovely day.

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Lesson learned

I’m gonna give you all a good laugh now, I mean I can’t only share the good times here on the blog I need to share the other stuff as well.

Tonight I did something that we call a Michael, mainly because once upon a time he did it every now and then, he doesn’t anymore because he met a lady and that got him to start behaving.

Anyhow, today after work (that was a pretty good day at work by the way and I’m looking forward to tomorrow) I met up with some friends after work for some of these;

I didn’t have that many and I did time the train home so I would make it in time before the grocery store closed in order to buy me some nice dinner food. Sound good, doesn’t it? Well, I forgot about the jet lag!

I remember the train stopping at the station named Tårnby, that is the station before he airport in Copenhagen, after that it’s two stops in Sweden and then the Malmö Central station. Since this morning I had to pass by the library to return some books before going to work my bike was even parked at the station before Malmö C.

Anyhow, somewhere between Tårnby and Copenhagen airport I fell asleep, I didn’t even see it coming, if I do I set my phone alarm to make sure I wake up in time, today I didn’t!

When I woke up I didn’t recognize the name of the station, and as I wasn’t really awake yet – seriously confused. However my brain told me to get of the train, good thing I did. I was at this point three stops after Malmö Central and four after the station I needed to get off. Even though it is only twenty minutes on the train, I had to wait 40 minutes for a return train, tired and cold, needless to say the grocery store wasn’t open when I got home so I had to stop by one of the burger places to score some food.

Lesson learned, don’t mix beer and jet lag!

Additionally, in the name of justifying money spent, about DKK 200 on beer hanging out with my friends and getting some quality time. Then we have SEK 50 for the train trip back, not that hard I just had to get home, last but not least SEK 81 on food at Max (do I even have to try to justify eating?). Any objections?

Another addition, this was the first out of four nights with alcohol consumption in the month of October, for you that are keeping track!

As to the impact on the environment, I need to check on Carlsberg’s environmental policies before I know on that part. Trains are good enough and Max CO compensate for their carbon footprint, so I picked the right fastfood.

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Miss T’s challenge

This is a guest blog entrance from Miss T, home sick feeling sorry for myself and watching the updated version of Titanic. Isnt it fabulus how they have a few Swedish guys playing poker with Leo and his buddy, but no one in Sweden speaks the Swedish they do, its Americans speaking Swedish. In a great, expensive movie like that, they should have been able to dig out a couple of real Sweds.

Anyway… I was here to talk about the challenge. I am a real red-wine drinker. I basically dont drink alcohol if its not red wine, which is good, but i love my red wine, which is not so good. I love to enjoy one or two glasses every now and then, for example wity my dear Carolina on numberous occasions on Lilla Torg or Vapiano. And with that, add business dinners and other events, and all of the sudden there is a few glasses each week.

Knowing that Carolina is always game, i asked her if she wanted to try out a month without drinking – what we in sweden calls a White Month – and accepted without hesitation. However, as she pointed out herself, i am not “totally heartless” so I have us (probably myself more than her) 4 opportunities to drink during October. we can pick the times oursleves, so it might be that we spoil them the first week. So far its going good but again, its only the 2nd yet so 🙂

When we suceed (no haters) we will reward ourselves with a fine price. I imagine a nice spa treatment that is yet overdue, or a good dinner out.

So you blog readers, please help me keep and eye on good Carolina to make sure there is no cheating involved. In the meantime, ill keep an eye on myself regarding same 🙂

And… if Carolina reads this, a certain Miss T certainly doesnt mind if you wish to try your excellent cooking skills in my kitchen any time soon 🙂

with love

Miss T

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A challenge raised by Miss T

I think that in increase in alcohol consumption during the summer is quite common here in the Scandinavian countries, and as autumn falls upon us it is time to cut down again. The evenings are getting darker and we are more prone to sitting at home on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket than going out with friends for a drink.

Today Miss T raised a challenge and I told her there will be blogging about it, not much happens in my life without going on the blog, I’ll try to get her to do some guest-blogging as well. Anyhow, this is related to October and our alcohol consumption during that month, or the lack of thereof. She is not completely heartless, we get four occasions where alcohol may be consumed, four! And we get to pick them ourselves, great isn’t it.

Since I rarely turn a challenge down of course I agreed, so as of October 1st no alcohol is back on, and by November if we managed it we get a reward still to be agreed on. You have any good ideas on what? And of course anyone that wants to join may, and are more than welcome to guest blog about the experience.