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The Swedish Goddess lazy dinner

One thing, well two things actually, that I forgot while making the weekly meal plan on Sunday, was the plans I made for the week. Tuesday night saw me celebrate Latte Mums new job (big congrats to her)and today I’ll be heading out for some stand-up comedy, thus no dinners.
Last night I had no plans, still managed to get home late and was in no mood to  cook a fancy dinner. That’s when you go through your stock to find something quick and easy, which I did! From time to time my store have specials on precooked corn on the cob, I try to make sure to always have some at home. I cut them up in smaller bits, boil them and serve with a healthy dollop of butter, salt and pepper. On the rare occasions that I have sour cream at home, I add that as well.


Quick, easy, cheap and totally yum! What did you have for dinner last night?

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A little bit of comfort food

This is something that mummy dearest used to cook when we were kids, and something that I still really appreciate. Not only is it quick and easy to cook, keeping it in the freezer to bring out on those days you are too lazy to cook works perfectly.


  • Rice
  • 1 package of bacon
  • Frozen mix of peas, corn and pepper
  • Salt and pepper

Boil the rice as per the instructions on the package, I usually use jasmine rice; 5dl of water to 3dl of rice and a pinch of salt. Fry the bacon to preferred crispness and pour in the frozen vegetables to heat them through, top of with black pepper. Mix the rice, bacon and vegetables together, I usually do it in the frying pan to get all the yummy fat from the bacon mixed in there as well, that is however optional.

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Today’s Lunch

More than one person have expressed their appreciation for my food blog, so I guess I need to ensure that the food keep coming.

The lunch for today is one of my favourite dishes. My mother used to make it when I was a kid and I can understand why, it is super easy. It also make perfect for the freezer and in my home that is important (especially since my freezer turned itself of a while back, all the food I had in there was ruined and I had to start over again).

What you need is jasmine rice, one pack of bacon stripes and frozen peas, corn and pepper, something that here in Sweden you can by pre-mixed at the grocery store. For seasoning I just use some black pepper, but I want to remember that my dad added soy sauce as well.

Start out by sorting out the rice, just follow the instructions on the rice bag for 4 portions (usually 5dl of water, 3dl rice and some salt). While that is boiling I fry up the bacon in a pan to ensure that it is nice and crispy, once happy with that I just pour in the pea, corn and pepper mix and let it defrost and heat in the pan and add black pepper.

When the rice is done, you just add the bacon and veggies to the rice and mix together. Remember to make the rice in a big enough pot so that all of it can fit in it. If you do like me, then it might be easier to pour all of it into a bigger bowl before mixing together.

Then just pour it onto a plate or into a bowl and it is ready to eat. I think water is the best choice of drink for this dish, but that is up to you. Whatever is left over, just throw into the freezer for the future. It tastes really good when re-heated and is great for the times when you can’t really be bothered cooking at all.