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There was no post yesterday

And I have a freakin good excuse.

The main reason for the travel this time was a big team event with work, that mean that I woke up in my fab hotel room yesterday morning…

IMG_20180130_230916.jpg…enjoyed the perks of complimentary coffee and mini croissants while jumping into a taxi for another hotel and hours, after hours of people talking. While drink liters of coffee and eat, eat and eat.

Then there was the required team event in the evening, which was fantabolous, at a BBQ place where we got to cook our own food while enjoying something they call an open bar.

I will admit to eating too much during the cooking process to not be hungry when it was all done, I will also admit to enjoying the local beer in such a way that it was a bit rough waking up this morning, and totally no possibility of blogging last night.

I mean, this morning was even so though that I forgot to take a pic of my hotel brekkie before I started eating it.


I might also be a bit blurry on what the speakers said during the first half of the day…

It has been great two days with good networking and all that jazz…so not too bad!


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A Sunday not on the couch

Usually I spend my weekends home doing absolutely nothing, now when I’ve had a few of them in a row the urge of doing nothing was less. So when one of my friends asked me if I wanted to check out the potential competition for next Sunday I was on – starting with a coffee stop of course.


The competition looked good, people was selling the same shitty stuff that I’m planning to sell. The things you don’t bring back home if you don’t get them sold, you either sell them or throw them.


Enjoying a little bit of sun, coffee and the company of a smoker (damn it still smells good) made me tired and hungry so home I went for left-over lunch and some old classic Farmville 2.


For the people who have been following the blog over the years, no, it’s not the same farm as back then. I think I’m on my third or fourth one by now as when they get to big they wont load.

I didn’t manage to stay on the couch playing games since my overload of energy generated by a need to smoke, kicked me off it again. First to release a book (read all about it here) and then for a run that didn’t really go as plan. I set out for my 6.4k run, however with the last few runs in the park I’ve been lowering my runspeed – on shorter runs though.

This Sunday the sun was burning and I went out to fast in the start, so when I started to feel like throwing up I slowed down a bit, and then when my head started to spin I turned my Runkeeper off and slowly walked the rest of the bit home. No fun, but I learned my lesson.


I did real well with rehydrating myself with one of my favourite overpriced addictions, Vitamin Well (Vitamin Well, pls contact me privately for bank account no where you can deposit the sponsor money), I just love this stuff. I guess it’s flavoured water with a nice price tag, still yum!

My anger with myself for not completing the full 6.4 (if you start something you are supposed to finish it) was diminished by the dinner that was served when I got back. Mr Grumpy II lit up the BBQ and served a feast. Perfect ending to the weekend.


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BBQ with the old gang

Facebook is a pretty amazing thing, all of a sudden there is an invite for a BBQ over in Copenhagen with the old crowd. How can I turn that invite down? Well, first I had to rearrange the arrival of mother dearest, I did invite her to come along however she opted for arriving a day later instead.

As the BBQ was on my first day of vacation, I was a bit late arriving but as the boys had had some trouble getting the fires started it wasn’t a problem. Both the train gods and the weather gods seemed in a good mood, so I arrived without hassle to blue skies.

I was a bit bad at taking pictures, or most of the pictures I took aren’t appropriate to share here. I spent the most of the time just chatting away with people I haven’t seen in ages. Apparently I haven’t seen some of them in two years!!

The BBQ ended with some fireworks, not that dark outside as there where children that needed to go home and sleep so you can’t wait until the Scandinavian summer skies are dark. Strange how many little people are now taking part of these get-together’s, times are a changing.
DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0753 DSC_0758 DSC_0761

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Me and my new companion

With summer finally arriving to Sweden, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I work in a place that allows for working from home. So yesterday afternoon me and my new companion jumped on a train to the summerhouse.


Having a discount voucher for first class I enjoyed my free coffee and mini brownies. I tried working on the train, the Internet Gods weren’t on my side so I had to read my fav mag, Vi Läser, instead (real rough).


Arriving at my destination I was met by my mother and oldest niece, aaaaw! And as we arrived at the house, brother-in-law was just finished at the grill, dinner is served.


Life could be worse!

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Midsummer at mi casa

Last years small disappointment made me not wanting a BBQ party at my place for this years Midsummer festivities, actually I had pretty much decided on sitting at home watching TV pretending that it wasn’t Midsummer at all. That was not to happen though as Miss Legal made it known that she would me bringing her man over to the Swedish side of the bridge celebrations, and of course I can’t say no to that. It’s not like we hang all the time anymore and some me and Miss Legal time (well and da man) is a rare occurrence that I wasn’t to turn down. And since Denmark is not celebrating this magical time she had to work all day so I got to be a Midsummer escapee most of the day, as celebrations usually start around noon and not sixish as ours did.

It started with the welcome drink that my guests brought, a spritzer;

Welcome drinkThen apparently you have to make a cake;

The cake

I tried out a real yum beer that I never had before, recommended!

Lemon Ale

And I learnt to eat corn on the cobb in a new way, so yum! Rub in a thick layer of Creme fraiche, salt, pepper and chili and the add some Parmesan cheese, I didn’t belive it at first but boy was it yum!!!

Corn in a new way

All in all we had a real nice weather hiding under the parasol in my yard, chatting the whole evening away about everything between heaven and earth. My guests departed at midnight and I hit the sack being dead tired (after calling my mother to tell her I lover her, good drunken calling there girl).

The tableWaking up this morning was not a hit, a tad bit hung-over, my age is totally catching up to me when it comes to alcohol, and walking into my kitchen looking like this.

The day after

The downside with having guests, having to clean up the day after. Thus I have spent the whole day avoiding going into my kitchen so I don’t have to see it. Today will have to be a day of recovery, cleaning can wait until tomorrow! And I think that next year there will be a proper BBQ party with all my friends invited again, I had forgotten how nice it is to hang out in my yard. So there my peeps, something to look forward to next year.


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To the summer-house

After another job I didn’t get I decided to jump on the train and join mother dearest at the summer-house, but not until I spent the night at a bar together with my sister, her hubby and their friends. I have to admit that getting out of bed this morning was though, and I ended up having only one hour to get ready before getting on the train, it was though but I made it! I didn’t have time for brekkie or even coffee before leaving so my first goal was the restaurant on board, one yummy brunch;BrunchIt also includes one of the last free train coffee’s in a long time, not fun at all because that coffee is not really worth paying money for. I spent the whole trip in the quiet compartment, and in the spirit of quietness I spent my time with a book rather than my phone or computer, I just wish it was a better book! I will get through it though since it’s for the GP Book club.

Once I made it to the summer-house, I was allowed another cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun before I was given these;GlovesThere was work to be done! So I changed my flip-flops to my super sexy rain boots, and got sawing away (girls and their toys, right?);Sexy boots Saw SceneryLast year we cut down a whole bunch of big birches, and we are still working on making the large bits into smaller bits so they can go together with all the other small bits that we use for the fireplace when it gets a bit colder. Today it was 27 degrees and no need for them at all!Chopped woodSince I was still suffering a bit from last night, and suffering a little bit from the heat, I quickly volunteered when it was time for dinner, so tonight I have been the BBQ master.Beautiful grilling The BBQIt’s not really hard work in such a beautiful setting at all! However, while the pork chops were grilling away, I prepared a salad and brought out my leftover potatoes for another beautiful dinner. I ate so much that I can’t really understand how the potato chips that I’m chewing down now can find a place to hang-out.Salad to be The table The plateNow I’m just hanging on the couch watching the Swedish ladies whip Finland’s butt in the European Cup! Awesome ending to a real nice day!

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Oh what a day!

This morning a I got on my bike with a coffee in one hand while feeling a bit groggy due to the lack of sleep from last night, my destination was one of the fun and amazing playgrounds in Malmö. Yes, I had a very good reason to go there, and that was to meet my sister with family. We spent quite some time at the playground, me drinking coffee, watching the girls have an absolute blast and chat away with my sister. It’s a pretty cool playground, I just don’t want to take pictures of it when there’s a whole bunch of kids around so I might have to go back some other day.

When the grown-ups were getting bored and the kids hungry, we moved on to a lovely little sushi place with the name of Hai, that I wrote about a loooong time ago (find the post here). The quality of their fish was awesome, and if it wouldn’t have been for the dry rice today it would have been the perfect sushi.1 Sushi 1 LunchFun fact, the word hai sounds like the word haj, wich means shark in swedish, thus the little shark fin in their logo.

For dessert we then walked down to a place called the ice cream factory, and I’m sure you guessed it, we had ice cream 🙂 I went for a mango sorbet that was super yum.2 DessertWhen I mentioned that I was jealous that both my nieces and the brother-in-law got blue spoons with theirs, and blue happened to be my favourite color, my adorable oldest niece offered to switch her blue for my white one. Is that the best niece ever, or what?2 New spoonWhen lunch was over and done with, the family went back to the playground for a bit while I biked back home, after so much quality time with children I needed a bit of a breather. It was a short one though as they came by with the car to pick me up not long after. They had shopping plans, and I figured I might as well tag along. I mean, I do spend plenty enough time complaining about my lack of social life during the days, so now when I had the chance I just had to take it.

Shopping was done quickly and neither them or me had anything planned, so my brother-in-law (too long to write so lets just call him brother P from now on) called one of his friends and asked if they wanted a visit, and they did! So he turned the car towards a place called Höör, in my mind a little dump in the middle of nowhere. This friend also had a child, which meant that three small children was running around like little maniacs while we grown-ups(?) was trying to drink our coffee and talk, it went oki some of the time, I guess.

At this point, I was mighty tired by all the energy that the children contained, I do not know where they get it all from, still I invited the little family over for an impromptu BBQ at my place. I’m glad that I did because grill master brother P managed to serve us some awesome food.4.3 Dinner 4.2 Dinner 4.1 Dinner 3 The grill master 4 AwesomeHe refused to keep his hands away from the grill long enough for me to take a nice picture of it though, I might or might not forgive him for that.

After a busy day like that, I don’t feel bad at all about lying in my bed just chillin with the PC. Tomorrow we hope that I certain recruiter get back to me on my future prospects on the job I interviewed for on Monday. I feel the need to be able to plan my near future.

Have a lovely evening all!