Soup on a Nail

I’m home sick again, unbelievable! Even sick people have to eat though, unfortunately I have been a bit lazy with the shopping lately (based on previous doses of being home sick) so I had to rummage through my kitchen to see what I could find. The result was a fairly creamy potato soup that is…

Meat Free Monday No 8 – Lunch

The super exciting lunch served in the company canteen today, for us that doesn’t eat meat. The red curry soup tasted better than it looks, and the rest wasn’t that great. As it now is 10:20pm I will admit that my dinner was carrots and dip, so don’t expect some fancy dinner update.

Meat Free Monday No 7 – Lunch

See, I did remember that today is Monday and no meat day! What I didn’t remember was to bring my phone with me to the canteen so I couldn’t take a picture of my tomato soup and salad lunch. I promise there was no meat in it, and I have two witnesses – now back…

Meat Free Monday No 6 – Lunch

As well all know, today is Monday – yesterday was Tuesday. Vegetarian lunch wasn’t that bad at work today, noodles with veggies in and some cottage cheese, pepper and cabbage. I’m already hungry again though, should have made myself an afternoon sandwich. Any good ideas on what to have for dinner tonight?

Tomato Soup

For this weeks meat free dinner I made a tomato soup with garlic soup, the inspiration for the soup come from a site that one of my loyal readers tipped me about when I made the announcement of meat free Mondays, 101 Cookbooks. It was very easy to make and there are not that many…