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#6 2018 An eve with Miss Legal

Sadly enough the little swedes lost last against Canada last night, not unexpected but they played so well it was a bit sad.

For me it meant heading to bed around 4:30am and waking up at noon today. Mr Grumpy II came over for some coffee not long after interrupting an afternoon date with Candy Crush Soda…tough I know.


When you have evening plans on a Saturday, you are allowed to do nothing the whole (!) day though and I did! Earlier this week I invited myself to dinner at Miss Legal’s where I know there are always good food and a cuddle.


Thing is, I was expecting a cuddle with her lovely daughter, instead I god to hang with these cute kittens as I was invited after bedtime…fail!


Still, a pretty perfect Saturday eve as I now find myself back on the couch and Candy Crush Soda, trying to get this post posted before midnight to not ruin my one a day post…three minutes to go and I still need to add the pictures!!


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All spa’ed out…

Yesterday morning started with the intention of morning yoga, it was too nice to turn of the alarm and go back to sleep so instead it started with a hotel brekkie in a nice setting.


Then we hit the saunas and pools before I had my hot stone massage, a fantastic invention (as long as it’s not done in Thailand that is, a painful experience I tell you).

After the massage I walked around a bit and took some pictures for you guys…

Before leaving the Spa we enjoyed a salad (felt like the healthy option after all the saunas).

Then of course we were early to the train station, it’s either that or last-minute, so mother dearest was kind enough to have a cup of coffee with me while waiting.

For someone who spend so much time on trains as I do, it’s easy to sit down, put the music on and get your head into a book or computer. Sometimes it’s good to look up and out to be reminded of what a beautiful country I live in (the window of the train was kind of dirty though).

I had ideas about what to do when I got home, instead I hit the couch and pretty much stayed there all afternoon and evening…thus this post is written today rather than yesterday.

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Did anyone say food?

Me and mother dearest are having a little spa getaway at Hotel Tylösand, a fantastic place – unless you get a room far far away in an old building. We promptly had them change our room to a nicer fancier room before starting our chill with bubbles and fruit.

Then it was time for Christmas buffet all fancy so for the second time this week I put on a dress and fancy shoes…

Then we ate;

Ate some more…

And more…

Before it was time for dessert;

Not sure where it all went since I’m pretty sure all that doesn’t fit in my tummy!

As food coma hit together with being a tad bit hungover from last night, finishing the eve in bed watching Musikhjälpen (mean Music help, a yearly charity event here in Sweden) sipping bubbles.

Pretty decent Friday nite 🙂

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Lunch on the go

Me and Mrs Pink (formerly known as Lady Pink) are back working at the same place, and the only reason that I recommended her to start working here was so that we can go for Pedis together.IMG_20171213_110845.jpg

In between the last time we were working together and now, at least we lived in the same city and then she grew up and moved away, so I had to figure out a way to get her to town…

So today we snuck out for a quick pedi during our lunch break.


Then there was kebab lunch while walking back to the office.


One could have worse lunch breaks…

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My secret project 

A while back I mentioned a secret project that made me get up super early in the mornings. It also gave me problems when another car ran straight into the back of the car I was sitting in. Truth be told, I was driving that car because I’ve been practicing for my drivers test and this morning I passed!! 

I’m now the proud holder of a driver’s license, it only took me until I was 36 and a half.

My fantastic collegue also thought that I should have some cars.

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A Saturday without plans 

Passed out on the couch last night and woke up early this morning. No offense to Mr Grumpy II, however his couch isn’t as nice to spend a whole Saturday on as mine so I left. Starting with breakfast, something I heard is the most important meal of the day.

I then realized how expensive my life would be if I didn’t fill it with things to do, as I did some almost shopping (good thing I didn’t as I found discount coupons in the mail when home later in the day, so might do actual shopping tomorrow). 

After not shopping for a little while longer I sat down with a coffee and a book.

The book is so good and the chair was so comfortable that three hours later I was still sitting there. The tummy started to make funny noices, seemingly wanting more food even though it got breakfast. After a lame attempt to find dinner companions I decided to just go by myself. That way I could keep reading my book. 

After checking out my kitchen (soon done then you’ll get to see it) I ended up where one always seem to end up, on the corner.

Sitting here, I’m now trying to make up my mind; the movies and Bridget Jones baby or via the grocery store and pig out on the couch.

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Sushi night with Latte Mum

One of my favorite time of the month is my sushi nights with Latte Mum. She has no problem putting up with my constant jabbering about how much it is right now. It’s always too much because I always manage to plan it that way…

This time it was Lund and a new place to try. We where first as usual (that’s what happens when you meet for dinner at 5) and thus rather good service.

By the time I gulped down the rather strange miso soup and a couple of tastes of the wine my shoulders came down a little bit. And after polishing of this plate of salmon goodness I was cool and relaxed.

Everyone should have their own Latte Mum, she’s magic for my mood 🙂 now I’m ready for a relaxing weekend without any musts.