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Nap time

Up and about early this morn, I dragged my travel companion to IHOP for some proper brekkie. Knowing his need for walking, walking and more walking, I knew I needed it.

Once brekkie was done we started our trek towards the strip. You see, we are staying in a big hotel with a view and a casino, a cheap big hotel with a casino. That mean we live in downtown Las Vegas rather than right smack in the middle and with a 30 minute (might have been more) walk to get there.

We do live next door to an Elvis chapel though.

So now I’ve seen all the important casinos.

Hells kitchen.

I’ve tried some local brews.

Accidentally had lunch at Markie Mark’s restaurant.

Then a long walk back (while Mr Grumpy II kept walking to find some Las Vegas sign) in scorching heat. Sometimes taking the time to figure out the buss or jump into a taxi might be worth it, especially if it’s 40 degrees outside. The heat in combination with lack of sleep made me a very unhappy camper. After a long cold shower it was totally nap time.

Had a couple of lovely hours sleeping this afternoon. Always good to get your energy back so you can enjoy the pool bar and gambling without passing out.

A bit before midnight, and not much broker than before the casino, it’s now time for bed. Tomorrow it’s time for the helicopter, probably what I’ve been looking forward to the most with this trip.

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Company Christmasparty

It is that time of the year, all the christmas parties and the likes. Last night we had the company christmas party and I went all in with a dress, gloves and all.


Me and a few colleagues kicked of the evening with a little cava at the Green Lion Inn.


The location chosen for this years party was amazing with beautiful views over the Malmö Harbour.

Dinner kicked of with a starter before a yum, yum buffet…



After dinner there the dancing started with live Saxophone music and the required drink tickets for the bar (at one point I had about 20).

The plan was for one glass of wine after dinner and then homewards, even the best laid plans though as I ended up being one of the ones closing the party 15 minutes to twelve…

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An evening out

Arriving in Essen right on time I met up with miss deutchland, also her right on time. She left work in a decent hour to hang out with me (she also took the Friday off, just for me) and we headed towards the city center.


Spritzer in the afternoon, that’s how you know you are on vacation. Miss D even sent pictures to her colleagues stuck at work, mean.
We did also enjoy some dinner and random live music and another drink.



Both tired after this, me from getting up at 4:30 in the morning and she from working all day, we hit the public transportation in Essen in order to reach her home.




After a couple of glasses of wine on Miss D’s balcony we hit the sack for a long and we’ll deserved sleep.



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Lindos – the village

One of my favorite parts of vacation, if it’s done correctly, is the breakfast and I have to say that our hotel has done an excellent job on their buffet.


After brekkie we headed to the pool and spent most of the day there, with food and drink breaks of course.


I also managed to complete book two for this vacation.


In the evening we headed to the village that we thought our hotel was at the bottom of, Lindos, this wasn’t the case as Lindos bay appears to be the bay before you reach the actual village.
Thus the assumption that we would be spending our time hanging out in Lindos was incorrect as instead we have to take a taxi to get there.
It’s not the worst thing that could happen as the place is totally overrun by and adapted for tourists, quite sad as it’s a real beauty.




After walking around for a bit we enjoyed a lovely dinner on one of the many roof restaurants, before heading back to the hotel in time to catch the end of the evening live entertainment.




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Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

There was good cause for bubbles this past Saturday, Miss T managed to complete the New York marathon in good style as I did my 10k race. After a rather chill morning at home the chase for a restaurant begun, who would have thought that pretty much every restaurant in Malmö would be booked this one Saturday night, it appears that they were. When we finally found one with a table available, you do wonder why they do. Miss T had visited the place before and vouched that the food would be good, so the decision was made.

Before we headed for dinner though, we stopped by Bastard, which only servers brains and the like so we had no interest in eating there, for some bubbles;

BubblesThe restaurant of choice(?) was a Tapas place that I sadly forgotten the name of, and as Miss T is a responsible grown-up she is in bed sleeping this close to one am on a school night, so I can’t ask her. Sadly enough the food pictures didn’t turn out that great so all you get is my half eaten goat cheese and a filo role, this stuff was so good though that we had seconds;

Rest - FoodWith this we of course enjoyed a lovely bottle of Shiraz;Rest - WineAnd what good dinner is complete without a yum, yum cappuccino (note, for those of you that don’t know all about my coffee addiction you can find some of it here).

Rest - CoffeeImpressively enough we could move after all the food we ate, and I am a firm believer that a brisk bike ride after dinner only can be good for you. This bike ride took us to yet another restaurant, here the kitchen was closed, that Miss T have been wanting to check out for a while. And guess what! Even a solid meat restaurant can serve up some nice bubbles;

Bubbles (2)The rest of the night then just kept on being with some interesting choices of yum absolutely non-alcoholic drinks;

Mojitos Mohiots Mojitos (2) WaterA proper girls night out on a Saturday night – check!

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The day after

Yesterday I went back home and didn’t want to spend the evening by myself. I do what any person that doesn’t want to be by themselves do, I messaged my friends, and boom, I had a date!

We went to this really cool place called the Brass Monkey, they sell the funniest drinks;




They were good, we had a fun night and somethingmagical happened. Miss Legal, that usually doesn’t drink beer, not only had three of them (before the cocktail place) she actually finished the first one before me! It has never happened before, and it probably will never happen again. Thus I had to mention it here so it’s forever remembered!

It’s Sunday, it’s noon, I’m still on bed! I will most likely stay here all day! Nothing in life is for free and I’m paying for those drinks today! It was totally worth it though!!!