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The light at the end of the tunnel

The last post was in September last year, with a picture of me and an Alien, and I can understand that you might think that I was kidnapped by just Aliens due to the radio silence since.

The rest of the vacation was fab, just not good enough Wi-Fi to keep posting and then it was time to go home.

Already before the va-cay, I doubted my work life as I was unhappy with my job, the contents, the workload and the expectations. When I returned home from the vacation I felt fantastic, relaxed and happy – until the alarm rang the next morning and I realized I had to go back to work. The stress, the tummy ache and the wanting to pull the cover back over my head; it all came back to me.

I decided then that it was time to change my job, I missed working within the Finance & Accounting area, missed my large excel sheets full of data and if I never had to see a contract again I would’ve been the happiest on the planet. Unfortunately a new job doesn’t happen overnight and as the fall moved towards winter and darker time’s things just kept piling on.

When it was time for next vacation I felt like I had reached my breaking point and while I at this point had a new job in the pipeline, I seriously needed three weeks of relaxing vacation – unfortunately that didn’t happen. The things just kept piling on.

The new job took what felt like forever to come to realization and then on top of that, a 3 month resignation period. Even though my old boss was kind enough to let my new boss borrow me (the advantage of moving within the company) so I could get a sneak start to the new job.

With spring, the new job and a few sessions with an absolutely fantabolus shrink, I’m now finding that I feel like both my feet are properly placed on earth, that I’m happy and laughing again (of course not constantly), got my appetite back and that I reached that light in the end of the tunnel.

With the smiles come the energy, I have managed to get so much done in the apartment, I feel like going running again, applied for online courses and, the best of all…I feel like blogging again!!!

So, eight months down the line, I need to check out the changes to WordPress, see if I can find a new fresh layout to the blog and then just get back into it…starting with a trip to the US coming up this weekend!!!!


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Lets hope for a better week

My last post was on the first of October when I was on my way to a fantastic trip to the big US of A. It was an amazing trip where I for some reason found no time to update the blog. Arriving home to a cold Sweden was no fun, especially not when I was welcomed home to a flat tire on the bike, an exam, crap weather, post-vacation blues and just a general feel of unhappiness.

I’ve been home for almost three weeks now, and it’s been the kind of weeks where it felt like the universe was against me. So yes, I’ve been attending a piety-party that it’s now time to leave for this time around. So tomorrow, there will be another first day of the rest of my life.

As the bike, not only the flat tire there were other things that needed to be fixed as well, made a big dent in my wallet I decided that it might be time to make another attempt to drop the little cancer sticks. As I was pondering the thought I received an email inviting me to take at of a test with quitting smoking with the help of daily text messages, so of course I signed up, thus tomorrow the day is the day.Cancer sticks

It’s not the first time I have tried, I have failed more times than I can count, some attempts have been more serious than others, this one is a serious one. Wish me luck.

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You know it’s fall when…

You take a look out the window;


Then take a look at this;


And realize that these;


Now have to be replaced by these;


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That time again

It is fall and time for another school year to start and again I will make an attempt on being a good student. To be honest, this time I can’t really complain about not having enough time to study due to too much work. Since studying isn’t my strongest forte even though I love learning new things, I have yet to acquire a degree of any sorts and that is what I am aiming for this time around.

I am studying part-time, I start this fall so if all goes well I should have a Bachelor of Arts in 2018, if this blog is still around then I will post a copy of the diploma.

In order to make an effort to complete this course I have created a study schedule (still a bit of work in progress Study Schedule) that I am sharing with you all, and my friends so that they can remind me that it is study time and not beer time when things are due.

We all know that we get by with a little help from our friends!

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Sunday morning

What better day to start the sunday than with a run? I do realize that when I wake up and it feels like I might want to go for a run in a bit, maybe having a cup of coffee and a cigarette is not the best way to go, today I could feel it.

The park was dressed up in her prettiest fall outfit today, the colours of the leaves and a peaceful lake made it very hard to not stop and take pictures rather than continue the run. Maybe I can go back later this afternoon and take some and enjoy the beauty properly rather than run past it in super rapid speed.