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Yesterday it was time for our tenth (!!!) monthly book circle meeting, I’m happy that it has lasted this long. This time around I was a bit late in ordering the book as it arrived in my book delivery earlier this week.


Luckily enough it’s the thin book at the top that we are talking about. So I manged to finish reading it right before meeting the rest. I headed to the restaurant an hour before and sat down with a glass of wine and my book.


This place is very close to where I live and had super comfy reading chairs, so it might be a new fav place to sit and read, just hope that their coffee taste as good as their wine.
The place is Mexican and had an interesting menu;


We did a little mix and match so I had a fish taco, a meat taco and a Quesedilla.



Super yum, a place that I want to go back to.


And apparently it’s a Marcus Samuelsson place, pretty cool as I find him to be an interesting chef.

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Book circling

It was time again to meet up with the lovely girls in my book circle. This time around we read the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Again, a book I wouldn’t have chosen myself, again this is the main reason for having a book circle, to read books outside of your comfort zone.

The book circle also enables me to see new sides of the city I’ve been calling home since 2009. Since we meet up over dinner, and we all come with suggestions as to where to meet, I get to try out new restaurants, again some that I probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. This time we went to a place called Spoonery, a real quaint little place with amazing food and adorable service.DSC_0679 DSC_0681As me and at least one of the other girls, usually are pretty keen on a glass of wine with our book talking, we were a little bit let down by the fact that there are no wine at Spoonery. However, the lady behind the counter told us to walk down the street to a little wine bar, after food that is. And so we did.

The place is called Kiez, and is a low-key place with unusual wine and an owner that is interested in wines and making sure that her customers get something they like. She asked what kind we liked, pulled out a few bottles and as she was telling us the story about the wine, we could try it. Of course a glass of wine here costs a tad bit more than it does in a normal bar, but hey, it’s worth it because you sit and savour it rather than sculling it down in order to get the next one.DSC_0685I’m already looking forward to the next book circling, the book is ordered and on it’s way home to me as we speak. I might need to consider the books we choose a bit more carefully though, maybe try to get them to match with my reading challenge.

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The art of being a woman

After the fall of the book club a couple of new ones have risen, a new version of the old one and the one I met up with this past Thursday. It’s not always easy to meet up with two people that you have never met before that at the same time know each other a bit, however it worked out perfectly fine (I.e they didn’t complain too much when I babbled away).

The place we were supposed to meet at appear to be a popular one as all the tables were reserved and we had to wing it and ended up at a place called Viggos (not the one by the central station in Lund, the other one). If you don’t mind any service at all this place would work fine, the food was real yum and it’s not too pricy.



I was full until lunch the next day on that Mexican burger.

The book we had chosen was How to be a woman, translated into the art of being a woman in swedish. It did bring out quite a few interesting discussions and the main conclusion was that it should might be called The art of being Caitlin Moran (the author) as each persons experience of growing up and all that comes with it, is different.


I will have to admit to not have finished the book, not sure what I was thinking when I figured that a week including two exams would be good for meeting up talking about a book! It did capture my interest enough to wanting to finish it (like I would ever not finish a book I started) and planning to do so in the near future.

Did you read the book? What’s your thoughts on it?

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A fab evening with the girls!

Life is moving in super speed at the moment, even though I have only been home for a couple of days, Thailand feels like a lifetime ago. A full day in school yesterday made me crash on the couch last night, today I had one class in the morning and then another in the afternoon, in between there were practicalities to be dealt with, like picking up the textbooks from the library, printing stuff and the likes. I did manage to go home for lunch before heading back for two more hours of bookkeeping.

Heading home after class, I had about ten minutes on the couch before heading out again. I will admit that I considered cancelling and just stay home to do my homework on catch up on my readings, I decided against it though. I missed out on the last book club session and was not in the mood to miss another one, especially since I managed to read the whole book this time. So of I went! And I’m glad I did, they are a fun bunch and there is also always loads to talk about – and I spoilt myself with a glass of wine as well (this is not money wasting, firstly there was room made for this night in the budget, secondly it is good for your soul to enjoy nice food, a glass of wine and awesome company). Tonight we met at a place called El Patio, that serve a mix of Spanish and Mexican food, we went there for the Spanish to align with the book we read, and I enjoyed two starters; a shrimp soup (more like shrimps in a thin sauce) and Nachos.Wine Shrimps Nachos The bar

Happy on the inside, and less suffering from the vacation blues, I headed home and did my homework for tomorrow. The reading will have to wait because it’s almost bedtime, a time that have moved from my normal 1am to 10pm in order to get up in time for my eight o’clock classes in the morning, guess my age is starting to catch up to me.

Hope you have had time for some soul caring as well, if not, make sure you just do it!

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Da book club

I have given up on creating my own book club and instead I went searching on the big wide web for one, and I found it. Their next meet-up was tonight and lucky me I had already read the book which was Paradisoffer by Kristina Ohlsson. Not that long ago I read the book that came after this one in the series, so I was able to recommend them all to keep reading.

We met at a restaurant that is called Mosaik, and I forgot to take a picture from the outside so here is the one they have on their homepage.

It’s a tapas place that mix small dishes from all over the world. I chose to eat a real yum salmon with avocado and apple salad together with a bruschetta and some garlic shrimps, and man it was good. If I could I would go here and eat all the time.Bruschetta Salmon ShrimpsAnd I promise that we spent the whole dinner talking about the book, or other books, really! I promise! They were fun girls, it can be a bit hard to join a group of people who have known each other for a while, there was no such problem here. Might also have a bit to do with my tendency to just babble away about anything and everything.

After dinner, some of the girls were heading for some live music and I figured why the heck not, they were nice and the evening young, and it’s not like I have to get up early tomorrow (kind of, more about that some other time). The band that was playing was a part of the Malmö summer scene, where everything is free of charge, program can be found here. They are called New Tide Qrquesta and they are good at playing their instruments, that no one can deny, however the music was more of the kind that you want in the background while eating dinner, not on a stage on a cold Malmö evening. I know what to look for when it’s time to go to sleep.

And yes, I did my best to keep warm;The band Beer

All in all, I had an awesome evening and am looking forward to more nights out with da book club 🙂

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The accidental book club dinner

It has been very silent around the book club over the past few months, mostly due to unexpected twists and turns in the lives of the participants in that same club. Before the silence really hit in a book was chosen for the next dinner, and that was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, don’t think anyone out there could have missed hearing about it by now, as there is also a movie that already made it to DVD.

Tonight I went over to a friend’s place to cook some food and watch a movie, just chillin like one do on a week night (I’ve heard that’s what normal people do), and suddenly it happened. We did get a movie from the store, can’t even remember which one, then we made it to Miss T’s place and she mentioned that she had the Hunger Games movie, and hadn’t seen the extra material yet, so we decided to do that.

Before we started the DVD I threw together some food (this post was to be called “Dinner for two” thus all the food pictures) as both of us were starving. Tonight’s menu; Bacon Wrapped Pork with Rice and Fried Veggies. Pretty simple really;

Buy pork (uhm), bacon in stripes, red onion, pepper, sweet peas and (if you don’t have it at home) rice. The rice of the day is jasmine rice – boil in bag.

Get the water boiling for the rice, then chop the pork into smaller pieces and cut the bacon stripes into halves. Wrap the bacon around the pieces of pork and fry on low heat to get the meat fried through properly without drying out. While the meat is in the pan (and once the water boils, the rice in the pot) cut the pepper into large pieces, I usually choose red and yellow to add some colour to the food. Cut the onion into cloves and then half them, half the sweet peas as well.

I usually start with frying the onion and then put the pepper and sweet peas in at the end as I want them warm but still crunchy. I also like frying the veggies in the same pan as the meat to have them soak in all the glorious yumminess of the meat and the fat (yes, the fat) from the bacon.

Once the food was on the table we started looking at the extra material on the DVD, and trust me there is plenty of it, unfortunately most of it contains a whole bunch of people having this we are so awesome club, run by the director of the movie, Gary Ross. If I never have to listen to or see this Gary Ross ever again it would be too soon.What all this extra material did trigger was plenty of discussion regarding the book, the differences between the book and the movie and of course which one we liked the best. Me personally, I saw the movie first and wasn’t that big of a fan as I thought that they made the characters to likeable, after reading the book I liked them better as they became more human.

These discussions are why the title of this blog changed from “Dinner for two” to “The accidental book club dinner”, and maybe it can kick-start the book club back into life and of the “Completed Projects” List.

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The Second Book Club Dinner

This weekend the second book club dinner took place. Due to the busy schedule of my hard-working co-workers, only three of us were able to make it, and only two of us had read the book. To be honest, we didn’t really talk about the book that much other than to recommend the person that hadn’t read it to read it, so I guess that is a good review.

The night ended up being a good girls night in, with nice food, some wine and a lot of chatting and catching up on what’s been going on over the past month or so, since the busy schedules also make it hard to meet up at other times as well.

Miss America took it upon herself to come up with the next book and also hosting the next book club dinner, looking forward to see what her choice will be. She also suggested a Food Club, and the idea sounds good so I’ll see what I can do about that.