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Lets practice for the new years resolutions…

Sitting with my pink toy realizing that I’m out of excuses to not blog, as me not liking the phone app and my old computer being broken is what I used to myself for an excuse. The real reason being that I’m kind of bored with my life at the moment and to blog every day about waking up, going to work, going home and then having problems falling asleep, is kind of boring.


However, if I had been blogging it would have been a reminder that none of my days actually look like that. I do do other stuff as well. I mean, since my last blog post (wich was the first day in Las Palmas) I spent another ten days enjoying the sun, been to Gotham and celebrating my grandmothers birthday, been bowling with my Mentee, been to Germany visiting the christmas markets and eating good food, hung out with friends, bought a new computer, managed to clear even more from my apartment, found out that one of my friends from down under is coming for a visit in May, met up with Mr Grumpy Jr for the first time in a couple of years…

And that’s just some of it. So I should probably snap out of it and remember that I have a pretty good life. Instead of being on a constant downer, I should enjoy it! So what better than another sevens list to get me in the mood for coming up with new years resolutions?

  1. Do one grown-up thing a day (going to work doesn’t count).
  2. Try the #positivethoughtoftheday again, it was fun while it lasted the last time (you can find those pics on my Instagram)
  3. Sleep! I’ve had real problems with sleeping lately so it’s totally time for a change, in bed in time so I can get up in the morning.
  4. Yoga…I mean, I did buy a clip-card for the yoga studio, so I might as well use it.
  5. Instead of walking straight home, I want to walk the long way home, aiming for at least a 20 minute walk home everyday (I live ten minutes from the office, which is a tad bit too close).
  6. Since I’ve been on a downer I have also been lazy with cooking, which is silly because cooking relaxes me. So this week I wanna bring lunch to work, that means that I have to cook it the day before.
  7. I’ve never been a brekkie person (except for when I stay in hotels) I feel like I should at least get in the habit of a smoothie in the morning. I will start with the lite version and get the ones from the store, with the aim of making my own in the future…
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7 Things to feel better

Sitting here on my couch, way too late for a school night (due to a three-day weekend so night is day and day is night), feeling a bit pleased with myself as the laundry basket is empty (that means I’ve done all the laundry) and the fridge full since I managed to leave my couch long enough to do grocery shopping, contemplating my life (and the length of this sentence). The result?

Wow, it’s been long since I did a 7-things list, the last one I can find is from is from the beginning of February last year (not sure what happened with the rest of that year to be honest, might have to go back and read my own blog on that topic). That means it’s time for another one, it’s gonna be a 7-thing/project type of thing since it’s been a while since my last little project as well.

Ready? Here we go…

  1. Be a tourist in my own city – being in Essen this past weekend the conversation came up again, what one do and don’t do in your hometown. At least I’m real bad at going to the museums and sites here in Malmö, so I figured that I would make an attempt to be better at it. I think I’ll start with the Lonely Planet list to make it easy…and if anyone has some good ideas let me know.
  2. Cook more food at home – during my poor student days (not that long ago) I became real good at planning weekly menus and cooking at home. Now I spend too much time eating out, both for lunch and dinner – because I can. I do really love cooking though so I wanna get back in it. Starting today when there will be a box of food complete with recipes, delivered at my door. Ok, so starting it off half-lazy.
  3. Become less materialistic – I have noticed that I use shopping a little bit like therapy. I buy something and it makes me feel good…every time. Not a lasting feeling at all, so I figure that I will attempt to buy less things.
  4. Declutter – I’m a piler…there I said it! I have piles all over my apartment and we share the space in a co-existing kind of way. I think that it would be a nice change to attempt to get rid of them. It also ties into point three, I don’t need all this stuff.
  5. Take better care of my body – Yes, I run and I bike (faaaar) I just don’t exercise that much in between. I’m not planning on becoming a health nut or anything, I just feel that maybe I should move around a bit other than biking to and from work. And also maybe start my day with something else than coffee and a cancerstick…just saying – there’s probably a reason why my booty haven’t liked me or treated me nicely the past few months.
  6. Think more about the environment – I’m getting a bit better at recycling and I usually bring reusable bags to the grocery store. So I guess, being even better at recycling, try to avoid buying things with too much packaging, turning of the lights and all that jazz (maybe start with reading up on how to be nice to the environment).
  7. Less screen time – I spend most of my days at work in front of a computer, and my phone and then I come home and spend time infront of the TV with my computer or phone as well. So I want to do less of that, I mean, I can just turn my radio on when I’m home if I want background noise, and a book will keep my company just as well as the TV and computer will, right? So more of that…

That’s that, starting today! And since I’m not too keen on rules, there are no rules really…other than that I want to include one of the points in my everyday life everyday…



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Chicken soup for the soul

Years ago now my sister went to the U.S. and came home with books that were called chicken soup for the soul. You read them and laugh, cry and feel. Today while cleaning out my bookshelf I thought about those books as I was finding letters, birthday cards and pictures from my dad. Most of the time I’m ok with him being gone, not always.
I also thought about those books tonight as I were making chicken soup.

Last night my computer died, again. It’s been around for a surprisingly long time and before I’ve always managed to revive it, not so much this time. There’s a glitch in the power supply, and has been for a long time, my magical powers are no longer good enough to fix it this time.

Eating my chicken soup while watching Sweden and Finland playing hockey, I’m working on my pride. Being used to afford both computer and phone replacement I’m now in a situation where I can afford none. I might have had a friend nice enough to let me borrow a phone, for the computer I think I will have to swallow that pride of mine and call mother for a loan.

Last January I watched the little finish players beat the little Swedish players in the final of the junior World Cup. Right now the two teams are playing a very even quarter final game, I guess their pride is in more jeopardy than mine, I’ll call mummy tomorrow, peace out.

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The routine is setting in

If you stay in a place long enough, life does become everyday life and it really doesn’t take that long. That was my deep thought for the day.



Dropping of Mr Three-year-old at playgroup.

Coffe with miss Melbourne.


Go for a swim.

Lunch at the cafe next to the library (well, I arrived ten minutes before lunch service and didn’t really mind ordering from the breakfast menu).


Two hours on the library computer before grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner.

Home, settling down on the porch.


The New thing for today is the mosquito bites, one or several mosquitoes had a real party last night. I was going to give you pictures, they just turned out too yucky though.

After a few hours in the sun, dinner making, tonight’s dish; Provençal Fish Stew.


Happy times, tomorrow I plan to paint!

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You guys are never going to belive this!

I’m on the train again, and this time I seriously mean it when I say it’s going to take a loooooooooooong time before I get back on this specific train.

It didn’t start that good when the machine refused to sell me a first class ticket so I have to sit with the normal people in second class, oh my god! How will I survive this? Well, as I sat down and brought out my computer and as I do every time I plug it in to the power outlet even if there haven’t been any power there since November, guess what! Power

This time it worked, so I think that the train gods apologized for the ticket dilemma by giving me juice! At least I can watch Veronica Mars, play Facebook games and blog about absolutely nothing, all the way to Malmö. Awesome!PC

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Welcome to my office

It’s the first Monday of 2013 and many people are returning to work, or just going to work as usual since it is Monday, not me though. Since I have already fallen in to the bad habit of changing my hours around, night to day and day to night, I don’t also want to fall in to the bad habit of sitting at home watching TV and playing FB games in my sweatpants. Thus, I have today made myself head to the public library in order to stay clear from distraction at home and get around to apply for some jobs and other stuff that needs to be done.View from the office

Of course I didn’t leave home without my new thermos filled with coffee, and my beloved PC (downside with Facebook games is that they come with you when you bring your PC, I just have to stay strong.My officeI’m not alone here at the library, it’s filled with students and I was lucky that I got a seat. What I don’t understand is how all of them can have fancier computers than me, aren’t students supposed to be poor?