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And off we went

A much anticipated vacation kicked of yesterday morning, European time, me and my loyal companion headed towards the airport, this time with Mr Grumpy II in tow.

It was quite a mission since I wasn’t allowed online check-in and had to be at the airport in decent time. It’s been a while since I had a paper boarding card in my hand, the process was made loads easier thanks to the magic gold card (LOVE IT) and free food in the lounge.

Since Mr Grumpy II doesn’t like sitting still I was a bit worried about the 11 and a half flight towards San Francisco, however I would say the in flight condiments helped…

For being me flying, it was quite a smooth trip, I walked straight through immigration and with no checked in luggage there was no delayed bag no 10 on this trip either.

We also had time for some local bevvie while waiting for the next flight.

Once we made it to our Las Vegas hotel, it was pretty much dinner and then bed, 9pm being like 5am in the morning and not much sleep.

We didn’t even venture of the hotel, I kicked back with a BLT at the hotel diner.

Thus I’m now awake at 6am with a Starbucks in my hand.

Should soon be time for another existing day…

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That’s what you get for being a grown-up

Today was travel day and as per usual I’m so freaked out about sleeping in and missing my flight that I can’t fall asleep. I have never missed a flight for work and my brain and body should know that by now so it shouldn’t be a problem, still it was and around three this morning I finally pretty much passed out.

Since I did get around (well, I had the time to) to set the coffee maker last night, thus I woke up before my alarm this morning. Guessing it was mostly because I wasn’t sleeping that hard and the moment the coffee smell hit my nose I was awake.


Last time I was out flying my feet got so swollen that they hurt like hell in my grown-up shoes, so this time around I wore my new compression socks, hoping that they would take the edge off…yeah, no! We’ll see though as I ordered several different types hoping that at least one or two pair will do it for me.


To be honest here, the whole thing would be easier if I could just bring a second pair of not so grown-up shoes. It’s just that I rather bring the backpack than the rolling bag as it is less of a hassle on the flight, train and walk. Yes, I have real proper problems most of the time.

Well, this time I had company on the trip which was nice since of course the flight was delayed. Thinking that I might add time spent on delayed flights to the train count, to see how much time of my life I really waste (and after waiting for the bus in the freezing cold yesterday, maybe that as well). Instead of floating around the airport without a plan, we sat down for coffee and pastry 🙂


Whit a delayed flight (that had an already pushed departure time) we made it in time for lunch and half the day gone. I’m still working hard on catching up on the emails that piled up from last week when I was home sick, so having to stop for a meeting wasn’t the thing I really wanted to do.

By the end of that meeting, it was time to pull the brakes on an already long day so we packed up and went for dinner. At that time there was plans for going back to the hotel room after dinner to get back into those mails.

We ended up going to this mexican place with fantastic margaritas and at that point I decided that the mails can wait. Burrito and strawberry margarita, not bad for a Tuesday eve. All other problems (other than that my feet hurt like hell) are suddenly very, very far away.


10 pm suddenly felt like midnight, and I’m now cuddled up in the hotel bed with the possibility of some proper sleep coming on. I’m dead tired and I can sleep until 8 tomorrow…fingers crossed for some good times. If I fall asleep early I can use the morning for those mails, if I don’t, at least I get to sleep in without worrying about missing a plane…

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I confess

I understand that 6am mornings are the norm for alot of people. For me it’s not so when I once again myself with 5 alarms set out of fear for oversleeping, I take the comfy way out…sweatpants!!!

Since I’m going to an office on the other side of this flight, I have a cute pair of black pants in my purse for an airport toilet change

Merry morning peeps!

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7 days of positive thoughts

I will definitely try to keep up the positive thoughts thingy for a while longer. Having to think about the positive and realize that I have to pick one means that there are more than one and that’s good for the mood.

Here’s the first 7 (even though 6&7 came on the same day as I was just too busy reading on Saturday).

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Finally, after months of knowing since the tickets where bought long time ago, it was finally time to head out.

With no train trouble, or with check-in or with the security, we found ourselves inside the airport where they had Doolies, vodka and beer samples.

Since neither of us could sleep this morning we where at the airport in good time and spent some of it checking out the stores before sitting down with coffee.

And poof it was time for the gate and boarding. twelve hours later we got of that same flight in Singapore.

Here we enjoyed the Butterfly garden (terminal 3 and totally recommended).

Before we had more coffee and hung out with the fishes (fishes are friends not food).

Way on the back you can see our next plane…

…that took us all the way to Melbourne, where at 10 pm only wearing a t-shirt (and bottoms of course) was no issue.

Dead tired we checked in to our hotel and settled down with dinner. 

Now it’s time to zzz, guessing there’s gonna be a long and exciting day tomorrow. 

Peace out!

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Better late than never

The flight this morning left on time and arrived on time, fantastic!


Mother met me at the airport and after dropping of my bag and drinking some coffee we headed to Motala to pick up tomorrow’s number tags. It’s the fifth year and that is written on there, cool!


We then ate a proper day before biking 100k lunch, pasta!


I might also have managed to do some shopping, there could be a new pair of shoes, a fleece jacket and a sweater that in one way or another have to fit into my small suitcase.
Arriving back to the summerhouse it was time to start making dinner to have it ready for the arrival of sister and family. Of course it’s classic Swedish fredagsmys, Tacos.


No wine or beer tonight, nothing can stand in the way between me and my five year medal.

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When does one qualify as a morning person?

This morning I woke up at five am to make my 5:15 taxi that took me to the airport for a very early flight. This far I’ve had one morning a week like this since I started my new job and I’m starting to get worried about my status as “as far from a morning person that one could be”.


Today I didn’t get lucky with a direct flight and a very short stop in the capital made me miss home as I left a very sunny Malmö to be met by this;img_20160608_081621.jpg

Arriving at my final destination ment blue skyes though, so not too bad, the wind is absolutely nuts so not too bad to be stuck inside all day.

After yet another long day I headed to the hotel that is quite nice and had an evening meal included and what a meal.

A very happy camper missed the chance of a massage by ten minutes, as I didn’t realize there was a Spa attached to the hotel until I was waiting for the elevator after dinner. That would have been super nice, if I ever come back though I know, and I have a discount voucher. For now I’m crashed out on bed waiting for the TV evening to get started, Bones then NCIS then NCIS Los Angeles and then bed. Have another long day ahead of me tomorrow.