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A looooong day

I’ve been visiting Gotham this weekend, and since spending a Sunday eve on a train only to come home to an empty appartment is kind of depressing, I prefer the Monday morning train. Except for when the alarm goes of at 05:30 am…and today I didn’t manage to fall back to sleep when I sat down. So, after breakfast I started up the work PC and got at it.

Sometimes there is brekkie

Almost in chock when the train arrived in Malmö on time I headed over to work and did work stuff, you know those things you do at work; drink coffee, go for lunch, chat with those you work with, and oh! I think I saw an Excelsheet. And since I came from Gotham I couldn’t bring lunch, thus I had to go buy some…

After work I had plans to attend a seminar held by a person that I really want to hear what they have to say. I just suck at planning since getting up at 5:30am, train and work doesn’t bode well for 5:30pm plans, so I flagged it.

Then I realized that one of the reason why I like staying at my mums place is because she doesn’t have problems with the heating. Last night, I left the balcony door open for a few minutes while enjoying the fresh air, here I sit with my winter slippers on as well as a blankie because it’s freezing…!!!

Yup, it’s cold..

What better way to end a day like this than with frozen pizza on the couch in front of the telly watching crappy TV? None, my friends! See you all again tomorrow…right?!?

Total quality!!

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There was no post yesterday

And I have a freakin good excuse.

The main reason for the travel this time was a big team event with work, that mean that I woke up in my fab hotel room yesterday morning…

IMG_20180130_230916.jpg…enjoyed the perks of complimentary coffee and mini croissants while jumping into a taxi for another hotel and hours, after hours of people talking. While drink liters of coffee and eat, eat and eat.

Then there was the required team event in the evening, which was fantabolous, at a BBQ place where we got to cook our own food while enjoying something they call an open bar.

I will admit to eating too much during the cooking process to not be hungry when it was all done, I will also admit to enjoying the local beer in such a way that it was a bit rough waking up this morning, and totally no possibility of blogging last night.

I mean, this morning was even so though that I forgot to take a pic of my hotel brekkie before I started eating it.


I might also be a bit blurry on what the speakers said during the first half of the day…

It has been great two days with good networking and all that jazz…so not too bad!


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Maybe not when the alarm went off

Ok, so I snoozed this morning. Not sure why I set my alarm for 7am to be honest. The hotel I stayed at is about a 5 minute walk from the office and no point of being at work too early. So I snoozed for half an hour before hitting the hotel brekkie.

Funny how I showel it down at hotels when I never even eat breakfast at home.

Well, after another efficient day on the office it’s time to head towards home. My colleagues informed me that the s-train for the airport leaves outside the office so rather than taking another trip with a strange taxi driver I’m sightseeing.

Waiting for the train also brought me the positive thought for the day.

Let’s hope for a smooth trip home 🙂

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Part 1 complete, part 2 begins

After a few hours of working in my room last night and a good night’s sleep, it was time for day two of the conference.



Hotel brekkie is always better than home. And the meeting from for the day wasn’t bad either.
We only had an hour before first break and a Virgin Mary, obviously they expect the participants to really party hard when visiting…



I even managed to score a fantastic lunch before jumping into a taxi that would take me to the Centralstation of Lund.


Now I’m sitting on my train towards Gotham listening to Four Seasons keeping my fingers crossed that the trainjinx will stay away this time.


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First day home

It is nice to be away, it’s also nice to be back home, especially when your neighbour have been by with breakfast food so you can have a cup of Swedish coffee and sandwich.

Travelling home also meant a 30 degree drop in temperature and I had to scrape of the ice from my bike before heading to work. Just a tad bit different than the past two weeks.DSC_1288

Work was semi efficient, I managed to clear my inbox at least. I left a bit early due to pure tiredness. To avoid going home and crash into bed, I did a pit stop on the corner that this eve had live music. It was nice to chill for a bit


After dropping of pressies with the neighbour I then went home and dug into the big box that was placed outside my door.DSC_1290

I had some problems with my food delivery this time around. I was expecting a box delivered yesterday, then I found out that I had missed out on cancelling the one for today. So I thought that I would have food overload. Luckily enough, there was problems with the delivery yesterday so that food didn’t arrive. Sometimes things just work out.


Dinner was thus meat paddies in pita bread with hummus and salad, yum! I even managed to stay awake until ten pm, wow!

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Me is pleased with me

Some mornings one get it right, I got a tad bit more sleep last night than I have previous nights, and since there was no class or work this morning I could sleep in. So I actually managed to go for a run.wpid-Screenshot_2013-10-02-10-56-32.png

I think this is the first run since the half marathon last year and I felt crazy out of shape. There need to be more runs over the next four weeks, then it’s 10k time.

I even managed to squeeze down some food before heading out, go figure.wpid-shot_1380700827880.jpg

Sitting at the train station waiting for the train that will take me to my study date I realized I forgot to bring my apples, so now I will have to buy something to last…

I suck at being a poor student!

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Day 3 of 30

I didn’t fall asleep until 4 am, so waking up this morning was a struggle, think it was around 9:30 before I made it out of that cosy bed, not even close to the 8am goal. It is my third day in a row with morning yoga, and I have to say it is a real nice way to start the day. I’m starting to get into the flow of the movements now as well so they are doing more and more good. This is a routine that I will make a real effort to stick with.

Today’s breakfast was a healthy serving of oat porridge with applemush and milk, and then I was ready to take on the day!
After a rather slow morning doing boring stuff like making sure there is enough money in my bank account to pay this months bills and the like, I actually got dressed and left the apartment for a forced shopping trip. You see, over the past few months I have managed to gain some weight, wich means that I now look like a normal person rather than a skinny bitch, this also mean that I have gained a bra size, which kind of sucks. I have moved into one of those sizes where they no longer make fun and cool bras so you pretty much have three colors to choose from, white, black and beige. It also mean that they don’t look that great, they are more practical than anything else. Either way, they had to be bought as my breasts fall out of the current ones I have, not to comfy.Shopping

Going out for a walk in the middle of the day might not have been the best idea as it’s gone from pouring rain yesterday to scorching sun today, either way, I got my daily “get out of the apartment” done.Walk

The one thing that is most important for me to stick with is the eating, when I’m not super happy I have a tendency to stop eating, and blessed with good metabolism as I am, the kilos fly away in a speed that most people would kill for. Now that I have managed to gain weight I will be damned if I lose it again, so no matter what, eating has to be done. Thus, lunch today is a sad so-called vegetable soup that I whipped together basis on what I could find in the cupboards at home. Not super exciting, but good enough!LunchWhile waiting for a friend of mine to arrive from far, far away Copenhagen, I took to the park with my book, blanket and coffee to just enjoy life a bit.
When my friend finally arrived (a little bit later than planned) my fridge filled in a way I don’t think it have been many times, I would say enough food for two people for a month rather than a weekend!The fridgeThe funny part is that we sat down with a glass of wine before starting with dinner, then we started talking, you know the way you do, and then all of a sudden it was bedtime and dinner totally forgotten! Oh dear!