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Five years of biking Tjejvättern

It started like a crazy idea back in 2012 that I somehow managed to get my mother and aunty to join in on.


In 2013 me and my sister used it to collect money for research into the weird disease my dad managed to get, my mother, aunty and her friend also joined.

2013 ligger på bloggen

When 2014 arrived, me and my mother decided to bike once again, however we also decided it was to be the last time. Problem was that we crossed the finish line and saw a special five-year medal. We also realized that we where more than half way there.


Thus we went again in 2015. None of us wanted to do it, none of us were in the mood which might explain our best time to date.2015

Then 2016 arrived and my body hated me, still there was no doubt that I was gonna finish the damn thing, it was the fifth year and that five-year medal loomed ahead. It was horrible, very part of my body ached in a way it never had before. Still, I made it and my sister with family was at the finish line to cheer us on.dsc_0428.jpg

We went for dinner, where I had myself a yum beer. And trust me, that hamburger tasted much better than it looked.

Then we went back to the summer-house, and as we arrived I received a second medal from my nieces;dsc_0434.jpg

This bike is now on the key for my bike and I really hope I can manage to not lose it as it is a fantastic memory of the fifth and hopefully final race. I now my mother wants to do it again next year, and it’s only five more times to that ten-year medal. And to be honest, the body doesn’t hurt that bad anymore…we’ll see…


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Better late than never

The flight this morning left on time and arrived on time, fantastic!


Mother met me at the airport and after dropping of my bag and drinking some coffee we headed to Motala to pick up tomorrow’s number tags. It’s the fifth year and that is written on there, cool!


We then ate a proper day before biking 100k lunch, pasta!


I might also have managed to do some shopping, there could be a new pair of shoes, a fleece jacket and a sweater that in one way or another have to fit into my small suitcase.
Arriving back to the summerhouse it was time to start making dinner to have it ready for the arrival of sister and family. Of course it’s classic Swedish fredagsmys, Tacos.


No wine or beer tonight, nothing can stand in the way between me and my five year medal.

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Yesterday mother dearest and I took the bus into the city to collect number tags.



We then dragged the bikes over to the brother-in-law so he could give them some love and care.
This morning my mother got her bike out.


We walked over to the boat stop.


And there I waved her and my sister off. Two weeks from now it’s time for our fifth 100k bike race. Today we where gonna do a 50k warm-up one. Instead I’m mostly sleeping on the couch with a sore throat, headache and a very, very annoying cough.


Totally feeling sorry for myself, and quite disappointed as I wanted to head out and feel the wind in my hair as well.

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Because my own bed is so uncomfortable

I arrived home at around nine pm last night after two intense days in Düsseldorf with work.






The body feels a bit weary and is not my best friend at the moment. My eardrum burst on the flight, I still have bladder problems (toilet every 20 mins everyone) and I have a cold that won’t go away.
Still, I’m back on a train towards Gotham city. I’m supposed to participate in a 50k bike session on Saturday, not sure my booty agrees. We’ll see how it goes. For now I’m waiting for the coffee and mini cupcakes to be put out so I can enjoy them togheter with the only woman’s mag I actually read.


Fingers crossed for a smooth train ride.

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Monday, crazy Monday

Sometimes when I plan my life, I don’t think it through properly, like this Monday. Just the fact that I got up at 06:45 to catch the train home make it crazy as my alarm usually is set for 8:00 am. Then I for some reason keep thinking that the train will arrive on time, it’s very naive of me as SJ that run the trains suck at being on time. It also doesn’t help that I managed to lose the key for my bike sometime between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Lucky me the best neighbor on the planet became my hero once again as she let me borrow her bike so I could make a quick getaway when finally arriving home needing to be at my old job (still working there two days a week during the month of May) for a few hours. From there I then made my way to a meeting including a fantastic lunch.

After the meeting I then headed over to my new job, where I was supposed to meet with one of my colleagues. If Samsung phones didn’t have the worst battery time ever I would’ve known that he had changed the time for the meeting and there was no need for me to be there at all! Thanks Samsung!

After flying around the city all day I headed home as my new Mr Grumpy said he had the tools to sort out the lock of my bike…he didn’t! Nice to know that my new friends are very bad bike thief’s!


Even if the couch and the telly would’ve been nice at this point, I had managed even some more plans. A lecture, food and movie night with Lady T. The lecture was boring, the food was good and the movie I only managed to see thirty minutes of due to bladder problems (TMI?). It was still nice to catch up with her.

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Huston, we have a problem!

I’m fine, I really am. I go to work, a pay my bills, I hang out with my friends, I visit my family, I travel, I go to quiz night, I go to the movies, I go to the bar, sometimes I go to the gym, I go running, I go walking, I go biking, I make new friends, I stay home on the couch, I sleep to little, I sleep too much, I go on dates, I read, I take photos, I feed the spider, I do the dishes, I do the laundry, I make my bed, I clean, I vacuum.

I’m alive and I live my life. I live when my dad doesn’t and most of the time I’m fine. Then I’m not. Then I’m watching Greys anatomy episodes in the wrong order, the one where McDreamy dies and there is a girl who watched her dad die and I cry. Then the episode before is on the telly and the people who once was in a plane crash sit and say they are fine dealing with all the hurt people from another plane crash. They are not fine, they are actors. I’m again crying and realize that I’m not fine.

It’s not the first time I randomly start crying because of something that I see on TV, or a situation that I run into in real life that makes me miss my dad, think about the fact that he’s gone that just randomly make me cry. Or just sit down and feel like shit, and feel sorry for myself because he’s gone.

Over two years have passed and I have to realize that  I’m not fine. I might be going through the motions of life, but am I really living when I can’t move past the fact that he’s gone for ever, I can’t replace him, he was one of a kind, and I just have to accept the fact that comfort, fall back and security of my life is gone.

I go through the motions of life and do it all right, more right than loads of people I think, but am I really alive when I’m still so stuck in my loss?

I proudly claim that I went through most, if not all, stages of mourning before I even lost my dad because he was sick for so long. I realize now, that if I did that, I would be over the bitterness I can feel at life for him loosing his. I would be over the questioning of life and the unfairness of other being alive when he’s not.

I’m not fine, however I go through enough motions of life for my surroundings to not question it, I even go enough motions for myself not to question it. Tonight, I solved my problems with a big batch of popcorn (of course with cayenne pepper as my Favourite Latte Mum thought me),


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Sunday brunch

Running out of scented candles is a big no, no in my home. I love having candles lit in every room and love when they spread that sweet scent around them. Adding to the addiction I also need them to be color coordinated, blue/green for the bedroom, red/orange for the kitchen and brown/beige for the living room.


The best place to feed this addiction is ikea, that happens to be about a 30 minute bike from my house. I also managed to get Miss Legal along for the ride, so we decided to try out IKEAs brunch since we were already going there.
The place was packed, and I can see why, the brunch had everything a brunch needs (well, maybe not the bubbles) and is very price worthy. I’m guessing I won’t have to eat much more food today!


At the checkout I were real pleased with myself that in addition to the candles I only left with two other things, both things being things I actually need. Not an easy feat when visiting IKEA.
Before heading back home we also stopped by the Danish shop ILVA, a bit pricier and a place that is better to go for inspiration rather than shopping.

I found this amazing lamp and instantly fell in love and wished that I found it before birthday season started. It would be amazing in my bedroom.


Guess it’s time to start saving up now! Hope you all are having an awesome Sunday peeps.