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I think it’s time to give up on Tod

I still haven’t heard a word from Tod, I doubt that I will! I will pack these posts away to the archive and realize that the people of Denmark/Sweden are not what I expected. It’s disappointing that he didn’t get to go on his travels, nothing I can do about it though!

Well, when I finished cleaning my apartment, there might be a stuffed animal or two too many, I might just give it a second try, then, for now it really is Bye Bye Tod!

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It has been a week!

It is almost a whole week since I left Tod on the train and there hasn’t been any word from him. I really hope that if someone decided to keep him to them selves, that it is because they couldn’t afford to buy their child a stuffed animal of their own!

wantedposterIt was a fun idea, and who knows maybe there will be word from him! Since I left him on the train going north in Denmark, I assume that if he is still alive he is residing there somewhere. So if you live in Denmark you are more than welcome to ask your friends about him. It would be nice to at least know that he has a good home if he now aren’t going traveling at all.

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Bye, bye, Tod!

Today is the day! Tod will start his travels! I have to say it’s a bit hard to see him go, who knows if I might see him again.

On our way to the train;


Outside the trainstation;


At the station;


He found a seat;


Tod, last seen at Nørreport station in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 8th of December – I hope he gets good travels!

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I want to go on an adventure!

However it is not in the books for me right now, so I will send a substitute instead – meet Tod!

TodAround his neck he will have the following note asking strangers for help so that he can travel the world;

The NoteI will leave him on the train the next time I go on one and then we’ll see what happens, I am aware that this might be the last time we hear or see from Tod. I do believe in the goodness of people in the world, and how could you resist those puppy eyes?

You think he will travel the world? I hope so!