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Stuff and their impact on the environment

I like stuff, I like therapy shopping, you always feel better when you come home with something new. May it be a new laundry bin, notebook, pair of pants or an iPad (not yet on the last one). As I’m sitting on a plane somewhere between Charlotte and Atlanta I realize that I didn’t shop as much as expected during my stay in Charlotte (that also means that two things that my friends put on the wish list for shopping haven’t been purchased, sorry for that). I also realize that it’s oki because I don’t really need anything, well reaching Miami I might need a pair of shorts or a skirt but that’s because I forgot to pack them before I left hom, go figure! How can one forget to pack that when you are going to Miami?

It’s also this iPad thingy. I was under the impression that iPads were cheaper in the big Americas compared to home, and thus decided to purchase one on this trip. Doing some research before hitting the store I had something to compare with and realized that the difference was minimal, so why go through the trouble of getting one whilst on vacation when I might as well when it at home?

That brings me to the stuff! I’m sitting on a plane right now, writing this in my (very nice looking) notebook using a very real pen, and thinking;

Do I really need an iPad? I me an, I have a smartphone (that might not be that smart), I have a laptop at home and one at work and sometimes they are both at home. So what do I need an iPad for?

That brought me to think about all my other stuff that I have at home. I’m probably what you can call a hoarded (not as bad as the ones you see on tv)and I have a lot of stuff, one way or another I always manage to find more things that I just have to have.

And now I want to point out that we are starting our decent towards Atlanta so if this was an iPad/pc/phone, I would have had to turn it of and take a break in my ramblings, however since it is old-fashioned pen and paper I can keep writing! Now we’re was I?

That brings me to think about my attempts to be nicer to the environment. Being a consumer of unnecessary things is not being nice to the environment, thus I need to cut down on the same. Here I figure that I can kill two birds with one stone, I.e. cut down on my compulsive shopping as well as being nicer to the environment.

So, I know I already have one challenge for October, I’ll still give myself another one. Everything I purchase in October shall have supporting documents justifying the need for the same.

This should do wonders both for me, my budget and the environment!

(Btw this post was written on an Ipad)