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2017-01 How to fall in love with a man that lives in a bush

I’m sorry but I don’t think there’s an English version of this book yet, damn it’s good. Written by Emmy Abrahamson and a decent 218 pages long, it took me about an hour to plough through wishing it was longer.

Meeting a man that lives in a bush, how to you even go about it? How many of us would stay and talk to him? This is a book that question what we think is important, what requires for that other person to be good enough.

For you that can read Swedish I highly recommend it, for you that don’t, fingers crossed they translate it.

Good start to the reading year of 2017 (the cheesy romance books I find for free and download doesn’t count, if they did I would add a 0 after the 1 in the title of this post)

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I got mail!

A while back I fell for one of those Facebook things that goes around, this time there were books involved and I couldn’t help myself. With the hashtag Savetheculture there was offerings of free books.


I manged to get three likes on this one (a bit surprised as I thought I had loads of book lovers on my FB friend list), and I think that two of them didn’t actually go through with it. Still it doesn’t matter as I pretty quickly received my first book;

Save the culture

And arriving home Monday night, a second delivery was waiting for me:


I sent my book straight away and with the arrival of the first book I see it as a success ( if you who reads this is my friend on Facebook and wanna play, just go in and like the post)!

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Gotham Library

A place that I spent quite some time in when I was younger was the Gotham City Library. For quite some time now they have been renovating it and I have felt a worry that they would do what they’ve done to the Malmö city library; change it so much it no longer feels like a library.
My worry was for nothing though, this morning after spending a couple of hours with mother in class (a lecture on research ethics, think my mom’s school is more interesting than mine), we stopped by the library to check it out. It’s nice, the renovation has improved the old house, added a modern touch but not so modern that it killed the library feeling! Awesome!





Why not stop by if you are in town?!?

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Göteborg book fair 2014

For me,  the yearly  book fair in Göteborg is better than Christmas and it didn’t let me down this year either. The first book purchased this year was by Dawit Isaak who is a swedish-Eritrean author that has been imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001. I’m not sure when the last proof of life was received,  however there are still people out there that are fighting to have him released and the full profit from this book is used for that purpose. wpid-shot_1411841153655.jpg

We then moved further into the book fair and was stopped at small table where you could buy three books for a 100 swedish crowns, an offer that needs to be investigated further. The author is Midhat Ajanovjc, born in Sarajevo but live in Göteborg since 1994, the publisher is called Una and are responsible for translating his books into swedish. Me and mother dearest fancied one each of his books and then we got the third for free pretty much. It will be interesting to read, and I’ll get back to you on whether it’s good or not.wpid-shot_1411841136256.jpg

After that it was on to theveryone magazine that I now made a tradition of getting three issues of at the fair, just because the publisher have some interesting books that you get one for free when you sign up. This year I got my hands on a very interesting cookbook that I just couldn’t resist.wpid-shot_1411841120194.jpg

On our way to the super cheap book section, we walked past a publisher that just published a new issue of Rudolph Höss’ s memories. He was in charge of the Auschwitz-Birkenau and as I went there for a visit this summer, I found the topic interesting also, his grandson that wrote the preface for this issue was there and signed my book for me. He is now working actively against rasism.wpid-shot_1411841144549.jpg

I didn’t find any books in the super cheap section, on our way back from there I did find a really nice notebook that I just couldn’t resist buying.wpid-shot_1411841162044.jpg

And then finally we were on our way to the only author that was on my wishlist. Sadly enough the line for having ones picture with the author,  Fredrik Backman, and getting the book signed was way to long so I had to be happy with a picture of the author and the book.wpid-shot_1411841076685.jpgwpid-img_20140927_142620.jpg

After that it was time to head home and get ready for the plastic oncles birthday party, however, before I did that I took the opportunity to add to the book load with some books from mother dearests shelves. wpid-shot_1411841231289.jpg

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Too much happiness my ass!

When you have a book circle, Nobel prize winners should definitely be included. However a bit more research into their books might be required! We picked the book becuase the title sounded damn good, who can turn down too much happiness? It’s just that there isn’t that much happiness in the book, complete and totally the other way around more like it.


I can’t say that I’m too disappointed though, there’s a reason why someone win the Nobel prize. The book is beautifully written and even though it’s short stories, you bond with the characters. You quickly become a part of their lives and feel with them, and that’s one of the reasons why some happiness would have been nice.

Unfortunately we had to postpone the dinner for September some time, as summer seem to be a busy time for all of us, I’m really looking forward to hearing what the rest of the crew have to say about it.

I’m also regretting not putting another interesting book in my bag, as I have almost two hours left on a train, without computer and only two textbooks left to read. Guess I just have to digg into one of then, can’t decide what’s less interesting right now, marketing or organizational theory, what do you think?

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Hypnotisören – Kepler

A while back I read the book The Sandman by Kepler due to the online book club a Swedish morning paper had, of course it turned out that this was the latest book in a series of books about the finish-Swedish police officer Joona Linna. As it turned out one of the girls in my Irl book club here in Malmö had all the previous books, so I’m now borrowing them of her one after one, and have now read the first one The Hypnotist.

ShakyI apologize for the shaky picture, didn’t realize it was that bad when I took it and now I have already returned the book and received the next one, thus we are stuck with shaky picture.

I like this one better than the previous two I read, main character Mr Linna is more human and real in this one, the story line is still way out there and one can wonder where they get it all from (behind the name Kepler a woman and a man are hiding, writing the books together), not very believable. However when I read this type of books, a crime is committed and someone is to figure out who did it, I don’t need to belive. I’m not reading them for an intellectual challenge where I start questioning the question of why. For me these kind of books are relaxation, where a part of the brain can take a short vacation and the body can just relax.

So what’s it about? A family is found murdered with one survivor; the son. A doctor that used to, but no longer, use hypnosis to treat people is called in to help in trying to figure out what the boy saw. From there on the now and the past is linked together in order to arrive in the future where the bad guy is caught (sorry, spoiler alert). As a story, as make belive, it is believable and I liked it, and since I already told you I returned this one and got the next one, you already know that I will be reading that one to.

I still recommend them if you like the crime genre, and I want to remember checking last time that they are available in other languages than Swedish, like English for example.

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Jag lever, Pappa – Erik H. Sønstelie, Siri Marie Seim Sønstelie

The title of this book plainly says; I’m alive dad. It is written by a daughter and her father, the daughter was on Utoya the 22 of July 2011 when a nasty man, after setting of a bomb in central Oslo, walks around and shoot young kids to death. The father is a reporter that are dealing with being a reporter and a dad at the same time, while trying to find out if his daughter will return from the island.

It’s a very well written book, that started out strangely with the recognition factor of a name that is mentioned quite early in the book, always strange when an acquaintance from you Facebook feed show up in a book, and in a way mentioned there to show the seriousness of the situation.Jag lever, pappa

It’s hard for anyone to realize how it felt being on that island that day, we will (thankfully) never know how it feels to have to run for your life, to try and find somewhere to hide on a limited island, while someone is walking around shooting at anyone that comes in his way. We will never feel the fear for police officers after that same man was walking around in a uniform while walking around shooting kids.

We will also never know how it feels to be the parents, sitting on the other side of the water, not being able to do anything but wait, not knowing if our child is dead or alive.

I think that Erik and Siri do an excellent job at telling us their story, you can feel the fear, the worry and then the relief when they reunite. Do we really need to know? I’m not sure! The world is full of horrible stories, people die everyday, some of old age, some from sickness, some from starvation, some from war. Do we need to know the pain of all those deaths?

The strongest moment in this book is from the afterwards. There are police officers at the island, guarding the bodies of those who fell, dusk falls and the night has arrived, and the island is lighting up from the cell-phone displays. The families of those children kept calling the phones until they ran out of battery.