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Why keep having children?

I just read an article about a family of six people who lived in a small apartment with two bedrooms. That is too many people in such a small place, I can agree with that, I just can’t really agree with the fact that the situation is someones to fix. The family is two parents with three children around twenty years old, and then there is one that is one years old! The father in the family mentions that he makes around 7000sek after taxes and that is pretty much what their home cost a month so there isn’t any money left over when that is paid. The oldest daughter is working part-time and helps out a little bit, the mother is on maternity leave.

If you have three children already, live in such a small home and claim to not be able to get a job that pays more, then why do you have another child? Why not say “we have three, we are happy with that and hopefully they move out soon and then we have this nice little apartment all to ourselves”?

There have been articles in the past with people who are complaining about the same problem, they are too many people in too small of a home. If you can’t afford to move to something bigger, then why do you have more children? Are you supposed to be allowed to have as many children as you want, then talk to a journalist about how horrible it is to live so many in such a small home, and that someone should do something about it, because it isn’t acceptable?

Here in Sweden we don’t really have any excuses, we can’t blame lack of education for having children, if you are under 20 (or there about) the pill cost absolutely nothing, so we can’t blame lack of money for babies keep showing up. If you are of a faith where the pill or condoms are not allowed, and you already have more children than you can afford, then I’m sorry, I do think you should keep your hands of each other.

Is it a human right to keep living your life they way you want it, without taking your income, location etc into consideration and then think that Sweden as a society, as a country, should fix it? Do I really want my hard-earned tax money to go to higher housing allowances for large families? I’m not sure about that. I think I want it to go to improving the education system, the health care, the infrastructure and to help people who have gotten a bit lost in life and need help from the rest of us to get back on track.

So why, when you can’t provide what you find an acceptable lifestyle for the children you already have, do you bring more of them into the world?

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A small change of direction – for the blog

One of my friends suggested that instead of only blogging about things that I do, which are not that much at the moment so nothing much happening here on the blog, I could write about what I think on different topics and matters. I have considered it, and why not! I can use the blog to spew out my views on everything and everyone and after looking around a bit on the big wide web, that would give you followers and that must be all that is important.

So now I’m sitting on the couch, in-between looking for jobs of course, trying to figure out what I can have an opinion on today, and tomorrow and then the day after that, and I might be coming up with some good stuff. Then I was thinking that I should give you guys a chance to have a say, I mean there must be something, some subject where you are just dying to find out what my thoughts are. I mean how can you have lived for this long without knowing what I think?

So guys, give me a topic and I will write an awesome, mind-blowing piece on it, promise!