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Silly me, I thought it would be red

After my chill morning I took a slow walk to work with my left over coffee. Can’t say that the day was filled with fun and joy and when it was time for lunch my poor hormonal, nicotine monster of a booty had burger cravings out of this world. Lucky me my colleagues where willing to oblige me and I got to enjoy a yum yum Surf Shack burger for lunch. img_20160824_121928.jpg

The afternoon continued the same way the day started so I was happy about getting out of work at such time that I could pick up my bike – no longer with a flat tyre, yey.dsc_0146.jpg

Today was to be a day of rest from working out, I mean, the booty is happy with all the running and exercise still it need time off as well.

I wasn’t able to stay at home so I went to the ever so nice Åhlens with their fab opening hours and large selection of things I want but do not need. It’s a good distraction and today I manged to get out of there with only things I needed when I went in, that is a big feat. Then on my way back home, I managed another fantastic feat when I entered the nice little grocery store for a salad dinner and came out of there with salad and beer sticks, only!!!dsc_0151.jpg

With no working out or running, I still felt restless so I figured it was time for the fall fur even if summer is back visiting. And because my hair has grown so much since the last bleach that it’s starting to look bad and I’m so just sick of the bleach. It burns and itches so time for a break.

Here are some before, during and after pictures (and I know I need to practise my selfie skills, I hope you forgive me).20160824_215010.jpgdsc_0156.jpgdsc_0162.jpg

This is what the box looks like, so I kind of thought that the dye would give me a tad bit more towards the reddish side…I guess I was wrong. Or maybe it will shine, shimmer and glisten in red when I walk out in the sun tomorrow, I will check and revert.


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Bussing it!

It doesn’t happen often now a days, however today I’m taking the bus to work.


The Malmö police seem to be broke at the moment as they are raiding bikes without lights and handing out hefty fees, and my front light have been broken for a while. They probably need extra money so they can pay for the staff doing the passport controls when you arrive from Denmark.
Dropping of the bike, getting a coffee and then exiting the building, super efficient, only to see the bus leave.


So technically I’m not bussing it yet, I’m waiting for the next bus.


Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday ma peeps!

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Lets hope for a better week

My last post was on the first of October when I was on my way to a fantastic trip to the big US of A. It was an amazing trip where I for some reason found no time to update the blog. Arriving home to a cold Sweden was no fun, especially not when I was welcomed home to a flat tire on the bike, an exam, crap weather, post-vacation blues and just a general feel of unhappiness.

I’ve been home for almost three weeks now, and it’s been the kind of weeks where it felt like the universe was against me. So yes, I’ve been attending a piety-party that it’s now time to leave for this time around. So tomorrow, there will be another first day of the rest of my life.

As the bike, not only the flat tire there were other things that needed to be fixed as well, made a big dent in my wallet I decided that it might be time to make another attempt to drop the little cancer sticks. As I was pondering the thought I received an email inviting me to take at of a test with quitting smoking with the help of daily text messages, so of course I signed up, thus tomorrow the day is the day.Cancer sticks

It’s not the first time I have tried, I have failed more times than I can count, some attempts have been more serious than others, this one is a serious one. Wish me luck.

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So this is how the other side lives!

My life as a bored unemployed person have been over for a while now, first classes started and then I got the job. This mean that I’m a full-time student and a part-time worker, and still I have all this time on my hands, amazing really.

At my old job, we worked at lot, we worked all the time, we worked when we weren’t at work because we had phones with our mails in them and that people could use to reach us all the time. We would work from home in the evening in front of the tv, we would work during the weekends, hey I would even work on the train to and from work.

And then there was the train, it was a 45 minute ride, if things went like they should, to and from work everyday plus the time to and from the train, at least an hour each way. So even if you left work in a decent hour, it didn’t mean that you were home in a decent hour.

I still commute, to school, the train takes ten minutes; you barely have time to sit down before you are there and everything in Lund (where I am studying) is close since it’s a small place. I also have to go to work, that doesn’t happen everyday  though because I only work part-time, however going to work mean that I’m getting on my bike and have a nice lovely ride thorough my favorite park (that I have blogged about more than once here on this very blog). If I keep a normal pace it take about five minutes, if I go slow (which I prefer) it take about eight!

With all this, I have time on my hands to do other things than just work, I think it was normal people refer to as a life. It’s a strange feeling, because it’s different from the time I had on my hands when I was a bored unemployed person because now I know that there are things to come and I’m allowed to enjoy it. Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with this precious time. Do I really want to do anything with it? Maybe I should just spend this magical free time with doing nothing at all.

All in all life is good at the moment, I have the best of two worlds, work and study. Working is alluring though, being in the office in front of that computer with my excel sheets, reconciliations, calculations and problem solving. I need to decide if I want to remain as it is, life as normal people live it, or go back to the old workaholic me that lived for work.

Since I don’t have to make up my mind right now, I will just keep enjoying life as it is.

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On the move

Sitting on a train towards Gotham City, finally managed to collect enough energy to do a mini spring-cleaning of the apartment as well as pack for a weekend away. The weekend have been planned for some time since it’s not only mothers day here in Sweden on Sunday, I will also do a small bike race, only 50k.

On the trainThe weather is super depressing, knowing that in a few hours I will be crawled up in mummy’s couch being all cosy and warm makes the trip better though.

I will now enjoy my free Fika (coffee+cinnamon bun for you non-swedes) and try to not be too annoyed with myself for forgetting to bring some DVD’s for me to watch on the train. And I guess, not to think about what else I might have forgotten, after all my brain isn’t all there at the moment.

I’m hoping that this extended weekend with the family will give me a boost so I can get out of this little downer I’ve been on lately, fingers crossed!

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One week down

It took a week for the jetlag to pass so this morning I slept later than Mr Three-year-old and his mummy. Doesn’t mean that I slept half the day away though.

In line with my new habit I started the day with a well balanced brekkie.


Today followed by an additional slice of toast.


While I was eating Mr Three-year-old showcased the bling-bling he added to his little bike.



After a week of healthy eating, good sleeps and not a single drop of alcohol, I do feel energized and figured it was time to take these babies for a ride.


Since I can’t use the GPS, there’s no access to endomondo. I decided to just run and then turn back when it felt right, I saw this sign as a sign and made it my point of return.


Based on past experience I’m guessing that I ran about two k, will try and map it out later when I have WiFi the next time.

After cooling down from my run, having a nice shower, some downtime and leftover lunch (the soup from last night) I headed to my new favorite place to shop, savers. I have now stocked up on books so I have something to read this week.


Taking me and my books for a coffee I now have WiFi and managed to upload the last two posts in the wrong order, sorry about that folks! However I did manage to measure my run from this morning and I wasn’t that far off, the run was 2.4k’s and I am very pleased with myself.

I am sitting outside, trying to enjoy the fresh air.


However the weather has gotten a bit chilly over the last couple of days and the grey clouds are gathering.


So the plans are to head inside and see if I can find an arts supply shop, as I’m having cravings for painting. It needs to be fairly cheap though, I put myself on a 40 dollar a day budget because I spent a tad bit too much money over my first week here. Let’s see how that works out!

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Yey me!

This morning, or maybe more like around lunch time, I sat down and wrote a to-do list. This happens to be one of the first to-do lists that I have written down for a while, according to my book the last one was on the second of February. You can all imagine that not much have been done around here lately.

There were nine items on the list of the day, I actually managed five of them, that is more than half! So a big pat on the shoulder for me.

It was a bit funny this evening, one of the items on the list was to finally make it to the grocery store in order to stock up on some required items. Just as I walked through my living room in order to reach the front door in order to make a move, Dirty Dancing came on the TV. I am sorry, I just had to sit down and watch it! Anyhow, the main reason that I had to go to the store was the low stock of cigarettes. You know us stupid smokers, outside in all weathers. So I sit down and watch the movie, realizing that at least one item further down on the list would be cancelled because of it, and then afterwards got going.

The jacket I put on was one that I haven’t used in a while, and as I get up on my bike ready to go, I found an unopened pack in the pocket. Not only am I a silly smoker, I can’t even keep track of my smokes! Well, since I was on the bike already, I figured I might as well just go, so I did.

Getting out in the cold air for a short bike ride was nice, and it did good things to my mood, so I am happy I got around to it. The remaining four items on the to-do list can wait for another day!