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#6 2018 An eve with Miss Legal

Sadly enough the little swedes lost last against Canada last night, not unexpected but they played so well it was a bit sad.

For me it meant heading to bed around 4:30am and waking up at noon today. Mr Grumpy II came over for some coffee not long after interrupting an afternoon date with Candy Crush Soda…tough I know.


When you have evening plans on a Saturday, you are allowed to do nothing the whole (!) day though and I did! Earlier this week I invited myself to dinner at Miss Legal’s where I know there are always good food and a cuddle.


Thing is, I was expecting a cuddle with her lovely daughter, instead I god to hang with these cute kittens as I was invited after bedtime…fail!


Still, a pretty perfect Saturday eve as I now find myself back on the couch and Candy Crush Soda, trying to get this post posted before midnight to not ruin my one a day post…three minutes to go and I still need to add the pictures!!


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Sushi night with Latte Mum

One of my favorite time of the month is my sushi nights with Latte Mum. She has no problem putting up with my constant jabbering about how much it is right now. It’s always too much because I always manage to plan it that way…

This time it was Lund and a new place to try. We where first as usual (that’s what happens when you meet for dinner at 5) and thus rather good service.

By the time I gulped down the rather strange miso soup and a couple of tastes of the wine my shoulders came down a little bit. And after polishing of this plate of salmon goodness I was cool and relaxed.

Everyone should have their own Latte Mum, she’s magic for my mood 🙂 now I’m ready for a relaxing weekend without any musts.

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It amazes me that my friends think they can get away with pretty much anything, like getting married on the other side of the planet without my involvement what so ever, I don’t think anyone managed that and Miss Paraguay realised the same yesterday.

She’s leaving next weekend, and thought she was safe over there in Denmark with a long bridge and a passport control between us, boy was she wrong. It wasn’t easy though.

If you think that I’m a busy bee, you should see my friends, and their friends. So finding a day that me (because it’s all about me) and any of her other friends could make it wasn’t easy. Then people go get babies and stuff, which doesn’t help dragging them out of their homes.

Lucky me, Miss Who The Hell is Marianne, was keen any day and have the right evil streak to kidnap someone and drive them, like a little Syrian refugee, over the bridge. She almost made me cry of laughter when live tweeting Miss Paraguay’s reaction while being kidnapped, things like “I’m not very pleased right now” and yelling out her future husbands name. Also making her pack something pink, something I’m amazed she managed to find – didn’t think she owned anything that wasn’t black.

At least she was kidnapped in the coolest car ever;


We tried to start the day with lunch however, 11:30 in the morning seem to be too early for eating on a Saturday so we went shopping and was allowed to dress the bride to be up a little bit, our little angel and her devils.


Of course we needed a little bit of bubbly in celebration of the coming nuptials, and also that we manged to get together for a whole saturday.


One of the main reasons for being in Malmö was so that the new mothers could join and one came for lunchwine, we couldn’t help but pimp the stroller.


You can tell that we don’t meet up that often as we sat for lunch for quite some time, and quite some wine according to the check. However, there where more babies to meet so after a trip to H&M’s babysection and Espresso house for coffees we met up with dear Lady T for a walk around the water.



And then more baby time. Loads of pictures taken, they all contain babies though so I’m not sharing with you people. We did manage to finish her wine though, she doesn’t need it anyhow, right…new mommies don’t drink…

I was a bit worried about us running out of things to do, and I had plans like the aquarium and an exhibition about patterns, never should’ve worried. When we had finished Lady T’s wine it was time for dinner.

I had made reservations at one of my favorite places in Malmö, with fantastic food and great service, La Roche Wine and Tapas. And I was happy to see that the guest of honor and Miss Who The Hell is Marianne seemed to love the food as much as I do…and the Sangria.


It also appears that Malmö is fairly good at Virgin Mojitos (Miss WTHIM was driving so no alcohol for her) and that’s a good thing to know for future reference.

Before sending the girls on their way we of course had to stop by my corner for a beer and virgin mojito. At this point Miss Paraguay is also carrying around her Led balloons, I think they look like nipples…it might just be me though.


A fantabolous day with my fantabolus girls, I was very happy to have a short bike home and being able to go straight to bed (at 11pm on a Saturday) because I was completely worn out.

Peace out ma peeps.


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BBQ with the old gang

Facebook is a pretty amazing thing, all of a sudden there is an invite for a BBQ over in Copenhagen with the old crowd. How can I turn that invite down? Well, first I had to rearrange the arrival of mother dearest, I did invite her to come along however she opted for arriving a day later instead.

As the BBQ was on my first day of vacation, I was a bit late arriving but as the boys had had some trouble getting the fires started it wasn’t a problem. Both the train gods and the weather gods seemed in a good mood, so I arrived without hassle to blue skies.

I was a bit bad at taking pictures, or most of the pictures I took aren’t appropriate to share here. I spent the most of the time just chatting away with people I haven’t seen in ages. Apparently I haven’t seen some of them in two years!!

The BBQ ended with some fireworks, not that dark outside as there where children that needed to go home and sleep so you can’t wait until the Scandinavian summer skies are dark. Strange how many little people are now taking part of these get-together’s, times are a changing.
DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0753 DSC_0758 DSC_0761

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The birthday celebration of Miss Legal

Some people, like me, love their birthday and work as hard as possible to celebrate it as many times as possible during Birthday Season, other people like to pretend their birthdays doesn’t exist. I managed to lure Miss Legal into some pretty decent celebrations in the past, this year she invited me all by herself. Thus, there was a pressie and flowers (you have to go all in to make everyone like Birthday Season as much as yourself) together with a pre-drink.DSC_0714

We then moved on to an absolutely fantastic restaurant called Lima 78 that has recently opened here in Malmö. It’s a place that I totally want to go back to, and I will get to do so as the next book circle session is planned for there.

We started with a Ceviche clásico starter to die for, I could totally see myself go back and have that as a snack only, yum.DSC_0719My main was a Lomo saltado and apparently in Peru they eat both potatoes and rice with their dishes, needs some getting used to I think, still another yum serving of food.DSC_0721Good service, nice food and a decent location – if you are ever in Malmö I suggest you stop by. We finished the evening with the Me and Miss Legal trademark, Pink Drinks (before heading home at 10pm crashing straight into bed, I think I’m getting old).DSC_0722

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Friday dinner

On my way home from work I stopped by the grocery store to get everything you need for a lazy weekend on the couch, ensuring I could head home to my couch not having to leave it for the rest of the weekend.


However, one of my friends texted and wondered if I was up for some Surf shack, and since they got awesome food and doesn’t require too long of a walk, I did leave the couch for a short while. It was worth it though;


And it was a good time to use my new shoes that I picked up in last week’s crazy shopping spree.


Sooper nice!

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Feeding me

I find it endearing when someone ask about my Friday morning plans and when learning that I’m available (friends over work when possible) suggest that we meet-up to get some breakfast in me. I’m not a breakfast person but their is no way I’m turning down a date with my favorite Latte Mum if I can help it.


We met up at the Malmö Centralstation that house a nice food court and sat down for OJ and sandwich.


We also noticed some new details in the station, and pretty nice piece of art I’ll say;


As spring is trying to intrude on the harsh Swedish winter we decided to enjoy the sun before it leaves us again and walked the 30 minutes to work rather than the bike, perfect start to this wonderful Friday.