Fish n’ Chips

The whole idea for finding the best Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen came about back in 2011 when one of my friends was talking about some great Fish n’ Chips she had eaten one of her travels. I then started craving the Fish n’ Chips we used to have on our way home from the pub in New Zealand and wanted to figure out if there was any good place in Copenhagen that served something down those lines. We managed to try eight different places before I stopped working in Copenhagen, and as I now live my life only on the Swedish side of the bridge, the quest to find the best Fish n’ Chips have now moved to Malmö!

According to Wikipedia Fish n’ Chips

is a popular take-away food that originated in the United Kingdom in 1858 or 1863. It typically consists of battered (or sometimes breadcrumbed) fish (traditionally cod or in Australia, flake, but sometimes haddock or plaice), which is deep-fried and accompanied by deep-fried ‘slab-cut’ chips.

I don’t think I really care what fish it is made of, as long as it taste good, but maybe it might be worth keeping track to see if a pattern emerges.

The grading of the Fish n’ Chips will be executed as follows;

  • The fish will be graded on crispness, flavour and the texture of the fish.
  • The chips will be graded on crispness and flavour.
  • The sauce will be graded on the taste.
  • Presentation
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
The score is 1 to 5 where 5 is the best and the total score will be the average of the points handed out by me and any potential guest judge(s). The total score a dish can receive is 45.
If you want to read the review, just click the name of the place and the link will take you straight there.

Malmö Places

Fish n’ Chips Points Price SEK
1. Green Lion 24,5 Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurang 159,00
2. Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurang 23,3 Green Lion  169,00

Copenhagen Places

Fish n’ Chips Points Price DKK
1. Bishop Arms 31,7 Kødbyens Deli  60,00
2. Sankt Nikolai Pub – Revisited  31,0 Streckers  69,00
3. Streckers  27,9 The Globe
4. Kødbyens Fiskebar  27,5 The Irish Rover  99,00
5. The Globe  24,3 Sankt Nikolai Pub  99,00
6. Sankt Nikolai Pub  23,5 Kødbyens Fiskebar  100,00
7. The Irish Rover  23,0 Sankt Nikolai Pub – Revisited  149,00
8. Kødbyens Deli  21,7 Bishop Arms  149,00

Suggested Spots Copenhagen

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