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Chicken soup – if not for the soul then at least for my tummy

Being home sick, this far I have spent most of the day sleeping, watching Outsourced, and done a bit of e-mailing with the boss. But when being sick eating is very important and chicken soup must be the classics of all classics, and so easy to make; right now it is boiling away on the stove.

The basics; broth, carrots, potatoes and of course the chicken, just simply chop up and put into the pot. This is where I thought the chicken would have to cook for like ever, but after a short talk with mother dearest I was informed that ten minutes was enough. So I just chucked all of it in at once.

The one problem I ran into today was the peas, mum always had peas in soup like this when I was a kid, so of course I need peas. Problem being that the peas I had in the freezer was a part of a pea, corn and pepper mix so I actually stood in my kitchen dreaming about being back into my bed, picking the peas out of this mix. Note to one self, by a bag of frozen peas only, not that I am planning to be sick much but Chicken Soup might be good for my as time passes by.

A little bit of pasta is always nice as well, but it has to be the tiny one that I never manage to find here in Sweden. I did however manage to find some when me and mum was in Budapest earlier this year, and I am a bit excited that I finally got around to use it.

And while writing the last bit describing the parts of this soup, I have been eating the finished result, and I’m pretty pleased with myself. It was easy, basic and yummy and both my throat and my tummy appreciates it a lot.

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Evening afterthought

After a long and not to great day I am now home and tucked away in bed, thinking back on this second second day of not drinking. I have to say that it is a bit hard to determine what is due to illness and what is determination.

Going through the day with a fewer, pounding head (as mentioned before), sore throat (as mentioned before) and a body that doesn’t really want to move (yes, as mentioned before), ending the day at the pub is not a big hit, drinking or no drinking, but when it is someones birthday you just do it.

At the above mentioned pub, there are people who do not see the reason with not drinking anything at all for a month and are kind enough to order beer for you. Even so, the beer was in front of me, the bottle was opened and still I turned it down and drank my coke. I do admit to be proud of my self for doing so.

At around nine thirty I paid my large (yeh right) bill and went on my merry way home, longing for my bed and to close my eyes and sleep. Here I am a bit surprised since I would’ve thought that with the amounts of coke I had tonight, I would be like a Duracell bunny not fighting to keep my eyes open in order to finish this post.

Being home in a decent hour feels nice, but I wonder if it’s only because I am sick that I didn’t stay longer, or if being sober had an impact as well…it is a bit hard to tell and I guess we all have to wait for the summer flu to disappear before determining if not drinking alcohol automatically changes your life as well.

Now I will let me close my eyes and drift away to sleep, only to wake up in the morning and see if I need to stay home and feel sorry for myself (and whine as much as I can to as many people as possible about how bored I am) while making the boss happy by not spreading germs at work, or if I can be a happy camper and actually go to the office. I did bring the PC home today, just in case, so worst case I can always work from home.

Good night and sweet dreams.

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Germs are evil!

My lovely friends have been kind enough to share some of their germs, which means I’m coming down with something. My throat his hurting, my head is hurting and my body is not wanting to do as told. Still, as the little trooper I am, I’m sitting at work doing my best at getting things done. Have promised my boss though, that if it is worse tomorrow I will stay at home, because he is afraid that I will share the germs so that he get sick as well.

Feeling sorry for me is more than welcome 😉

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Health status

Who’s health do you want to hear about first, mine, my phone or my mobile broadband?

Well since you are still reading, lets start with the non me parts, the cellphone is being fixed and should be ready by tomorrow, just need to change the display. The mobile broadband was supposed to be fixed, and now at a higher speed, but still not working, so let’s see what to do about that.

As to my personal health, the ear infection from this weekend is all good and dandy, but got another one in the outer ear part, so for that the kind doctor gave me ear drops. Then my throat is a bit sore, and red and after a couple of tests it was decided to put poor me on penicillin, so no fun for the next ten days, yeh right!

To spoil myself a bit, I will now make tacos for dinner, kind of need it for boosting the grown up me to go thru this months bills to make sure they get paid tomorrow when the money hits my bank account. Then after that it will be bedtime for me, have to make sure that I am well rested tomorrow for the Sweden – Denmark game, no matter what I will be in front of a tv watching it. And it will be interesting to see if the proud dane will honour the bet! Exciting, exciting, yeh right.

Sad part is that I am disappointed that I can’t start riding my bike to work and get into and started at the gym thingy

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Monday morning blues

Ear still recovering from the weekends ear infection, will keep the yucky details from you, but can’t say that it has been the best night. Waking up with a sore troath does not make the monday morning any better, have managed to get up get a glass of water to swallow some paracetamol, now in bed waiting for it to kick in before getting up and ready for work.

The Monday is not getting better knowing that I have to go and get my cellphone fixed (my own fault), get my mobile broadband stick fixed (not my fault, it just doesn’t work), cancel the gym again, since I’m sick, again.

And then of course it is the end of the month, so time to look after all the bills and make sure they are paid on time etc.

But now, time to quit the whining get out of bed, get dressed and go to work 🙂 I’m sure the week can only get better!

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Poor, poor me

I am sick again, being sick is no fun, especially not when you are sick all the time. This time I’m stuck with a sucky earinfection, that includes fever and pain.

However, I’m not sure about my whining and feeling sorry about myself allowance is that big, since it has had a record quick development. I woke up yesterday morning with pain, last night it burst and the pain goes away, that is only one day people. Today it doesn’t hurt, it just run, so I am walking around with toilet paper stuck in my ear. Neither sexy or fun.

At the same time I am not home alone but on my friends couch, and she is being all nice and sweet making me coffee and stuff, so can’t complain about being all alone either.

Well, if I think hard and long enough I might find a reason to confirm the title of this post. Until then.