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Student vs Comfort

Draft no 3 in my December challenge of getting them all either published or moved to the trash. This one is related to my student budget experiment earlier this year, I don’t know why it didn’t make it to the blog (it might be because I am admitting to cheating)!

It’s soon time for a long weekend in the summer-house together with the family. Due to different reasons the tickets haven’t been booked and paid for before I started on a student budget so they now have to be included, not so smart. I am assuming that as a student you will pick the cheapest alternative, in this case the bus, I managed to find a ticket that was half of what the train costs. However the bus takes more than twice as long as the train, and I don’t want to waste 14hrs of my 4-day weekend on a bus, so I will cheat. I will use the bus price for my spend (742sek) but still take the train. That is one of the benefits on living on a student budget but not really – it will still put a strain on my spend for the rest of the month.

On another note, this student budget thing is doing wonders for my coffee intake, now when I have to pay for each and every cup of coffee that I drink, I’m starting to opt for hot water rather than a cup of coffee.

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Train food

As the poor student I currently am, I bring snacks on the train ride rather than stopping by the 7/11 to get some. Doing good I think!


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A not so exciting day

Still doing training this week, that means stuck in a small room with the same people all week and not that much happening. Yes, we have fun, we are bored, we learn, we are being smart – it’s all internal though, not for sharing. Don’t get disappointed if all you get tomorrow is a picture of the budget, or even worse a three-day overview later this week.

Today, I snuck out of training a bit early for a meeting, got a bit frustrated as some people just wants things delivered without having to work for it and that is not my job…not a waitress. Then finally, after a whole week, got to hang out with my favourite teacher again, and tonight it was a healthy conversation. Maybe I just don’t want to hear it all at sometimes, I do listen though.

However, today’s spend is right here…

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A not so exciting Monday

So another work week starts, as I had my mother over the morning started with two cups of coffee, one for her and one for me. After a run in the park I was of to work, this week its full day training all day, every day, so not that many chances to spend money. I even went straight home to the couch.

I had my standard tomato and mozzarella snack, however his time around I purchased cheaper tomatoes so the price has gone down to 9,72sek. A bit later I had a large boule of fries for dinner and the rest of the sparkling water from Sunday, this luxury dinner cost me as much as 7,70sek – big spender today!

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Another Sunday, even better than the last one

For all of you that have desperately been missing my amazing posts regarding the student budget experiment, over the past week, I just want you to know that I am back! I was a bit off and went of the grid for a bit, due to this there is a gap in the experiment between the 2nd of May up until the 5th, these three days will be added at the end of the month instead, and I will try to not do it again.

This Sunday my mother came for a quick visit and I can now understand why students lover their mummies oh so much. It started with me having to do dishes and clean up a little bit, you can’t let mother see you at your worst, I was also informed that coffee was required upon arrival – as the nice daughter I am I bring out the manual grinder and the proper beans and start working on them. As both the grinder and the beans were birthday presents I can’t really tell you the exact cost of a cup of coffee, it will just have to be the standard fee (1,48sek, however since the beans was a present I could get away with 0,00sek). I even managed to server a homemade sponge-cake, and you will have to forgive me I will not calculate the cost of that one, it’s been in the freezer for a while.

After the first initial coffee we went for a walk in the sunny but chilly weather, and accidentally ended up down by the water in a really nice pasta restaurant called V.E.S.P.A. It’s a place where you really get value for money, and I have to admit that my value was super as mummy dearest spoilt me a bit with a free lunch. To be fair, I paid for the evening snacks, which wasn’t that of a heavy burden since you don’t really get hungry again the day you had pasta from afore-mentioned restaurant. Including the plastic bag we carried the tapas, chorizo and mineral water home in; 63,55sek.

I did add one post under groceries, as I assume that things required in the home such as dishcloth, waste bags etc falls under the groceries, I however want to split them apart. I guess I could add them under ‘Other’, I just don’t think they belong there. I also accidentally bought a book, I just couldn’t help myself.

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1st of May

In several places around the world 1st of May is a big day, it’s the workers day and you are supposed to go out and demonstrate. In Denmark you are not a worker if you work in an office, so it’s just to get yourself to work and work away. Business as usual in other words.

After work, me and a couple of my friends enjoyed the wonderful spring weather, a couple of beers and chattering away about how amazing life is, another night ending early. After a couple of errands I was in bed sleeping without passing the kitchen.

Hey, being student isn’t that hard, now is it?

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Here in Sweden we call it Valborg!

And it is another reason to hit the streets, or parks rather, to party. It’s where we freeze our asses of if we don’t fill our veins with alcohol, and stick it out late enough for the bonfire to start. It ended up as a rather cheap day as I seem to be phasing myself when it comes to coffee at work now when I have to “pay” for it, also due to all the coffee I have been purchasing on previous occasions at the coffee place up the street from work, I can now cash in free ones. I hope that all students make sure that they purchase their coffee in places where you get the x one for free.

Once I arrived to the park (a bit later than planned as I of course ended up staying at work a little bit later than planned) there was food on the barbecue for me so I didn’t have to spend money on that either all I brought was the six-pack of beer before being home by ten. Am I starting to get old?

Nah, one of the differences are that in Sweden the 1st of May is a holiday for everyone, however working in Denmark is not the same, so I had to be in the office the day after.

To sum up the day, I would guess that a student would’ve spent a lot more than me since this is one of the biggest party days of the year. I remember the year that I celebrated this in one of the best student towns in the country – there was something about Champagne Breakfast and then it just went downhill from there.