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How about some extra karma points this weekend?

This past week, I feel like I spent too much money on nothing (that includes beer, cigarettes and eating out) and it make me think about the people who has nothing. Thus I want to make a small attempt to try to collect some money for them.

Thus if you click the UNICEF logo to the right, you will be taken to my donation site that I set up for my Biking for UNICEF race. I haven’t started the campagne properly yet, mainly because the race is in June and we are meeting winter wich is not the best time of the year to go biking in, but this doesn’t mean that kids all over the world don’t need money right now (for all my non-swedish readers, use the browsers translation function to read it in english).

The way I think about it when I donate money, is thinking about one thing that I can go without. I smoke, one pack of cigarettes cost me 49 sek, I can easily give up one pack of cigarettes and give 49 sek to UNICEF, this would give 20 doses of measles vaccine.

If you want to know exactly what your money will be used for, you can purchase something in the gift shop (it is annoying that they don’t have an english version of the page, use your browsers translate function). This way, you order what you want to donate, and the specific gift will be delivered to the kids in the world that need it the most right now.

I know that many people make monthly donations as well as in other ways working actively with charity, you will say that you are already doing something so you don’t have to do more. But think about all the extra karma points you will get for donating just 10 sek extra to help the kids in our world that doesn’t have it as good as we do.

Good karma points are the best!

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Dear bicycle thief,

Today I went to buy yet another bike, it is the fourth bike I buy in ONE year. Since I have been postponing buying the bike until today, which is a Sunday, it turned out that my usual bike shop was closed so I had to look elsewhere, trust me it was not a nice experience.

The bike, with the price on it, did not include assembling (no I didn’t purchase the bike at IKEA), it also didn’t include a lock or good service. The store with this crap service was far out and I got a lovely almost 9k ride back to town (here I would like to once again give cred to the City of Malmö for the amazing infrastructure when it comes to bike lanes, and signs pointing me in the right direction ensuring I make it home and in one piece).

So dear bicycle thief, I would very much appreciate if you could leave this bike alone, and here I post a picture of the same so that you know to leave it alone when you see it. This bike makes my life much easier, since it takes me to the train in the morning. The train that I take to work, where I spend most of my day working, making money so that I can buy things like bikes. It also make my life easier going to the grocery store and my other activities like volunteering for the Red Cross, donating blood, and riding it in a 100k bike race to try to collect money for UNICEF etc.

Thus I would very much appreciate if this time around, you can keep your hands of my bike and maybe get a proper job, where you can make enough money so that you can purchase your own rather than stealing mine. Just a suggestion.

Thanks and Rgrds
AC Lundin

Ps. I think that my insurance company would appreciate it as well.

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It is finally done!

Next summers recreational bike ride of 100k will be a family affair, I have managed to convince my mother and two of my aunties to join, and the registration is now done and paid for. No turning back now!

Just need to get around to buy myself a new bike so I can start putting those k’s into my body (on top of the 5k I do everyday going from and to work),  guess I should sort that out this weekend.

Once I get the bike and start moving, then the begging posts and harassment for UNICEF donations will start once again…no gift is too small!

You are however more than welcome to start donating all ready, the newspapers might not talk as much about it anymore but the people in Africa are still starving and do need our help! Using the below link you can donate any amount you want using your credit card, and any amount no matter how small will be appreciated.

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The projects are piling up

With the inspiration of Miss Z’s hubby, I have now found a long-term project that also will be good for my health. Next summer I will take part of a 100km bike ride, and of course try to collect more money for UNICEF. The page is in Swedish, but I hope that you might be able to figure it out anyhow.

This is a recreational race, and you are not in it to win but to have a fun day so I am trying to recruit friends and family to join as well.

The first goal will have to be to purchase a new bike for Malmö since that was stolen a couple of weeks ago. Until then I just have to do longer bike rides in Copenhagen before returning home. I need to put plenty of km’s in my body before the 9th of June 2012. Exciting!


The Jar

Today I really wanted to go for a run, I feel I haven’t put enough in it lately. But of course I am now coming down with a cold. My throat hurts, my head hurts and I keep sneezing.

Instead I spent the night counting up the Jar Money (after doing something one might call laundrying money). For you how haven’t read previous post on how the money jar came about, you can read it here or just get the short re-cap. I was at a party, the party got out of hand, I came home with a big jar full of money. Sad part is that not all money in the jar is actually worth something. But I have sorted them all out and counted up the ones that are worth something, or I don’t have to pay more than they are worth to exchange into local currency.

The coins that I can not use I will not let go to waste. On Friday I will go flying and on  airports the usually have those big bins where you can drop your money for charity. It won’t go towards my collection, but it is the finally destination that counts in the long run.

Now I’m only hoping that this cold will be a short one, otherwise I will have to walk the race next week and that is not acceptable at all.

And yes, I almost forgot, the total count of the money I can use, donated by Vincent and Friends at his party on Saturday night, are as follows;

Swedish Crowns 422,00
Danish Crowns 39,00

Possible usable coins;

Euros 10,02
USD 2,48
Norwegian Crowns 21,50

What I am doing for the possible ones are trying to get my friends to”purchase” them of me. For example the euro ones are all the “brown” coins, the small ones that you can’t really exchange here but are fully usable in euro countries. The same with the dollars and the pounds. So we will see what the Money Jar actually end up donating in a few days.

And hey, don’t forget, it’s not too late to give a little something yourself;

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Today’s morning run

I confess, I didn’t go! Last night I pretty much just passed out on the couch around ten, still this morning I was dead to the world. Either I’m coming down with a cold, or I have just been working out a little bit too much lately, it is a bit tough on the body to go from no exercise at all, to five days a week.

One thing that I have learnt over the past couple of years is to listen to my body, if it says no it means no, and that should be respected, thus today became a day of rest, but I think that i  will go for a run on Friday instead.

There is also a small motivational problem. I had two things that motivated me to go out running. The first being able to run 5k on the 30th of August, that goal has been met already when I ran 5k this past Sunday, and in 32 mins which is not that bad, yes I will try to run faster but it doesn’t seem to have the same incentive.

The second motivational factor was the collection of money for UNICEF. And as that one seem to have stalled as well and I am running low on ideas on how to induce more people to donate a small amount, it’s not working as well as it was before.

But do not despair…I will run again!

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0 to 5 in 10 days!

Went for my Sunday run today, and pushed myself to run the full 5k, it was hot and I was tired so when the phone showed 5k I stopped running since it felt like I was going to pass out. What happens?

It appears that between my phone, Runkeeper and Facebook, 150 meters just disappeared. But you know what? It doesn’t matter to me, I pretty much ran 5k’s today, way ahead of schedule and expectation, I am super happy. And I did earn the 5k badge on 4square.

Now I can start working on that time I must be able to run it a little bit faster.

If you think that my workout sessions are few and far apart, do not worry, there are only two running sessions planned per week, but that doesn’t mean that I sit idle the rest of the days. As the controlling, organizational freak that I am, there is of course a schedule;

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Bodybalance
  • Wednesday – Morning Run
  • Thursday – Yoga
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Pilates
  • Sunday – Afternoon Run
But I think that my poor body might be in shock, as it had to go from smoking, boozing and no exercise to smoking, boozing and loads of exercise. It doesn’t know what hit it, and my appetite have increased, I feel like I do nothing but eat, constantly (yes mum, I know it is a positive thing).
The money-raising seem to have stalled though, not much have happened over the past few days, I am trying to think of ways to reach out and try to find more people who want to make a small donation to UNICEF and my race, but coming up blank. But never fear, I still have three weeks left. To be honest, I thought it would be harder to run the 5k than raise the 5k, that showed me.
And don’t forget, if you want to donate, or if you have friends that are feeling generous, this is the link;