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Because I love crying at work

Today has been the worst day since I quit smoking, I was just not able to quit crying all morning, and I don’t think the fact it is my grandfathers birthday helps either, since I can’t celebrate him in person. I try to keep the spirit up, this morning by trying a new type of coffee while walking to work. Something they call coldbrew, which is coffee brewed with cold water over night. Tasted ok-ish.


I did try for the “walk around the block” thing, didn’t really help other than the fact that it was nice to go outside- A couple of my colleagues did their best of cheering me up during quite a heavy lunch with coffee dessert.

Didn’t help that I much, the tears wouldn’t stop and at two I gave up and headed home. I’m quite grateful right now that I have flexible working hours that enables me to sneak home so I could go for a run just like that. A benefit not to be underestimated.


After the run, I did feel a little better and after working from the couch for a bit I then headed out for a date night with the sister. Fantastic!

Starting with early dinner at Pinchos before some therapy shopping (I know I said I would cut down on that kind of shopping, I think that quitting smoking allows for an exception) and then onwards to the movies. Suicide Squad – the perfect distraction.

My sister has now left me, I have turned of the TV (an hour before planned bedtime, as per an attempt to cleaner living) and I’m updating the blog waiting for the craving to pass. Once that has happened, I can hang some laundry and cuddle down in bed with a book…hoping that day five will be a better day because today really sucks.

Even though there was no crying while hanging with the sister, it’s right there waiting to get started again. I’m completely bloated, it feels like my tummy’s gonna explode of all the gases – instead they sneak out at will (so you probably don’t wanna hang out with me right now), my throat hurt. Basically, I generally feel like shit!

Quit smoking they say, you will feel better.

Quit smoking they say, you will save money.

Yeah, right!!!!

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It’s nice to be home

Or what do I know? I managed to stay home for one and a half day before it was time to get on a train again. This time for the yearly tradition of celebrating easter in the summer house with mother dearest. So on the Friday I woke up to a differnt kind of breakfast.


After a visit to the grandparents grave we stopped at our, now traditional, truckers stop for some food. I enjoyed myself a real nice shrimp sandwich.


This on our way to the city where we went to see the absolutely amazing movie Zootropolis. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must! And no, you don’t need to have small kids to go. It was nice with some good laughs.


Total quality time with the mother!

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All da single ladies

I had the best date ever this Valentine, with mother dearest 🙂 beat that if you can!!!
It was us and every single teenage girl in Malmö that sat down for good laughs delivered to us by How to be single.


Of you need to laugh, go see it!

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Movie of the week

Me and mother finished the weekend at the movies, the choice fell on The Revenant to see what the fuss is all about.


It’s a brutal movie, and it’s long. Longer than need to be I think, and a tad bit more violent than needed. And a big warning, go to the bathroom before the movie and don’t drink too much during the movie, as there’s a lot of running water during the 2:36h that the movie is on for.

Leo is amazing though, he does deserve that little Oscar man, and hope that he get it so he can go be back to being good looking, charming Leo!!

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Movie of the Week – The second best exotic Marigold Hotel

Around Christmas, I think it was, me and mother dearest went to the movies and saw the trailer for The second best exotic Marigold Hotel. In Sweden it’s plainly called Hotel Marigold 2, so we figured it was a sequel. Since then my mother has managed to see the first one, I haven’t, still, we decided to go see it and boy am I glad we did.


There’s loads of laughing, some little tears in the corner of you eye and total feel good, all in one movie. I will make an effort to try and see the first one, I also hope they make a third one as I’m dying to know what will happen with all the characters. If you haven’t seen them, I can at least recommend the second one, you won’t regret it.

It wasn’t an empty cinema this time, it was quite packed actually, I however thought it wouldn’t matter as it was full of grown-ups rather than annoying little brats. I was wrong, the lady next to me babbled pretty much the whole movie through. Really people?!?!

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Movie of the Week – Insurgent

On my flight to the US last year I ended up watching a so-so good movie called Divergent. When I arrived in the US I borrowed all the books in the series as e-books and flicked through them. Neither the movie nor the books were that great to be honest. However, the guy playing the male lead is damn hot in my opinion. So, when the second movie reached the theatres here in Sweden I just had to spend some of those movie gift certificates that I got for Christmas, to get me some drooling time.


At first I thought I would have the whole theatre to myself, and was very disappointed when right when the movie started some more people arrived. I got even more disappointed when it turned out that some of the latecomers had no clue as to how you behave in public.


If you want to spend a couple of hours chatting with your friends, you can do that at home, at a café or even a bar maybe. Do not do it while sitting behind me, when I want some quality time with Theo James. Trust me, I told them of. Nicely the first time, less nice the second time – it did shut them up though!

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Movies of the week – an American and a swede

For someone that has barely been to the movies this year, two in one has been real nice. The first one was Hunger games, with the excellent company of my brother-in-law. Why you might ask yourself! Easy, my sister ditched both him and me to go see it with a friend! I know, crazy isn’t it!

The popcorn picture is from today’s showing because there was just too many people the other day so I had to see the movie without popcorn, horrible. That wasn’t the only thing that was horrible, the movie was fine, the people “watching” seemed to think they were home in their own living room. I take real issue with people that can’t be quiet when I paid loads of money in order to watch a movie somewhere but home.

Today’s audience was much better, and so was the movie. I’ll admit that I was surprised to see the movie sold out, being Swedish and all, the things one do for ones mother.

I wouldn’t have chosen the movie myself however to my own surprise I got a real good laugh out of it. It’s one of those movies where you are kind of surprised when it’s over because time just passed so quickly. I don’t think it will work for an international audience though, quit Swedish humor and all that jazz. Oh, before I forget, the name of the film was…wait, have to ask mother, oh that’s true; Micke och Veronica.