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Feeling mighty pleased with myself :)

Ok, so the one post a day last week didn’t work out, I was to busy with the end of the World Cup and beer…which brought me to a Monday where I kept telling myself that I’m not 25 anymore. Need to remember that more often.

I also managed only one run last week, better than none and it started the running again. I managed yet another lunch-run today. So yes, I feel mighty pleased with myself.


In addition, after what feels like forever with heat, there was rain today. While I was running, it was just drizzling a bit so not too bad running weather. It cooled me off enough for generating a want of soup lunch.


I need to improve my knowledge about my stove, that can’t be counted as new anymore since it’s been a while since the grand kitchen renovation. It has some kind of lock mechanism that I don’t always realize how it activates, and since it happens so seldom it always take me a while to figure out how to unlock the damn thing. Not great when you are on a time schedule and need to get back to work.

Well, all good that ends well. Fingers crossed that get of my butt on Thursday for another run (and that Runkeeper is kinder to me then and stop cutting out).

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Slowing down…

Yesterday two of my colleagues from foreign offices came for a visit and that meant dinner after work with team, oh what a chore. I wanted them to get to try something new so I brought them to Pinchos, who can resist tiny food ordered through an app?


Their Sangria is pretty fab as well.

Then there was that thing we call football! Sweden isn’t in the cup anymore, that doesn’t stop me from cheering for Croatia when my English colleague is sitting next to me being sad. Horrible me. She got even by making me in to an English fan though…


It got in kind of late so thank heaven for 7/11 this morning as I couldn’t be bothered programming my coffee and stuff last night when I came home a bit after midnight.

For some reason I had a silly idea that I would go running this morning, that didn’t happen so lets see if I can make it happen tonight.

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Who says Mondays have to be dull?

I had a wonderful lunch date with my awesome former colleague at an all you can eat sushi/taco place.

After pretending to work the rest of the afternoon it was then time for football in the evening. The sausage was better than the game…

The away supporters weren’t that many, the managed to be noisy anyhow. Impressive! 

Then ended the day with a walk home in the sunset.

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A long way home 

One thing my family know how to do is breakfast, when we are all together there’s usually a large selection of food to be had. So also this time, I settled for cornflakes while my nieces had cheese doodles. 

Then nothing much happened as we where all recovering from the previous eve’s gala. I managed to get my sister to sort out my hair…pretty! 

Got some reading done;

Did some shopping as my cousin and her friends are making bracelets for a good cause.

And then it was suddenly time for lunch, leftovers rock!

And then it was suddenly time to head to the train and home. And since I’m so brilliant and such a good planner I arrived at the station at 20:47 – right in time for the European Cup final. We watched the first two halves at the station. 

Then, when it went to overtime we headed to another place called Drum Bar to see Portugal win, undeserved according to me.

Took a while before I could hit my own sack! Fun end to a fun weekend though. 

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A perfect Saturday

Doesn’t happen often, however when they come along they need to be thoroughly enjoyed – the perfect Saturdays.
Sleeping in until ten before being whisked away by Racer…


…to eat yummy breakfast with crazy fun company from all over the place. Three different languages where spoken over this beast of a meal;




After breakfast it was time for shopping, the rain stopped for us and my favourite Essen store had 20% of their discounted prices. Might have another pair of shoes (50%) and a new sweater.


Then we need a rest so went home and watched some football and played silly Facebook games until dinner time. Asian!





I loved the rolls so much that I had to have two of them.
The evening then ended with an Irish pub…serving Kilkenny in Guinness glasses, oh dear!



A perfect Saturday indeed.

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The ice-hockey season is slowly coming to an end, it has ended for the teams that I’m interested in at least except for the World cup that starts in May. So when there are no more hockey games to watch it is time to turn to the football. As it happened my team (BK Häcken) had a home game this weekend so I convinced mother dearest that it was a good idea to go, and bring the Exchange student for some Swedish quality football, or something like that.wpid-dsc_0714.jpgwpid-dsc_0710.jpgIt also turned out to be a derby against the biggest of the Gotham teams, IFK Göteborg. I sadly have to admit that my team isn’t known for having the most amazing and loyal fans, and it became quite obvious during this game as IFK fans had to head to the away section of the arena while the standing section for the home team wasn’t even open. I can easily say that the IFK fans won that part of the competition.

wpid-dsc_0717.jpg wpid-dsc_0716.jpgThey also unfairly won the game, there was a penalty that shouldn’t have been, and since both teams played real crap football this evening it would’ve been more fair if the game ended 1-1 rather than 1-2, however, Life isn’t fair – that’s just how it was.wpid-dsc_0718.jpg

I’m still a bigger ice-hockey fan than football, that said, it is good to have football as a distraction during the short summer break without ice-hockey. Luckily it’s not that long until the season starts again.


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From blowing the budget (totally and completely) to the return home

This my last day of my four-day weekend started in a nice and peaceful way, yeah right! We had our brekkie and then headed towards the mall, where me and da sister got some alone time when her hubby took the girls and had some quality time. I also went totally crazy on the shopping, I bought a pair of shorts, two dresses, a purse and three tops.
None of this are at all in the budget, and I pretty much spent all the money that I was to use for the rest of the month. It felt fab at the moment, it’s been a while since I let loose on the shopping like that, and it was all on sale so I got the things for a great price. Now in hindsight, I’m feeling a tad bit bad about it, realizing that the money could be spent on better things like food or the likes. I also realize that I should probably book and pay for my tickets to the US in a very near future before I accidentally spend all the money on oops moments.

In the spirit of shopping, we also had lunch at the McDonald’s in the mall, that is another thing I haven’t done in a while.

After shopping it was time for fika, and we went to what we in Sweden call Hembygdsförening, which is pretty much a bunch of old people hanging out in old buildings selling cheap coffee and homemade cookies as well as craft items they sell for a nice little amount of money. It’s a real nice way to just hang out.




When we got back to the house, there weren’t much more to do than pack my stuff together, help dry some dishes and fall asleep from the heat, before it was time to head to the magnificent station and the train home.

The train gods seems to still have a soft spot for me, as even though my first train was a bit late in arriving, my connection was even more delayed to ensure I had no problems making the train to Malmö. We did arrive about 25 minutes late, however with my past that is acceptable.

The rest of the evening was spent cooking food for this weeks lunches, enjoying a toilet that flushes and watching Brazil getting absolutely and totally whipped by Germany. Have to say that the excitement went out the game pretty quickly and I found myself feeling more sorry for Brazil than happy for Germany.

How was your Tuesday ma peeps?