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Good morning world

I received an e-mail the other day informing me that my blog fee had been charged to my credit card, apparently after last years considerations on wether to keep the blog or not I took future choices out my hands, and then promptly forgot about it.

And then promptly forgot about the blog as well it appears.

I have the same excuse as always: life has been crazy this spring.

And the excuse is as crazy as always because the past has thought me that when life is the craziest that’s when I should blog, it is a fantastic outlet. As long as it doesn’t become an outlet for me whining.

So over the past couple of days, since I received that e-mail, I’ve been thinking about blogging again. Then this morning, I woke up and lay in bed with my phone, as one do, and are checking my Facebook, as one do first thing in the morning. Oh, Lord can’t let anything happening in the world pass you by.

A friend of mine had shared a video about a guy who lost a friend and started thinking about is life. He then wrote a bucket list and went on to start working on it (

I don’t have a plan to quit my life and go of doing crazy things, already done that, it just made me miss my lists (for those that are new, there’s quite a few of them on here), so here I am, sitting on my balcony, writing a blog post instead of getting ready for work (don’t worry, I still have plenty time).



So it’s time for a list I guess…

  1. Do my best to blog at least once everyday this week (will download the app to my phone).
  2. Go through my already existing lists and see which ones to archive and wich one’s to pick back up.
  3. Start the running back up, been real lousy on that part (and boy do I have many good excuses).
  4. Slow my life down a bit, no one can go full speed ahead for ever, and one needs to stop and smell the flowers.

I know it’s not seven, however, let’s not push it now when I’m finally back!

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#1 I did so good

I started out the year with the aim of trying to post at least once a day, then I got sick and that went down the drain…and then the blogging went down the drain.

I think I lasted 19 days, and since I love challenging myself, let’s aim for at least 20 this time around 🙂

I would have time to do some updates today because I aint planning on leaving my home…too much snow I’m telling you…


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Time to whine

Not sure why I keep doing this to myself.

I understand that for many people, 7am isn’t early and all that jazz, however for me it is. My brain and body aren’t built for anything really before 8am, preferably even later. That’s just how it is.

It’s just that I want something done about this chaos:IMG_20171213_083915.jpg

So I had an early date with a carpenter so that he can give me quote on what it would cost to build me a bookcase that looks loads nicer than the old IKEA shelves that are there now.

It’s fascinating because the carpenter acted like there was all the time in the world, I thought he would come in and measure some and then send me a plan. Instead he’s been in my home for an hour actually drawing the plan on the spot, so now I have to put a rush on it to get ready for work…as you can tell since I’m blogging right now…


Oh well, at least I got my grown-up part done first thing in the morning, the rest of the day should be easy now.

Ps. how do you like the pictures? Taken with my new phone 🙂

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I’m baaaaaack

For a little while anyhow, lets see how it goes.

It turns out that I’ve kind of missed this little blog of mine, and at the moment I’m a bit of a Debbie Downer and then I missed it even more, so I figured I’ll give it another go.

The office is super dead as everyone but me are on vacation, not that I’m not getting vacation as I already been skiing with the family, done London with the family and visited the warm and sunny Miami this year. It’s just not when everyone else have vacation so right now it’s me and my coffee all alone…


Feeling better already 🙂

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To blog or not to blog

As you might have noticed, the posts have become more and more rare here on the blog. It’s a mix of my being back working a “normal” job and having work done on the apartment as well as trying to have a life.

The plan on the blog is running out, and I’m now trying to decide if I’m going to keep this up or not. If I keep it I guess I have to make a real effort to post more regularly.

For a while, I used to blog to trigger myself in living my life a bit different, or more. Now however I keep busy and are doing stuff and new stuff anyhow.

There’s eight days left before I’m back to the free version of WordPress, then I can’t post any pictures anymore as I’m out of space…what’s the point of a blog without pictures?

Any input my loyal readers?

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So this is how mornings can be

Waking up before the alarm is nice, not as brutal as the sharp ringing of the phone. This morning I woke up at 6am with no need to fall back to sleep so I got up and started a pot of coffee and put on my Friday morning accidental shopping pants.


The pants are fantastic and are bought from a place called Hangmatta. Good prices, free delivery and quick as well 🙂

Since work didn’t start for a few hours I cuddled down in bed with coffee and the blog, want to keep it updated.


Kind of nice to just chill rather than jumping out of bed and rushing out the door. Not sure I want to make a habit out of it though, sleeping is nice to.


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I’m starting to embrace train rides rather than fearing them

This weekend it’s time to celebrate my brother in-laws 40th birthday (wow, he’s getting old) so I need to go to Gotham City and hang with the family. However, since me and my mother are crazy busy people with our fantastic lives, we haven’t seen each other that much (compare to how it has been this spring) so I decided to take Friday off work to spend the day with her instead.

I was checking in with her, making sure she hadn’t made other plans for Friday, her answer was that she had counted on me showing up and wondered if I wanted to meet in Gotham or the summerhouse. Wow, what a though choice! I can tell you that one day in the summer house is better than a day in Gotham, every time. So now I’m sitting on the train towards the summer house.

The old workaholic me is returning though, as I’m sitting with my work PC in my lap writing this.

What can I say, I really like my work at the moment! But it’s only until 18:08, that’s when I arrive to my connection and the PC will be packed away for the weekend. Instead, I might open up the private PC that I have in the computer bag as well, and spend the weekend catching up on the blog.

I’m going back and forth wether or not I should bother with updating what’s been going on over the past month or not. I realized that I didn’t post a single thing during June, not because nothing happened but because I never got around to it. So I might put in the work to do that, or maybe I’ll just look forward and blog of the things to come.