Germany 2018

There was no post yesterday

And I have a freakin good excuse.

The main reason for the travel this time was a big team event with work, that mean that I woke up in my fab hotel room yesterday morning…

IMG_20180130_230916.jpg…enjoyed the perks of complimentary coffee and mini croissants while jumping into a taxi for another hotel and hours, after hours of people talking. While drink liters of coffee and eat, eat and eat.

Then there was the required team event in the evening, which was fantabolous, at a BBQ place where we got to cook our own food while enjoying something they call an open bar.

I will admit to eating too much during the cooking process to not be hungry when it was all done, I will also admit to enjoying the local beer in such a way that it was a bit rough waking up this morning, and totally no possibility of blogging last night.

I mean, this morning was even so though that I forgot to take a pic of my hotel brekkie before I started eating it.


I might also be a bit blurry on what the speakers said during the first half of the day…

It has been great two days with good networking and all that jazz…so not too bad!


Germany 2018

That’s what you get for being a grown-up

Today was travel day and as per usual I’m so freaked out about sleeping in and missing my flight that I can’t fall asleep. I have never missed a flight for work and my brain and body should know that by now so it shouldn’t be a problem, still it was and around three this morning I finally pretty much passed out.

Since I did get around (well, I had the time to) to set the coffee maker last night, thus I woke up before my alarm this morning. Guessing it was mostly because I wasn’t sleeping that hard and the moment the coffee smell hit my nose I was awake.


Last time I was out flying my feet got so swollen that they hurt like hell in my grown-up shoes, so this time around I wore my new compression socks, hoping that they would take the edge off…yeah, no! We’ll see though as I ordered several different types hoping that at least one or two pair will do it for me.


To be honest here, the whole thing would be easier if I could just bring a second pair of not so grown-up shoes. It’s just that I rather bring the backpack than the rolling bag as it is less of a hassle on the flight, train and walk. Yes, I have real proper problems most of the time.

Well, this time I had company on the trip which was nice since of course the flight was delayed. Thinking that I might add time spent on delayed flights to the train count, to see how much time of my life I really waste (and after waiting for the bus in the freezing cold yesterday, maybe that as well). Instead of floating around the airport without a plan, we sat down for coffee and pastry 🙂


Whit a delayed flight (that had an already pushed departure time) we made it in time for lunch and half the day gone. I’m still working hard on catching up on the emails that piled up from last week when I was home sick, so having to stop for a meeting wasn’t the thing I really wanted to do.

By the end of that meeting, it was time to pull the brakes on an already long day so we packed up and went for dinner. At that time there was plans for going back to the hotel room after dinner to get back into those mails.

We ended up going to this mexican place with fantastic margaritas and at that point I decided that the mails can wait. Burrito and strawberry margarita, not bad for a Tuesday eve. All other problems (other than that my feet hurt like hell) are suddenly very, very far away.


10 pm suddenly felt like midnight, and I’m now cuddled up in the hotel bed with the possibility of some proper sleep coming on. I’m dead tired and I can sleep until 8 tomorrow…fingers crossed for some good times. If I fall asleep early I can use the morning for those mails, if I don’t, at least I get to sleep in without worrying about missing a plane…


#16 2018 Early bird

Went for a big shop after work yesterday so now the fridge is full and there’s some real nice chili in the freezer.

That didn’t add to the joy of a super early morning.

Sitting on a train for a plane with my small coffee doing my best to not fall back asleep.

According to the app my flight is one minute delayed, as I really find that pushing it they better hope that there’s no additional delay!!

Wait, did I mention that I accidentally have FastTrack and lounge this morning, I guess a few extra minutes won’t hurt…

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#14 2018 How a Sunday AM should be

Close to mothers there’s the café where me and the old neighbour meet for lunch and as it turned out they also do Sunday breakfast.

IMG_20180114_121723.jpgIMG_20180114_121703.jpgI see a new Sunday tradition while visiting mother dearest coming up, as it was price worthy as well. Food always taste better when someone else cooks it, don’t you agree?


Birthday Season

#8 2018 Birthday Season test-run

Just as I have done that past many, many years, I’ve invited a ridiculous amount of friends to join me at a restaurant for dinner. This year it’s a place that I haven’t been to before, thus me and Mr Grumpy II decided to do a test-run (he’s been there before, I’m guessing that he just wanted an excuse to eat loads of food).

Their speciality is fondue, something that I really enjoy.

IMG_20180108_175539.jpgIMG_20180108_180219.jpgYes, the food is good enough for my birthday dinner, and I’m totally still suffering from food coma hours after we finished eating.

A pretty good start do the week if I can say it myself!


#6 2018 An eve with Miss Legal

Sadly enough the little swedes lost last against Canada last night, not unexpected but they played so well it was a bit sad.

For me it meant heading to bed around 4:30am and waking up at noon today. Mr Grumpy II came over for some coffee not long after interrupting an afternoon date with Candy Crush Soda…tough I know.


When you have evening plans on a Saturday, you are allowed to do nothing the whole (!) day though and I did! Earlier this week I invited myself to dinner at Miss Legal’s where I know there are always good food and a cuddle.


Thing is, I was expecting a cuddle with her lovely daughter, instead I god to hang with these cute kittens as I was invited after bedtime…fail!


Still, a pretty perfect Saturday eve as I now find myself back on the couch and Candy Crush Soda, trying to get this post posted before midnight to not ruin my one a day post…three minutes to go and I still need to add the pictures!!



#2 2018 Back in the office

It’s about a week and a half since I was in the office last, it feels like so much longer ago – strange. I managed to get back into it by setting the famous coffee machine last night and bring my office survival kit with me this morning.


I remembered my pin to get into the building as well as my computer password (which isn’t that strange as I was working from home last week), whoop whoop. Loads of people are still enjoying their holidays so it’s nice and peaceful in the office.

And even though I did bring lunch with me from home, I ended up heading out with some of my colleagues. The food I brought will work tomorrow as well and I had burger cravings so I managed to lure the peeps to Surf Shak 🙂

Garlic fries to die for!!!


Now there’s a few more hours of work required before heading out, and the goal is to be super efficient as the first half of the day was spent chatting with the colleagues and ordering my book for the upcoming uni course in math.