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#15 2018 The trainjinx strikes again

Last night I was lulled into a false sense of security as the train left on time and the trip went real smooth, until…right outside of Lund which is about ten minutes out from home station. All of the sudden the train just stopped, and we ended up standing still for about half an hour before rolling again. Thus, a late arrival home with 35 minutes.


I have started counting the time spent due to delayed trains, it’s going to be interesting to see how much it actually adds up to. If you are reading this on a mobile device you can see the total at the end of the post, on a computer it’s on your top right hand side.

Delayed trains

This morning I had to get out of bed even if I easily could have slept another hour (always have some troubles sleeping when arriving home late on the train, adding on to the normal problems with falling asleep that I have) in order to walk to the police station and get myself a national ID card.


I will be travelling to Germany pretty much every other week this spring and I don’t want to have to remember my passport every time.

Before heading out the door I did, in my very sleepy state, remember the smoothie and coffee. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it…healthy and economical and all.



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Oops I did it again, again!

Hey all, sitting on the train playing with my new keyboard, going comme ci comme ca. Not beacuse when I finally got around to ordering it I accidentally ordered a US keyboard, I can live with that. Not, its just weird and strange compared with a computer.

Well, today has been a strange day. I woke up before the alarm went of, got up and got ready for work. Today in that other location so on my way to the bus stop (no point taking the taxi when you can take the bus in almost the same time), I stopped for coffee then making myself to the busstop. And even though its like 7:30 in the morning I ran into a collegue (makes me question the sanity of the people I work with), so we had a lovely chat on the bus, so nice that we almost missed the stop.

Working in the different location is different, its  a different type of people and pace, good for the soul I say! Whats not good for the soul is the sudden invaasion of pollen. Oh dear its been hard to breath today. For a while there I had to call people to get a bit of  distraction, even though I know I can, the feeling of not beeing able to can very easily cause a small panic attack and those are not nice.

Since I was at work earrly I could leave on time with kind of good consiouns, not really beause I’m behind on some things, however when you have time off you have time off. So I could go home and pack the almost dry clothes (why do I always have to do laundry?) and still have time for the corner before hitting the train.

That same  train I’m currently sitting on, that is taking me to Gotham for a night before moving more north and a big family feast that include skiing. Since I’m not a big fan of skiing I brought books and figuredd that maybe I have time for this blogging thing. 

(FYI, after writing the whole thing I realized there’s no spell check in the app, and me and the keyboard are still getting to know eachother and I have long nails, so just enjoy the laugh!!!).

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Guess where I am! 

Well, I’m starting this week doing one of my favorite things, or at least one of the things I spend loads of time doing; hanging on a train.

I’ve just finished breakfast and will now enjoy doing nothing as I’m currently not working from home. 

I’m on the big plus side when it comes to hours worked so for the rest of my trip I’ll enjoy the company of these.

Happy Monday ma peeps 🙂

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Home sweet home

This morning was super depressing, not only up early but also up to real shit weather. A nice brekkie does help, a little bit, a tiny bit.

Work was fantastic as well…best part of the day was to sit down on the train towards home and then arriving home 🙂 while I was away the magic cleaning fairy and the magic food fairy visited my home. 

My biggest problem this evening was to choose which dish out of the magic box that I was to cook for dinner. I ended up with fried rice – yum.

Now, really looking forward to my own bed and a little bit of a sleep in tomorrow. 

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A long day finally coming to an end

This job of mine make me do silly things, like getting on trains at 6:11am. At least it gave me a beautiful sight this morning. 

Another benefit with morning trains is the brekkie served at your seat with some yuck coffee on the side.

I also discovered another problem with quitting the cancer sticks. Usually when having some time to kill between two trains a would sit outside, maybe with an overpriced coffee, smoking. Now instead I was in the kiosk, for a long time and accidentally exited that said kiosk with some reading material I didn’t need some overpriced water with taste, oh well – shit happens.

After what one can call an interesting afternoon at work I could finally check-in at my hotel and ditch my stuff. To keep myself from beer and smoke (or maybe it’s just that a new habit is born) I went out for a run, and sweet enough I’m at a place where they have hills. For you that never been to Malmö, the place is flat, very flat, so it’s nice with some ups and downs for once.

After running there’s food. The hotel chain I’m staying at right now have me hooked mainly for the reason that dinner is included, all you do is go downstairs (together with all the other people that are travelling for work and are eating by themselves) and serve yourself. Today there was salmon for main, pie for dessert and some cheese, crackers and fruit to end the feast. I’m sure I’ll manage to breakfast. 

I will not admit to starting up my work PC while watching the Swedish ladies beat Brazil on their home turf making their way to the Olympic final in soccer, pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Now it’s pretty much time to hit the sack for another long day tomorrow. Peace out ma peeps. 

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Because my own bed is so uncomfortable

I arrived home at around nine pm last night after two intense days in Düsseldorf with work.






The body feels a bit weary and is not my best friend at the moment. My eardrum burst on the flight, I still have bladder problems (toilet every 20 mins everyone) and I have a cold that won’t go away.
Still, I’m back on a train towards Gotham city. I’m supposed to participate in a 50k bike session on Saturday, not sure my booty agrees. We’ll see how it goes. For now I’m waiting for the coffee and mini cupcakes to be put out so I can enjoy them togheter with the only woman’s mag I actually read.


Fingers crossed for a smooth train ride.

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Wow, I’m just soo awesome…


I left you at easter and I’ve had so much fun since, trips to Stockholm with the sister, the summerhouse and all other random activities. I intended to blog about them, I really did! I just never got around to it.

I also started a new job, whoop, whoop! No more temping and short term extensions as I now have a permanent job – feels absolutely fab! I will miss me colleagues from the past two and a half years. With pressies like this;


I just miss them even more!!!

Sitting yet again on the train to Gotham.


Have a packed weekend infront of me, let’s see if I can get back into this blogging thing as I miss all your likes, attention needy as I am 🙂