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Oh, wow, that was fun…

I have to admit that I appreciated terminal 1 in Rome, even more so when I arrived at my next airport.

If you ever find yourself with some spare time in Europe, stay away from the Airport in Milano. To be honest I’m happy I’m still awake.

Starting out with arriving early, not the airports fault I know, and then not being able to check-in for my next flight, I was forced to do things like this;

And this;

And this again;

Then, after a couple of hours doing this and that, and running low on batteries on both devices, the check-in finally opened.

The inside of the airport is as dark, dirty and depressing as the outside. However I found a place with two important qualities, firstly this;

And then this;

By now I only have an hour left until my flight to Brussels leave, and after the (cheap) downtime I had, I’m guessing that I’ll sleep well on the plane.

Chat to you again in Brussels ma peeps.

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When my sister booked this trip to Rome, I couldn’t make up my mind what to do the rest of the vacation. For a while I was considering travelling around Italy for the rest of it. Thus, she didn’t book a return flight home for me.

I kept thinking I should and never got around to it, until Friday last week…

When half of Europe are on holiday flights are semi easy to find and not the cheapest so after some muddling I finally found one.

As my sister and the little people now are enjoying eachothers company in Terminal 3 of the Rome airport, waiting for a comfortable SAS fligth direct to Copenhagen. I’m hanging out in Terminal 1 of the same airport waiting for a flight taking me to Milan.

Where to from there? I’ll let it be a surprise, every good ending has a good cliffhanger.

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And they walked some more

Guess how we started the day? Yes, eating hotel brekkie for the sole reason of me annoying someone on social media.

I kind of dig the tables in the brekkie room at this hotel;

After breakfast we started walking towards the Vatican.

The Vatican is one of those places with too much people, too many people trying to sell stuff and lines that never ends…we didn’t stay to long, only to take some pictures and being able to say we have been there.

Stopping for lunch eating some pasta, even bad pasta is good in this place.

Then we walked some more before stopping for ice-cream.

When you are travelling with small people you need to go back to the hotel before dinner in the evening. Once it was time for food we headed back to an area of small roads and cute restaurants that we discovered earlier.

One last night of Italian pasta 🙂

Then we hit the sack, totally worne out. I love my sister, I really do! Still, I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my vacation and the one thing I won’t be doing is walking!!!

Peace out.

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And they walked

After I posted the obligatory hotel brekkie picture on Insta/Facebook (always annoys someone) we started walking. I know this will happen when I travel with my sister, and still my body goes into chock from all the activity everytime.

I took so many pictures it’s hard to choose. We started at the Pantheon;

Then there was a big white building;

Lunch at a touristy place;

The Colosseum;

Old stuff;

Red wine at the hotel;

The famous fontaine;


Finished by cocktails at the hotel;

Too tired to update any blog last night. Now we’re out walking again…

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Hotel Adriano

Have to say my sister did a pretty decent job on finding a hotel here in Rome. It’s called Hotel Adriano, located in the mid smack of everything.

View from our window.

The lobby area;

The room;

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Finally away

This trip to Rome have been planned for some time, finally it was take off day…and what a day.

There’s quite some difference between travelling by yourself and with a sister and two little people. By the time we taken the train to the airport, gone through security and bought candy for the little people I needed this more than anything.

The flight over was bumpy on the way up and down, in-between it wasn’t as bumpy as the last flights I’ve had over the past few weeks. The sunset we had was to die for, not that easy to capture in a picture though.

After a little muddle with the hotel pick-up we finally arrived at the hotel around eightish. Do you know how tired little people are at that time after such a day? Luckily the receptionist recommended a restaurant about 3 minutes walk from the hotel.

Italian food taste soooo much better in Italy than it do at home…

To die for!!!! If you ever are in Rome I can recommend this place. It’s called Campana, located on a street with the same name.

Now it’s ten pm and the little people are heading to bed wich mean that we so called grownups are doing the same…

Peace out ma peeps.