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It is Monday after all

I have to start with, 500hrs, whoop whoop! Yes, my life revolves around the fact that I quit smoking right now…


I was a good girl and brought leftovers with me to work, Fake fried chicken (it has to be eaten after all the work it took me to sort it out). The past few weeks, I’ve been out eating lunch almost every day, you can follow the lunch chronicles on Insta if interested, and not only does it cost money it gets boring.


My colleagues are starting to return from vacation, so the office isn’t as empty anymore. And with the collegues returning another nice moment of the day is returning as well, Fika. This day my colleague brought some Fika to celebrate his birthday, of course no excuse is really needed.


Then it was time for my now traditional visit to the gym, still with the normal schedule there is time for me to head home from work and I figured I would bike to the office. The bike gods didn’t agree. I think one call it a flat tire…very flat. Walking it is.


And of course, since it is Monday after all and a tradition needs to be upheld:


Ps: any of my fellow wordpressers, do you know if I can set a default size on my photos so I don’t have to sit and resize them all?

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The 2016 chicken incident

Ok, so when you pass out at 11pm on a Friday, you wake up early on the Saturday, I know this. Why did it have to be at 5 am though!?!?! What do one do with that kind of time on their hands? I usually sleep away half the day. Well you do nothing, drink some coffee, put some stuff online for sale (using the app Shpock, no action there yet though. Not sure if it’s the app or the stuff I sell (like this pretty dress), will have to get back to you on that).


Being home not doing much make me want to smoke, so I went for a run. The best way of killing the urge to smoke! And I’m running faster and faster, fun.


After running, I made lunch. Another meal from my magical food delivery the other day, Tuna salad. Life is so much easier when someone has written up the recipe for you and packed all the ingredients in a box. I mean, Tuna salad aint hard you just need to have the stuff for it at home.


Right now, with the upcoming renovation of my apartment, most of my time is spent throwing things out or putting them away for sale. Hopefully I will get myself a flea market table for next Sunday, will find out on Wednesday if that’s happening. So that was my Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden it was dinner time.

I figured I would test this Fake Fried Chicken from my food box. I took all the ingredients out and did the prep.


In the middle of it all I realized that I was missing some stuff that I was supposed to go get earlier so I biked off to the store and got them. Came back home, turned the oven back on and went to open the chicken.

Oh the smell! It was bad. Still I figured that the smell was due to the vacuum packaging. It wouldn’t go away though and after a while I had to give up and realize that the chicken was bad, real bad. I threw it out, and after a little bit of freezer searching I had to give up and sit down and just feel sorry for myself because the world ends when the chicken is bad.

It ended up with me turning the oven back off, going back to the store and getting more chicken, hoping that this chicken dish was worth it.

Old and new chicken:


Finally I got home, with edible chicken, so I could turn the oven back on and get on with the cooking. Finally I got my fake fried chicken with home-made Coleslaw. And the coleslaw was freaking amazing! The chicken not so much, or, there’s a reason why fried food is so good, and you can’t really get that taste any other way.


I got my dinner, the provider of the magic food basket received a letter of complaint with a receipt for additional chicken and all is good in the world again.

How was your Saturday night?

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Floating market

6 am, really!?!? Well, we sat down for breakfast on time and was rewarded with coffee, eggs and bread (no noodles).



We were then informed that the water in the river outside the house was too low for our boat to make it so we had to go on mopeds first, can you see how excited I am about the whole thing?


Well, we made it alive to the boat and I survived the return back to the mainland without any panic attacks. Well there we where met by the car (no picture today, it was the same as yesterday so check out that post), that would take us to what I was told a bigger boat, I’ll let you decide;



The destination was the floating market and it’s pretty cool. Not only do they sell all random stuff, they also have what our guide called a “minibar boat” that sells drinks and coffee.






We also stopped for some fresh pineapple on one of the boats, tastes soo much better than pineapple at home.




Then the boat adventure ended (for this time) when we got off at the local market. How about some skinned frogs that are still alive?


It makes you real hungry to walk around and see all the vegetables and meats laid up.




So it was a good thing that we headed for lunch, and even better that I fell asleep in the car, I say it again: 6am wakeup!?!?
For lunch I ordered grilled prawns thinking that for once I thought I knew what I would get on my plate, I didn’t realize that the BBQ would actually take place at the table;




With the relaxing lunch over and done with we turned back to Saigon where we had been told that we would be at five, so our flight out was booked for 20:10, we arrived at three and settled for the wait. Lucky me the airport had Doughnuts and food without noodles.



On the other side, in Da Nang the luxury continued as a little guy was waiting for us with a sign with the Queen herself’s name on it, and a nice ride to take us to Hue.


I’ve been told that I get to spend three nights here so maybe it’s time for some real vacation. In the mean time I’m enjoying the local beer and pretending to unpack my bag.


Peace out ma peeps!

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Birthday season Part 7

As the big family celebration took place this weekend the birthday season is now winding down. The fun part about the big family celebration is that we also celebrate my sister so this time I not only got presents I also got to give, how about a mountain of roses anyone?


The table for the evening was set for 13 “grown-ups” and four little people. It’s nice to have some aunts and uncles and even a cousin around as I still state that I’m the normal one in the family.


With a main of mummy’s chicken and home made cake, the evening was complete 🙂



Now, it might be the end of this year’s birthday season, or might not, time will tell.

Peace out peeps!

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The Swedish goddess go cupboard diving

This week I worked a whooping 35 hours, the closest I have been to normal working for a very long time, it feels real good and I’m feeling a bit like myself. The only think is the scatter brain and the lack of energy to go grocery shopping. So tonight I went through the cupboards, fridge and freezer and actually came up with a real nice meal.

Starting with the vegetables I bought for the non-dinner the other day (you know when I went for coffee and came home without);

VeggiesThen there was half a chicken, cooked and ready to be defrosted that I found in the freezer;

ChickenFor some reason I also had real cheese cravings, and the only cheese I had at home was the sliced one that I bought for my toasties, but what the heck; cheese is cheese!

CheeseAdd it all together in a bowl;

In da bowlAdd some pasta, olive oil, salt and pepper and you have yourself and awesome chicken salad;

ReadyMy freezer is getting a bit empty now and the magical meals are getting less and less magical, everything gets a tad bit more magical when you partake some of this with it though;

Friday eveningNow it’s time to rest, I have a real busy weekend planned with loads of time with good friends and a little time with family. Hope you all have an awesome weekend as well.

Over and out from the Swedish Goddess!

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The Swedish Goddess Lovely Chicken and Noodle Stir-fry

Going treasure hunting in the cupboards can yield fantastic results sometimes, like this real good chicken and noodle stir-fry. Today I managed to find;

  • Fresh lime and lemon
  • Red and green bell pepper
  • Red onion
  • Noodles
  • Chicken breast

Cook the noodles according to the package, then chop up the chicken and fry it (I’m lucky enough to own a mini-wok that is perfect for one-person-dinners).ChickenChop up whatever vegetables you have, I like big chunks in my food;Veggies

Then add them to the chicken.

Veggies added (2)Today I seasoned with fish sauce, soy, fresh lime and lemon and some salt, for me that was enough.Lime and lemonWhen the chicken and the veggies are cooked to your satisfaction (I like crunchy veggies) add the noodles.Noodles addedAnd stir!StiredVoila, a quick and easy dinner that works out to about 10,65sek (€1,22 $1,62) per portion.

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The Swedish Goddess cooks a whole Chicken

When I went to the grocery store today, I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted for dinner and was more focused on comparing prices than trying to think out something awesome. Then I passed by the chicken department and realized that buying a whole fresh chicken wasn’t that expensive. For some reason I’ve had it in my head that they were and always gotten the bags of frozen chicken breasts instead. So seeing the chicken memories of mum’s chicken dinners came to mind and I decided to go for it.


When I first moved out of home, a long time ago, I wrote down the way my mother cooked her chicken so if I wanted to I could always make some, thus I know that all you need to perfect this dish is a couple of tablespoons of melted butter, some soy sauce and basil. You mix it together, cut the chicken in half and just rub it in the mix (hope mother dearest forgive me for giving away the family secrets).

Rubbed chickenThen you put it in the (preheated) oven for 30 minutes, 225 degrees celsius, then it’s done. Piece of cake!

Cooked chickenI apologize for the crap quality of the photo, didn’t check before I cut the chicken into pieces, I think you get the drift though. As a child this was served with rice and a sauce, today I had cravings for fries though so I decided to go for that instead. They are not home-made, I buy them by the bag in the frozen section.Fries

To save time you should probably try to squeeze them in the oven while the chicken are cooking, as they need another 20 minutes (that’s what this specific brand say on the bag). I was baking at the same time as I was cooking dinner today, so I sorted the fries while making the dough.

Done chickenThis lovely, and simple dinner cost me a whooping 9,82kr (€1,15 or $1,50), it is a small serving tonight since I had a large lunch (found some of this in my freezer), if not I probably would’ve had some more chicken and then we would be up to 13,04, still acceptable!