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The end of The Facebook Experiment

Well, this experiment didn’t pan out very well. I managed to make three new friends, all three are friends of one friend that I already have.

It might be that I haven’t advertised the experiment well enough, or maybe that I did advertise it. People might not want to be a part of an experiment, I didn’t take that into consideration.

However, now I scrap it, so I will start turning down friend requests again.

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Legal Implications?

My social experiment isn’t going to well, at this point I have three new friends, all three I have one friend in common with, the one that posted on here FB Wall that the experiment was in progress.

As you can see one of her friends advised against it as she had recently been on a legal seminar on social networking. It did ask why but got no response. I am a bit curious as to why there is a link between the law and social networking at this point. What could the actual implications be?

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I wasn’t joking about the chart

Here it is, the result of day one of my social experience, above expectation I would say.

If you want to be in the chart, you find me here.

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The project has begun

With a little help from my friends, I have now received my first random friend on Facebook.

My guess is that it will be slow in the beginning, but once the floodgates open it will be a while before I can close them.

Exciting! And it gives me a reason to create an excel sheet, with graphs and all to keep track of how many new friends I receive a day. Maybe I should go as far as keep track of gender and age as well…or maybe I should get a life. Either way, fun, fun, fun!

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Just a small social experiment

Tonight I’m suffering from a little bit of insomnia, I should be in bed right now as I have work tomorrow, but for some reason I’m not tired.

Late at night when a bit bored, it is easy to come up with strange ideas and “social experiments”, this night the plan is related to Facebook. I have decided to from now on accept all friend requests that I receive. Why?

Well, it will be interesting to see how many people who want to become my friend just because I say that I will accept them together with the already random ones that I get and just ignore.

So how will I let people now? Number one, I just posted it on my blog, two, I will recommend myself on stumbleupon and see what happens, three, please share this post with your friends and see what happens.

You can find me here.