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Away with the family 

For the second year we are away on the yearly family ski trip. Two aunties, two uncles, three cousins, a sister, a brother-in-law, two nieces and a mother. 

We just finished brekkie and now the chaos of when all of the above need to get ready for the slopes, has begun. 

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Merry hotel brekkie Tuesday 

Since I’m away I stay in a hotel it means hotel breakfast. 

I followed this yum meal with managing to dip my scarf in the coffee. 

Then it was course time, another interesting day with sandwiches and candy.

As the day moved on the snow kept coming down and I started to worry about my flight. If it would keep coming down the way it would be a night in another hotel. As I’m now sitting on the train towards the airport the snow has subsided so home is looming on the horizon. 

Fingers crossed ma peeps.

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Oh what a day (again, know I keep having them)

I left you with this mornings chaos and the interesting findings in my bag. The day that ensued has been intense.

The plane landed ten minutes early, not sure how that happened, I reached the platform for the train that would bring me to the city a minute before the train arrived on the platform. There was power outlets on the train so I could properly charge my work phone during the extremely smooth trip to the city.

All of the sudden I had plenty of time so I could take my time navigating the central station of The Capitol in order to find the metro that will take me to the hotel and course location. Still I arrived half an hour early, the hotel could give me my room straight away so I could drop my stuff of and breath before the course started.

The nice thing about paid for courses are that they start with morning fika before getting into it.


We are a group of seven people, no young newbies so loads of interesting conversations and so much knowledge. I really learned loads today.

Once the day finished in school I had a very good excuse to go shopping, fresh top and all that since I didn’t manage to pack properly this morning. And to be real honest, I have to do laundry. No matter how many tops I buy it feels like I never have any clean 😦

After shopping I just needed to wind down, and the hotel had the perfect spot for it.


At also seem like I’m in the Mekka of uniformed men, so loads to look at outside those windows. The only smolk this eve was the fact that the dinner food served at the hotel was the same that they served for lunch today (yes they got to hear all about it).


I forgave them when I saw the ice cream.


With such a day winding down isn’t real easy for me, I’m now enjoying a cuppa and Jon Henrik. If you don’t know him you should YouTube Jon Henrik Fjällgren, his Jojks are pretty awesome and good for the soul.


Peace out my peeps!

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Why do I do this to myself Monday 

My boss is nice enough to send me on a course, Procurement Law. It’s a two day course, Monday to Tuesday, and takes place in the Capitol. When you sit at work to book your flights you never find traveling a Sunday night a good idea. Of course not! Why would traveling an evening, arriving so that you can spend a quiet night in a hotel, waking up nice and rested on Monday ready to take on the day, be a good idea? Of course it’s much better to have to set your alarm for 4:45 to get into a taxi to the airport and then fly north, arriving to your course tired and cranky because someone figured bringing a small cranky child on a morning flight would be a great thing to do. 

Then, as I’m not morning person to start out with  there’s a few things I should’ve thought about last night (even though or especially since, my traumatic day);

  1. When it’s closing in on midnight and you’re still not sleepy, maybe setting a second alarm could be a nice idea 
  2. If you don’t set a second alarm, maybe closing the door to the room where your phone, the alarm, is located. Just a thought. 
  3. If going on a trip for work where the information you need is only stored on the work phone, make sure that phone is charged.
  4. If you aren’t sleepy, you could probably spend the time packing up the things you need for your two days away. You know, little things like a clean t-shirt, underwear, pills and other little things like that.

This way, when your alarm finally wakes you up and the taxi driver is calling you wondering why you aren’t outside,you don’t forget the above-mentioned things.

I managed to charge my phone a little bit at the airport (yes, still managed to make the flight) enough to power it up and quickly forward the location info to my own and very charged phone. I also think there’s charging opportunities on the train (yes, train #trainjinx) from the airport to the city. I should be fine.

And if I’m lucky, there’s a nice store close to the hotel where I can find myself some new tops and such.

Last week I don’t know where my brain was, today I blame it all on Spidy!

As a side note, when I finished the above post I went to my purse for a book to read. Of course I managed to grab a bag without a book in it. How is that even possible?!?! I did however find;

  • My makeup bag, been looking for that
  • My gym locker lock, been looking for that
  • A charger I didn’t realize that I owned 
  • Clothespin (don’t ask)

Amongst other things…

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Arriving north

After doing the required attendance in the office I headed to the usual hotel, and this time I hit the room jackpot! 

Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time to enjoy the fancy room as I had to make time for a waffle before heading to my massage. 

This is the same hotel as I’ve stayed in the last couple of times north, so as usual there was dinner downstairs. Didn’t take any pictures though…I’m sure you’ll live. I did take a picture of my evening  work company. 

After a long nice bath (why does hotel shampoo always smell like man?) I’m ready to hit the sack. Need to be prepared for the fun day tomorrow. 

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Heading north 

The lesson learned today is not to let the taxi app calculate the time of departure. I put in when I needed to be in the airport and arrived 30 minutes early. Help! Between 5 and 6 in the morning, every minute of sleep counts.

I’m also traveling without the boss this time and since I still haven’t earned the right to the lounge I had to get my own coffee. At least they could have pretty cups.

I can honestly say that the only reason I’m blogging right now is to stay awake. Even if I do miss blogging there’s just no energy for it right now. Maybe when the apartment is done (which it should be this week).

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The north

This Monday I had the opportunity to visit a Hydroplant currently under renovation.

Pretty cool!