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Spending whit care, how did that go?

One of my October challenges was to spend with care, looking back now I’m not sure that it went that well, I managed to spend a lot. However I would say that some of the purchases were perfectly valid such as vacation trip to the US, a weekend trip to Hamburg and plane tickets for a trip to Norway later this year. I was so in need of vacation and it was also on the list of things to do for 2012.

I also bought some more furniture for my home, true I could have waited for a month to keep them out of the October shopping still I’m a very impulsive person and have a tendency to just do things. The kitchen table haven’t been assembled yet since I need to move the old one first, once it’s up I will get some pictures on here and you can see what I mean.

I did also buy some clothes, most of it in the US. I was on vacation and it was cheap, and it wasn’t H&M, all but one post on my vacation trip there is still waiting for me to post them together with some other ones on what I have been up to this year – something about there only being 24hr in a day and sleep is required as well.

I have thought twice before purchasing some things during the month and I don’t think that will change, as giving a thought to the environment, the rest of the world and what you really need before buying it does keep you back. My decision to stop shopping at H&M for now also make a difference as plenty of my stupid impulsive shopping is taking place there.

Well, I think I might try it again down the road, however Christmas is coming up and this year it’s what we call a BIG Christmas, when the whole (and I mean the whole) family meet up at my mother’s place. Christmas presents are a must! Purchased with care of course.

I almost forgot, during the month of October I became a collector of Starbucks mugs, so I might have gotten a few of those as well…oops!

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At least it’s not clothes!

This afternoon I just went to the shop to look for some hooks, the kitchen wall need them as I’m doing some decoration, however I didn’t find any! What I did find was some envelopes in preparation for one of my November challenges, a new magazine about books and reading and a bag. In defense of the bag, I don’t have one in that color or size before, and you know what they say; One can never have too many bags!

I almost forgot the glass jar, it’s for some sand that accidentally came home with me from Miami, I just have to find it – it should be somewhere here in the apartment.

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An afternoon in IKEA

What better to do than go to IKEA on a rainy Sunday afternoon, not much according to half of Malmö, it was absolutely packed there today. I still managed to purchase a few things – only things I really needed though. Just to prove it to you here are some before and after pictures;

I also found new kitchen table, I needed to go home and measure before I bought it, and as I also wanted to buy some dressers for more storage place in my hallway so to save me the hassle to drag it home I just ordered both the kitchen table and the drawers online;


Unfortunately IKEA aren’t very efficient when it comes to deliveries so I have to wait for a week and a half before I get it, positive thought regarding that is that it gives me time to get rid of the kitchen table I already have.

After a though day at IKEA we had a well deserved coffee at Starbucks, where Miss T made me buy the Malmö Starbucks mug…she made me do it!!

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The things I didn’t buy

As I mentioned in the previous post, my mother was visiting this weekend. It was really nice of her to come down on such short notice because I wanted to celebrate her birthday. It was on Tuesday, and since I came back from the US on Monday I wasn’t in the ‘travelling to Gotham City’ mood for this weekend and asked if she wanted to come here instead, and she did.

Saturday was spent on the walking street here in Malmö, where you find plenty of nice stores as well as plenty of nice things. These are some of the items that I resisted to purchase, mostly as they are a bit outside my price level (if any of you know where I can find cheaper versions please let me know where).





Oh, you are still here. Nice stuff, right? Ok, I admit that I might have spent a little bit of money, it is hard to walk in and out of stores filled with nice things for a whole day without purchasing anything at all, here goes with justifications (you can laugh as much as you want!);

The book and leggings are pretty easy, one always need something to read and this one seemed pretty good and a bit unusual, the leggings are for wearing with the new dress I bought in the US (before October started, post should be posted soon). The magazine is pretty easy too, it’s called “We are reading” and is all about books and authors which happens to be one of my favorite topics.

Regarding the shoes, not sure I really need them, I don’t have any looking just like them, that’s for sure. I also heard that I’m a woman and women should have shoes for each and every possible happening and outfit there is, right?

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Oops I did it again!

I need to look into 7/11 view on being nice to the environment and hope it is a good one. It seem to be pretty much impossible for me to makey own coffee in the mornings.  I’m not sure but it might have something to do with the cute boys working there.


As a single girl in her best years I believe that cute boys are justification enough for spending SEK 29 on a cappuccino this morning, what say ye?

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Lesson learned

I’m gonna give you all a good laugh now, I mean I can’t only share the good times here on the blog I need to share the other stuff as well.

Tonight I did something that we call a Michael, mainly because once upon a time he did it every now and then, he doesn’t anymore because he met a lady and that got him to start behaving.

Anyhow, today after work (that was a pretty good day at work by the way and I’m looking forward to tomorrow) I met up with some friends after work for some of these;

I didn’t have that many and I did time the train home so I would make it in time before the grocery store closed in order to buy me some nice dinner food. Sound good, doesn’t it? Well, I forgot about the jet lag!

I remember the train stopping at the station named Tårnby, that is the station before he airport in Copenhagen, after that it’s two stops in Sweden and then the Malmö Central station. Since this morning I had to pass by the library to return some books before going to work my bike was even parked at the station before Malmö C.

Anyhow, somewhere between Tårnby and Copenhagen airport I fell asleep, I didn’t even see it coming, if I do I set my phone alarm to make sure I wake up in time, today I didn’t!

When I woke up I didn’t recognize the name of the station, and as I wasn’t really awake yet – seriously confused. However my brain told me to get of the train, good thing I did. I was at this point three stops after Malmö Central and four after the station I needed to get off. Even though it is only twenty minutes on the train, I had to wait 40 minutes for a return train, tired and cold, needless to say the grocery store wasn’t open when I got home so I had to stop by one of the burger places to score some food.

Lesson learned, don’t mix beer and jet lag!

Additionally, in the name of justifying money spent, about DKK 200 on beer hanging out with my friends and getting some quality time. Then we have SEK 50 for the train trip back, not that hard I just had to get home, last but not least SEK 81 on food at Max (do I even have to try to justify eating?). Any objections?

Another addition, this was the first out of four nights with alcohol consumption in the month of October, for you that are keeping track!

As to the impact on the environment, I need to check on Carlsberg’s environmental policies before I know on that part. Trains are good enough and Max CO compensate for their carbon footprint, so I picked the right fastfood.

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29 Swedish krona and worth every penny

I spent money this morning and according to myself I have to justify it, here goes;

First day back from vacation, had barely no sleep at all due to jetlag, late for work, come to mama baby!


Sorry environment about the paper cup, I should have brought a thermo mug from home!