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A new month – another try

I guess that the new month doesn’t really start until next week, but I have come to realize that I count the month as starting when the pay check hits my account, and that would be tomorrow.

This past month I feel that I’ve lost the nice feeling I got from my last non-alcohol stint, I’ve started skipping the gym to go for a beer with my friends instead. If you do that once that is fine, but it feels like I do it too often.

Also the energy I had from sleeping properly at night and being home on time is gone and I feel tired all the time. I know that the darkness that comes with winter have something to do with it as well, but I am sick of being tired all the time.

Thus it is time again to cut down on the alcohol and increase the excercise again. As of tomorrow, I’m back to cutting down on the drinking, allowing myself one night a week with alcohol intake, I just have to ensure that I plan my week a little bit.

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Day 11 – I give up!

Or more like, I can’t be bothered. I think it’s time to accept the fact that alcohol has become such an integrated part of my life that trying to exclude it is impossible. Not saying that I can’t stop drinking because I must have that drink and if I don’t I feel like crap. No, it’s just such a large part of the social circle that trying to cut it out is just more trouble than it is worth. Thus, I am not gonna keep making a thing of not drinking.

To be honest, I think the changes that have happened in my life over the past few months are automatically cutting out some part of the alcohol. That will have to be enough, for now.

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Day 5 – Wow that was a blast

Day five, first day of second week (kind of) off the new non-alcoholic challenge. I give you one guess on what happened!

Yep, you got it, I wasted my one day of drinking already on the Monday, so soda, water and milk it is for the rest of the week, but that shouldn’t be an issue (Sorry B-Lady, we will have to do that beer next week…).

What happened was that a friend asked me if we couldn’t meet up for a quick one after work, and I thought why the heck not, completely forgetting about the fact that I only get one day a week. Then when I realized what I had done, I figured I might as well just continue on and made my way to yet another bar with other friends, for some more beer and a couple of little fishies.

Today though, I did wish that I might had been a little more of a responsible grown-up, and at least gone home and hitting the sack in a decent hour. Think I went to sleep around 3am, which mean not a lot of sleep.

Waking without an alarm at seven this morning does show a little bit of responsibility on my brains part, I am very proud of it, but man today is a slow day at work, and I will most definitely go straight home from work and relax this evening!

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Day 1 – again, again

So day one without alcohol passed without notice last night. I was tired and went straight home from work, spent the night on the couch doing practical stuff, or more like trying to sell things.

I still have tons of moving boxes at home so are trying to get rid of those, together with the textbooks from some of the previous uni courses I signed up for and never completed. Some of the courses I am considering doing again, so those books I am keeping, the rest will have to make me some money.

I am guessing that Day 2, 3 & 4 will quietly pass as well, I am yet again going to the summer-house, and all the fresh air and beautiful nature do inspire non-alcoholic drinks. Day 5 on the other hand…

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Come to think of it…

It might be worth to start-up the non-alcoholic challenge again as well, but with a tweak. I mean, September is coming up, one of the most boring months of the year. I started a new course at uni, and in the beginning there is always plenty of energy and ambition so it is better to focus. I also have my work cut out for me at work, so guessing there will be quite some time spent there, that should make the non-alcoholic challenge easier.

The tweak will be this though;

I will be allowed alcohol one day of the week, if I want to that is.

If there is one thing I know, it is that if you completely forbid something, you will want it. So I just have to make sure that I choose my one day wisely.

September 2011 the (almost) alcohol free month! Anyone wants to join me?

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Poor decisions – of course alcohol is involved

I am considering starting up the Non-Alcoholic challenge again. Mainly because I do have a tendency to make stupid things when under the influence of alcohol and then I spend the whole day afterwards beating myself up about it.

It’s no fun really, spending the day after cleaning up any mess that you might have created. So until I can learn not to do stupid things I shouldn’t be drinking.

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Heeeeelp I’m a grown-up!!!

It is a bit scary actually, I’m one of those people who decided a long time ago that I would never grow up. But right now, looking back on the afternoon/evening this far I realize that I might have anyhow…scary.

Since I scrapped the second half of the non-alcoholic challenge, I was considering meeting up with friends after work and have a beer or two. But I also had this to-do list that I had been writing during day, combined with my body being in pain (and a lot of it) after three days in a row with exercise, so in the end the verdict was to go home.

I have loads of energy, must be all the working out, and since getting home I have;

  • eaten three taco mini-tubs
  • carried boxes down to the basement
  • dismantled one shelf in the basement
  • done one load of laundry
  • done a whole bunch of dishes
  • eaten two more taco mini-tubs
  • done the taxes from one of the countries I worked in last year as I just realized that I forgotten
  • folded clean clothes and put them away
  • paid for the race I’m running on the 30th
  • watched two episodes of Master chef Australia (doesn’t make me grown up but it has to be mentioned, I love it)
  • reading up on how to spend less money
And all this after spending the whole day at work. It is a bit scary I feel. And I still have energy left in the body, so I might do some cleaning or carry another box or two down to the basement…